Vintage watches are hot! For the masses that is, watchcollectors knew this for a long time already ofcourse. The day before yesterday, I got a notification that WatchUseek opened a Bulova forum. I remembered that I had written a review on a Bulova Accutron SpaceView some years ago, and asked myself why I sold it. Besides the fact that these watches are quite vulnerable and hard to repair, the movement that is. In fact, I sold most vintage watches, even a very nice Omega Seamaster Automatic Calendar and an Omega Constellation pie-pan in very very good shape with the diamondshaped hourmarkers. Am I part of the new school who just gets bored with vintage watches? No! I really love those watches, especially the ones I mentioned a few sentences back. They have marvelous shaped cases, great dials and even greater movements. However, besides that they are vulnerable and hard to repair, I don’t have a bonding with them. I was born in the mid-late 70s, and raised with Casios and digital Seikos. I always like my granddad’s Constellation, my father’s Constellation and so on, but I never lived the 60s ofcourse. So I can appreciate their beauty, cherish them.. but I never will get the same feeling about them what other collectors who really experienced the ‘mechanical-watch’-era (pre-1970/1980s) do have.

  • Kurt

    Yes vintage watches are hot!!! Unfortunately, the word is spreading around and more and more people jump on the bandwagon. That drives prices for nice vintage watches to new record levels. Sometimes I wonder whether I should have taken all my investments and spent it on viontage watches 3 years ago. They probably would have done better. Oh well, just another 20/20 thought.