A few months ago, we did a podcast in which some of our team talked about their favorite G-Shock watches. We received quite a few messages based on that podcast, so we decided to do another talk about G-Shocks This time, however, we did it on video.

Rob Nudds talks with Lex, Nacho, and RJ about their favorite G-Shocks and how they got into buying their Casio G-Shock watches. Lex brings his JDM G-Shock model in navy blue, while Nacho talks about his first Casio and the DW-5600E he picked up. RJ talks about buying his first Casio back in 1986 and his 2003 G-Shock 5000SP 20th anniversary edition.

Lex’s GW-M5610NV

Lex, who is old enough to vividly remember the introduction of the G-Shock in 1983, talks about his Tokyo purchase. During a trip with Casio, he saw this navy blue G-Shock GW-M5610NV that he wanted to have.

It’s a JDM (Japan Domestic Model) that he paid for with his own yen and brought back home to Europe.

Nacho’s DW-5600E

Ignacio’s story is a little bit different. He’s a big G-Shock fan, and finds them all over the place (but mainly on the local eBay). He started out with the classic F-91W, his first watch ever. Today, he’s cherishing this square DW-5600E reference.

It’s similar to the model worn by Keanu Reeves in Speed. Nacho uses it when he needs something sturdy or for activities that require timing (like running).

RJ’s DW-5000SP

RJ bought his first Casio (W-14) during a holiday with his parents in 1986. The G-Shock was simply too large for a nine-year-old kid. In 2003, he purchased this 20th-anniversary G-Shock edition from eBay Japan.

What’s interesting about this DW-5000SP is that it has a metal core and very similar design cues to the very first 1983 G-Shock.

Rob’s Budweiser G-Shock

Last but not least, Rob talks about this very special collab G-Shock, which was only available for a very short time. He bought it in early 2021, by accident, as it was a local partnership in the USA for which he received the press release from the German Casio team. So he was in the right place at the right time, and he is now the proud owner of this Budweiser watch.

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