This article is contributed by one of our loyal followers and readers, Boris Pjanic. He runs a watch business in Germany and has a blog on watches as well. While being a Rolex passionate, his second love is for Omega timepieces. This contribution covers a wonderful vintage Omega Seamaster 300. Not the Seamaster 300 that Omega based their 1957 reference CK2913 re-edition on this year (click for the article on the new Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial), but from the early 1960s.

omega seamaster 165024 IMG_1274Most Omega collectors think of the Speedmaster first when asked which vintage Omega they would consider first. Nevertheless, the Seamaster 300 is definitely not a watch to ignore. While the Big Triangle seems to gather the largest majority of collectors, this later Seamaster ref. 165.024 is just as beautiful and appealing.

omega seamaster 165.024 IMG_1277omega seamaster 165024 IMG_1274The patina and colour of the indices and the matching bakelite bezel give this watch a really pretty face. Many collectors are looking for the „Big Triangle“ version of this watch, but even without the large triangle at 12 o’clock is this watch a great collector item and should not be missed.

Combined with the contemporary large 41mm case which is 2mm larger than a Speedmaster from the time, this is a great daily wearer. Comfortable, easy to read, and with great potential to become another icon of Omega watch making.

omega seamaster 165.024 better movement pic IMG_1243Considering that this large case is from 1967, a time when most watches were less than 34mm in size, it must have been a truly oversize watch back then, while matching today’s trend of large sized timepieces. Definitely a must-have in any good Omega collection.

Give Boris’s blog a visit here. Besides selling watches, collecting watches and writing for his own blog, he contributes to other websites including Fratellowatches, and and acts as an intermediate for buying & selling high-end timepieces.

  • roman


    Is the dial on this watch restored?

    1. If you compare “M” in inscription “AUTOMATIC” it looks different from orginal.
    2. On the outer rim of the original dial, beneath number “6” there is inscription: ” T SWISS MADE T”. Maybe the pictures presented are not showing it.

    Thanks for the clarification.


  • Boris

    Not restored and original.