Our headquarters has recently been swimming with Hamilton’s latest fare. Pleasingly, the American-born, Swiss-made brand saw fit to send us a big box of its newest watches for review. And the Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Bronze is the first under the lens.

It’s always a treat for us to get our hands on all the models in the catalog rather than just the selected few the brand wants to crow about. Why? Because it allows us to make choices, to decide upon our favorite models, and choose how best to cover them. When it came to the Pilot Pioneer Bronze, RJ took such a shine to it that he made a short video tribute, which you can now watch below.

Of course, it is our job to deliver the news of new releases in a technical and unbiased fashion in the first instance. But nothing beats the color of personal opinions. The brands that realize that and have the confidence (and resources and patience) to let us loose on their entire catalog are either justly brave or cockily foolish. I can say, as RJ will assert in this video, Hamilton, which manages to produce some incredibly competitive pieces in the entry-level luxury price bracket, is most certainly of the former persuasion.