In 2017, during a visit to the Nomad Barbershop, in London, I got roped into an Oris-endorsed shave off for Movember. The prize for the Mo Bro who raised the most cash? A freshly launched Oris Diver 65 Movember edition of their very own…

Thanks to the attendees of Time 4A Pint and the listeners of the Time 4A Pint podcast my ridiculous mustache drew in more than £2,200 of donations, putting me at the top of the “Oris shave off” group. Consequently, the handsome retro-styled diver from Höstein ended up on my wrist.


Two years on, I decided it was time to find the Oris a new home. As I had won the watch by raising money and awareness for a good cause in 2017, it seemed to me that the right way to put it on a new wrist in 2019 was by doing more of the same. I wanted the watch to continue its good work and help the Movember Foundation in its quest to stop men dying too young.

I set a target of raising £5,000 and put 500 raffle tickets on sale. After totally selling out (and receiving some very generous donations on top), I ended the month with £11,220 in the kitty — amazing stuff!

Oris Movember Edition presentation The Hague

Time 4 2020

Around this time, the team from Oris in Switzerland got in touch. They very generously offered to send me a 2019 Oris  Chronoris Movember Edition as a thank you. Of course, I accepted. I had one condition, though. As soon as Movember 2020 rolled around, I would raffle-off the brand new watch. My goal was clearly stated. I wanted to earn even more than I had done the year before. Understandably, Oris was 100% behind the plan!

Movember Oris

A high bar

For Movember 2020, I’m setting the bar high. I’m confident that the global watch community loves a challenge. I’m also positive that there is a strong desire to prevent as many young men from dying as possible. Shockingly, males account for 75% of all suicides.

This year’s goal is £20,000. The prize is my personal Oris Chronoris Movember Edition. I’ve worn it twice. It accompanied me to the Movember awards and found it’s way to my wrist once more for a cheeky wrist shot taken in our backyard.

Additionally, the wonderful, kind, generous, hilariously funny, and totally badass Barbara Palumbo, has signed and shipped me a copy of her book Floris Delores and the Oris Chronoris, which the lucky winner will get to go with their Oris Chronoris Movember Edition. How awesome is she?!

A very special podcast

Along with raising funds, in 2020 I’m keen to also raise as much awareness as possible of the three areas of men’s health that Movember supports. Those are prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

With that goal, I’ve produced a very special edition of the Time 4A Pint Podcast, featuring interviews with 3 amazing Movember Ambassadors: Bobby Bansal (testicular cancer survivor and champion), Elvin Box (prostate cancer survivor and champion), James Mace (mental health champion). 

If you’d like to buy a raffle ticket (or two). They’re just £12.50 each and you could win my Oris Chronoris Movember Edition, which had an MRSP of £1,750. You’ll be in with a chance of winning my watch, but you will definitely help to stop men dying too young.