Today would be the birthday of Steve McQueen (24th of March), him being an avid Rolex wearer, I though it might be a good day to write about one of the new introductions based on an all time classic sports watch. The Rolex Explorer.

“Perhaps the classic Rolex sports watch of all times is the Explorer (or Explorer I, as it is sometimes referred to). Even James Bond wears an Explorer in the original books by Ian Flemming. The first Explorer models (1953) are quite similar to the current model, although it has –  of course – been updated through time to keep up with modern requirements of the consumer. However, what didn’t change was the diameter of 36 mm.”

Now, in 2010, Rolex introduces the 39mm version of the good ol’ Explorer. An ref.214270 to keep your 36mm ref.114270 company, as the 114270 is still in the 2010 catalogue.

Technical specifications of this new watch are:

  • Case diameter: 39mm
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 100/300ft water resistant
  • Movement type: 3132 (Parachrom hairspring with Breguet overcoil Paraflex shock absorbers)
  • COSC rated
  • Powerreserve 48 hours
  • Oyster bracelet with Oysterlock(ft.Easylink comfort extension link)

Please read my Wednesday Watch post at Motoring Exposure about this new Rolex Explorer 214270.

Rolex GMT-Master

  • Dynamo

    The new version have to small hand who not reach index like cheap fake. In plus the 3/6/9 are have non glow.


  • This newly updated Explorer is pleasing. However I prefer the new Submariner that features a incredible green Ceramic bezel.

  • If you’ll forgive a bit of thinking out loud here, I was struck for some reason by the James Bond and Rolex Explorer of this particular article.

    Lotta stuff going on worldwide now; companies hurting in ways they haven’t been in recent memory. So, um, “old rules” are being revisited, if not broken.

    Against this, we’ve all seen the tabloid-style chasing about of Daniel Craig, “what is he wearing for a watch this time?” with a hysteria that’s blurred the lines between understanding “James Bond watches” and one actor’s choice in watches for himself.

    Then MGM gets into really bad trouble. Worse than its already bad, bad. The next 007 film goes on hold. Speculation then mounts as to the role of Omega watches for a sequel to “Quantum of Solace.”

    No one outside of the family (except for me, that is) knew in 2008 that Ian Fleming had worn a Rolex Explorer, and written this onto James Bond’s wrist for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” first part of the 1960s. So no one had a notion that there might be a “real” watch for 007 when “Quantum of Solace” was made, for a 2008 release.

    What if — just supposing here — that someone among “the powers that be” were to look at Mr Craig’s watch choices. The bigger cases on Rolex and Omega timekeepers. And, supposing further, someone were to say, “hey, I bet we could get him into a present-day Rolex, if we could really connect the dots to Fleming.”

    Like I said, merely thinking out loud here.

    Thanks for the indulgence.

  • Fatfree49

    I don’t see the big deal. The watch is kind of small ( I know Rolex doesn’t care about what the style is) and isn’t anywhere as interesting looking as the slightly larger Explorer II. How about a 44 mm Explorer II?