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Speedy Tuesday – The Speedmaster That Went To The Moon

This is our second Speedy Tuesday and this week’s pick is the Omega Speedmaster Professional with reference number 105.012 and caliber 321. Omega Speedmaster enthusiasts know that this is the same model that went to the Moon on the wrist of Neil Armstrong (we covered it here).

Besides the pictured Speedmaster ref. 105.012, Astronaut Collins was wearing a similar model, the Speedmaster ref.145.012. Buzz Aldrin supposedly wore the 105.003 (pre-Professional), but this watch got stolen afterwards.

Speedmaster fan Jmsrolls (John) shot a picture of his ref.105.012 Speedy on a 1969 copy of National Geographics magazine, covering the Moon landing earlier that year. The ref.105.012 was the first Omega Speedmaster that had the wording ‘Professional’ on the dial, something that was added by Omega after they learned that it had become the official watch for astronauts.

Speedy Tuesday   The Speedmaster That Went To The Moon

John also chipped in this article about the history of the Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ that appeared in a NAWCC bulletin in 1993.

If you want to submit your Speedmaster for an upcoming ‘Speedy Tuesday’, please submit it to: speedmaster @ fratellowatches . com (remove the spaces).


Speedy Tuesday   The Speedmaster That Went To The Moon


  1. stephen Reply

    the Speedmaster history PDF link URL needs correcting – you’ve doubled the address by mistake

  2. Omega Speedmaster '57 - Three Different Versions From 1957 to 2013 Reply

    […] history, until they came up with a crown guard and pusher protectors on the later reference 105.012 and 145.012. This modification was performed as per request of NASA, as they were afraid that […]

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