Finally, the time has come to announce the winner of our 2020 Fratello Watch On Your Wrist Instagram photo contest. It’s been a long and fun ride, and we are happy, so many of you joined us. However, there could only be one winner…

Those of you who follow us weekly might know the results by now. But before I jump to that, let’s talk about the past seven months.

Watch on Your Wrist 2020

Yes, it’s been seven months since we started this photo contest as a way to show everyone that our community is incredible. Many of you follow us, tag us with your fabulous photos every week, and inspire each other and us to create better content — for social media and general. We needed to find a way to bring these gorgeous shots and watches to Fratello’s pages to showcase them.

This was our way of saying thank you. So, in late May, around the end of my IG Live series, during which I brought every Fratello Editor to Instagram, Rob and I had a long call to discuss content ideas. During this call, we (actually, I think it was him) came up with the contest’s rough idea. Seven months and 80 images/users later, we have a winner, and it’s none other than:

@watchddicted and his beautiful Speedmaster shot


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Congratulations, you are the winner of our “Watch On Your Wrist 2020” Instagram photo contest. And it’s even a Speedmaster! On Speedy Tuesday. What are the odds? This means that we already know where our 1st Prize, the Certina DS PH200M Blue, will go to. In case you don’t remember that watch, you can read my review or feast your eyes on the below. Watchddicted received 29% of all votes of the Grand Final.

It was only 3% more than @winditonthemove, who won 2nd place with that beautiful Hamilton shot. This is not only a stunning image but a lovely watch that Mike and I just talked about in our last podcast. So congratulations to you for reaching 2nd place.

The 3rd person to stand on our imaginary podium might be young, but he already has a killer watch to form a collection around. It is not only a wonderful timepiece but one with great history, a real family heirloom, not least a precious one. I’m talking about @maxx_vdv and his brilliant vintage Heuer Autavia. He took home 17% of all the votes and secured 3rd place in our contest. Not too bad for a 16-year-old watch enthusiast. Below you will find the photos from 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

@winditonthemove — Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanic

@maxx_vdv — Heuer Autavia vintage



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However, we had five fantastic Instagram users and Fratello fans in the Finals, so we cannot finish this article without mentioning them. @tailorandwatches and @watch_diverson did the finals proud with their breathtaking imagery and equally impressive watches. They were neck-and-neck all the way, with @tailorandwatches and the Omega Seamaster pipping the Sinn to the post with 15% of the vote against 13%.

All our contestants are winners in our eyes. And as such, each one will receive a prize bundle announced by Rob in this article. So for one last time, thanks to everyone for taking part in our contest. Thank you for voting and following us week after week.

We’ll come back in 2021, so keep on creating awesome photos, sharing them on IG, and last but not least tagging us or using #fratellowatches so we’ll able to find them. Remember: Shoot it, post it, tag us, vote, and win.