A few years ago, U-Boat jumped in the gap – at that time – of big watches. A Panerai wasn’t affordable for everyone, so U-Boat produced large quartz watches and had a wide network of resellers. You could even get them at most clothing stores for men. Clever marketing made U-Boat a big name and even people who didn’t care about watches, seem to know this brand. Heck, someone in a clothing store even asked me whether I was wearing a U-Boat, while it was a Panerai.

Perhaps not fully justified, but I’ve never given U-Boat watches a proper look. Dimer send me a few of his pictures that he took of this U42 model and telling me that he was very impressed by the watch and the watch box. Since I know Dimer is serious about watches, I am tempted to examine this U-Boat as well.

For now, I have to base my opinion on Dimer’s pictures and to be honest, it actually looks like it has been well crafted by these guys in Italy. The price is also impressive, 3700 euro for this limited edition U42, only 999 pieces made. It is a 53mm watch and has a 3rd party movement (ETA or Sellita, U-Boat doesn’t tell).

Let me know about your experiences or thoughts on U-Boat, by leaving a comment below this post.

  • Tim

    U-boat is getting better in comparisment with the “old” models. Yesterday i’ve held and old, one of the first “Cassico Left hook” in my hands. I was a quartz model and not that great quality. The strap was dodgy, the case looked pretty cheap and the caseback wasn’t fully closed.

  • NB

    I have the new U-42 for over a month now.Not yet Panerai quality.
    Fun piece but they should spend more on the watch and less on the box.

  • Belligero

    No, they will never be taken seriously. Everything about these is wrong. Even if they offered something other than nasty cheap-looking oversized clown jewelry, they’re still saddled with the worst name in the industry.

  • I think it is a Panerai rip off. As you said before they sell them at clothing stores … its more a fashion item than a watch. price is redicoulos better buy a Panerai Logo for that money…

  • torromoto

    U-Boat has nothing to do with Panerai. They may have started out as a fashion brand but now they are seriously competing with higher watch brands. We are allowed to like different watch brands you know…I like the simple look and yes they have become more expensive but as a result the quality has improved bigtime. At least U-boat remains loyal to it’s roots and doesn’t try to compete with a Patek. A Panerai with high complications looks totally rediculous IMO. Anyways Big Thumbs up for U-Boat. Really like what they are doing with the brand and I love my U42

  • mackdaddy

    U-Boat customer service is horrible. I bought a NEW Classico Titanium 53 ltd. Tuned out it had the wrong warranty card and took over 2 months (after numerous calls to Italy) to get a replacement. The one they sent was paper, not the plastic credit card type. Then, the chrono stopped working (after wearing it twice!) and the clasp was would no longer fasten. I sent it in for service and it took 6 weeks only to have it returned still not working and get this; it actually rattled inside!! Oh, and UB still has not sent the proper clasp. U-Boat has some cool designs (love the U42) but they could care less about the people who keep them in business: the customer!! Stay away…..stay far, far away.

  • Father Time

    I just purchased the U42 chrono 53mm and love it!! It’s so unique and very wearable. I think it’s a very interesting time peice that I see so few with. I have been stopped by people with time peices they are wearing that could buy and sell the u42 100000 times over but they fancy the look. My point is you get what you like! I didn’t know a lot about the brand but I love the look and I personaly think anything that cost 8k isn’t a run in the mill fashion brand! It’s a bad ass watch and well constructed and not seen like others. Also you can’t get these as easy as you think. This watch isn’t about the strap that it came with either. The strap that I had fabricated looks like it’s been through WW2. It’s a Big pilot strap that’s wonderfully distressed . I have many nice exspensive time peices that cost way more but this is my personal favorite . I think with this model they are on the right track. Well done UBoat!!