Smartwatches are here to stay. But what if you don’t like the aesthetic of this modern, wrist-bound tech, or cannot bear the thought of discarding your classic wristwatch in favor of increased functionality? A bright idea from Dutch brand Trivoly aims to bring the two worlds together with the release of the Trivoly 3 smart disc.

Our world is becoming increasingly connected. Wearable technology has never been in higher demand. And yet for some of us — those of us that love and respect the craft of horology — having to choose between the latest advancements in wearable tech and our beloved beaters is a tough decision. Trivoly, a Dutch company founded by Caspar Toornstra, is aiming to make that decision moot with a smart disc that can turn any watch into a high-performance wearable.

…with the addition of the Trivoly 3 smart disc, the two branches collide.

Simple functions like receiving messaging notifications, counting steps, or tracking your heart rate were previously the preserve of smartwatches. Some of these smartwatches well-designed objects in their own right, but many lack the soul of a traditional mechanical watch. Certainly, for readers of Fratello, the choice between a Speedmaster or a top-of-the-range Apple watch has rarely been a point of serious discussions. To abandon the old ways in total acceptance of this new wave of products seems to many horophiles to be heresy. Now, with the addition of the Trivoly 3 smart disc, the two branches collide.

What is it?

The Trivoly 3 is the latest product from this ambitious young company. Its goal? To imbue your regular mechanical watch with all the features of a smartwatch. The technology takes the form of an ultra-thin disc, which sits between your watch and wrist and communicates with your phone via Bluetooth. The disc is touch-sensitive and can be operated by tapping and swiping your regular watch as if it were a smartwatch itself.

Trivoly works with a long list of popular apps…

Additionally, it is possible for users to customize the way the disc responds. This means every wearer can set up their disc to interact with their device however they please. Trivoly works with a long list of popular apps such as  Whatsapp, Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and more. Phone functions such as calls, texts, and calendar notifications are all installed as standard. Furthermore, Trivoly is able to interact with many popular fitness apps so it can be used as a training partner or activity tracker.


Instagram here we come

For selfie-lovers, the remote shutter control is likely to be of particular interest. Users are able to position their phone up to eight meters away from the disc and activate the camera shutter with a simple tap of their watch. And for music fanatics there is also the ability to control your playback app via the disc. Trivoly is compatible with SONOS, Spotify, and iTunes.



The German-made Trivoly disc attaches to the back of any watch using “Gekko” technology. These micro suction cups hold the watch in place. And the disc, which remains in contact with the user’s skin has been dermatologically tested to ensure it is hypoallergenic. The disc, which measures 30mm wide and 3mm thick, is also water-resistant (IP67). That means it can be used during sport without concerns.

The Trivoly 3 is available at a special pre-order price of €149. That price comes with free shipping worldwide. No additional costs. The normal price will be slightly higher at €179. To learn more about this project and the technology behind it, visit the official site here.