Besides watches made by fellow Dutch citizen Christiaan van der Klaauw, we now also have watches from another Dutch company called Van der Gang Watches. Their main model looks (to me) a lot like the IWC Portugieser Chronograph, I could be insulting them by writing this, but even the price is about the same. 🙂 If I had to design a watch for my brand new company, I wouldn’t design a watch that comes so close to a true classic by another brand and sell it within the same pricelevel. I would go IWC Portugieser for that kind of money within a blink of the eye.

Anyway, pay them a visit by clicking here, maybe you’ll think otherwise. If so, let me know by leaving a comment here.

Photo by Van der Gang Watches

  • wim

    I think the same, too much lookalike to IWC. Nice is that he has made a limited nr. of watches but if that must be so expensive. Nobody knows van der Gang so what’s exclusive if you are not known.

  • Rogier Wissink

    I love it!! If you know anuone who owns one and wants to sell it. Mail me….

  • Stef

    I Bought one of the watches, and I’m sure It is a special one. And much better looking and finished than the IWC, really. Compare the two watches and you will see the enormous difference in advance of the Van der Gang. Also I recommend a visit to the factory in Dokkum.

  • wim ammerdorffer

    Comparing the photo’s of these 2 watches I think the v.d.Gang is much more beautiful but indeed for such an unknown brand too expensive. That’s why I didnot bought one untill now.

  • Hans

    Nowadays people go to China and buy IWC look-a-likes for $ 30. Why spent a fortune on a watch that has more copies than originals. I prefer a Van der Gang that has not yet been copied and probably is not worthwile copying.

  • Tinus

    I think the van der gang watch is stupid. Who will spend 5900 euro on a much too large watch, just to own a van der gang watch??, what the hell is van der gang anyway??, what you are paying for are the hours of van der gang’s staff and the much too big profit…. a proper watch is swiss made

  • Onno

    I like the Gang watch, and think it much more sophisticated than the IWC, I’d like to own one!

    Also I don’t believe that a “swiss” is the only good one. There many brands on the marked that produce very impressive watches and a true watch lover would recognize that!

  • Eelco

    Just put one on your wrist and take it outside. The watch is just staggering, more so than the IWC. By the way, you do not have to go to Dokkum to do this. You can do this in Amsterdam as well at QP watches.

  • Ron

    Stef, I could not agree more with you. This watch is stunning. If you got the time pay a visit to Dokkum. And to Tinus; do your homework. This watch is based on swiss calibur and improved by Van der Gang. I admire this watch !

  • M.

    Most comments just go to show that forming an opinion purely based on a photograph is impossible. A friend of mine bought one and I was taken away by it. Consequently I also ordered one shortly after visiting the factory. The van der Gang is really a better product than the IWC. The production method is mind blowing and it became clear to me right away this watch is made by people who put lots of love and dedication into their watches. Also, try to make a scratch with a sharp object on the casing of a IWC and you’ll succeed, on a van der Gang you won’t!

  • Gary

    I own one, and it is simply stunning. The attention to detail and the quality of workmanship is amazing. As far as whether it is worth the asking price. . . well, that is a personal decision. But I have seen much more expensive watches that aren’t half as nice or as well made. Plus, I don’t know anyone else who owns one.

  • Ray Spencer

    just to say I am blown away by the looks from the brochure and the apparent quality, and yeah I don’t know anyone with one, Wish I had seen them when I was in Holland recently

  • Elgar

    The Frisians did have excelent watch/clock traditions – Eizinga, for instance – earlier than the Swiss. So, why not?

  • Russell Hibbard

    My wife bought me a custom engraved (on the movement!)
    Van Der Gang for our 25th anniversary. Since I also own an IWC I can say that superficial comparisons are just that. The Van Der Gang is constructed to a higher standard in nearly every way. There’s no need for the word “watches” on the face, perhaps future models will use an identifying ligature or perhaps leave it blank. I would prefer it be more subtle.

    Otherwise, I love it… it’s been bulletproof reliable, keeps time as accurately as my vintage Heuers and ChronoSuisse, and has presence reflecting more than just size. On smaller wrists it might look silly, but looks right on someone 6’2″/220#.

    The company is also well aware of it’s “new” status and the level of service reflects that. My band was damaged and a replacement was sent promptly at no charge. Try that with a Rolex… I have, and they don’t. Daytonas are grossly overpriced: the cache is the brand. This is a better watch IMHO.

    I’ll order another model, I like the watch that much. As to pricing, one gets what one pays for.

  • adrian

    I recently bought a Van der gang even though i had an IWC. Its easy to criticize without knowing the truth. I liked the watch so much nothing bad to complain.
    I have also been to the company and got to know whats going on.They are using the same Swiss Technology which most of the famous company use for eg. Omega, Breitling, Hublot etc…

    Van der Gang uses the same movements which these companies are using. Even modifying them on their own. You shud see the new moon complication.Its modified by them in a valjoux 7753 base calibre.Even now they are working on their own perpetual calendar which most of the companies are not doing. I saw with my own eyes how they cut the wheels and manufacture plates. Ofcourse Dutch people have background for clocks. Even now in Watches.

    We shud really appreciate the talents of a growing company like this. They also have international Watchmakers working with them.

    Anyways I liked the watch and its worth for the price.

  • Vigi

    I have 3 serious watches, a Panerai, an IWC and a Van der Gang. The last one is by far the most beautiful I have ever had.

    Also the service of the factory is very good and personal.

    If you are going to buy a Van der Gang, you have to visit the factory in the North of Holland.

    Perhaps the pricing is high, but at least not everybody has the same watch as you!

  • skiskien

    Nothing compares to a Van Der Gang watch. Its awesome. Its a beautifull designed watch with a exakt time and price. Everyone see that it is a differend watch that makes it nice to wear. Go and make a visit to Dokkum.

    • Gerald

      hallo skiskien,
      I have question for you a friend of my wont to sell his van der gang watch can you help me or do you know somebody

      • skiskien

        It is better too tell the number and model and leave this in this channel. There are always people who are looking for a secondhand nice watch. I have one and use it every day.

      • Wim Ammerdorffer

        Hi Gerald,

        Is the watch already sold? If not, which one is for sale?


  • skiskien

    Van der Gang Watches Dokkum (unboxing)
    made it on youtube

  • Peter Norman

    That is why I purchased the split second IWC Portugese !

    Peter Norman

  • edze hiemstra

    Ik heb een v.d.gang te koop kompleet in houten box met papieren.

    Geinteresseerd? Dan stuur ik fotos en vraagprijs.

  • Johannes Brouwer