In early 2020, Omega introduced the new Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. But the concept of the Moonwatch itself is not new, so it’s difficult to speak of a new watch when it has been already around for over 60 years. But this latest upgrade was so massive, that for the first time in nearly 25 years, many will actually see it as a new Moonwatch. Not only did we have the time to play with it for a few weeks when it was first released, but a number of the Fratello team (myself included) have also bought one since.

As you know, this isn’t my first Speedmaster (and hasn’t been my last either). So it’s interesting to compare it directly to previous Moonwatch models and also give you an update on how it has been holding up. I did have some reservations about the new Moonwatch at first, mainly concerning the printing on the dial.

However, having since had a chance to get to know it better, I honestly believe that this is the best regular Moonwatch reference in decades. In this video, I talk about the new Moonwatch, how I have enjoyed wearing it since I got it, a brief overview of its history, and of course the major improvements of this watch. Click on the video above to watch it, or visit our YouTube channel to see it (and check out our other videos).

Moonwatch Master Chronometer

When you’re done watching the video, we have some more articles and stories on the new Moonwatch Master Chronometer can you read. All the information on the Speedmaster Professional Master Chronometer can be found here, it’s an article with everything you need to know about this watch. A summary explaining in 5 points what makes this watch so great can be found here. Then, we also compared it to the previous Moonwatch, to make you aware of all the changes Omega did to its icon. You can find that article here. Then there’s the opinions of Ben, Balazs, Daan, and myself on the updated Speedmaster Professional Master Chronometer.

In the video, I also address the water-resistance of the watch, which seems to be a “hot topic” for many still. And of course, the recent price hike of the watch for certain countries (at least in Europe, due to the weak Euro) is being discussed in the video above. The retail price of the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Master Chronometer with Hesalite crystal and stainless steel bracelet (reference 310. is now +/- €6,700 (including VAT), depending on which EU country you are in. In the US it is $6,400 (excluding VAT), and in Switzerland, the price is CHF6,350 (including VAT).

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