For Watchuseek, I just finished this article on 50 years of Sinn Spezialuhren. A German brand with a focus on functionality and technology, celebrating their 50th anniversary this year with a special pilot’s chronograph Model 358.

Personally, I have a weak spot for Sinn watches. Not only their price – quality ratio is magnificent, I also like the link between their Sinn 142 (based on the Sinn 140) and the space program. I used to own a Sinn 142.St.S (black model) but unfortunately sold it a few years ago. You can read more about this particular model here, here and here.

Another great ‘cult’ Sinn is the EZM1, which was reviewed for Fratellowatches by Bas van Dorp. Click here.

Anyway, make sure to check my latest article on Sinn Spezialuhren at Watchuseek.

  • Outstanding!

  • Great article RJ- like you, I also have a soft spot for Sinn…of course, their history is closely tied to Heuer as they serviced the early Heuer Bundeswehr watches.

    I’ve had a U1 Tempus and a 756S- both great value for money and enjoyed them both


  • Boris

    I agree, Sinn has always been synonym for quality watches. Nice solutions for magnetic and temperature resistance. I especially admire their U-models.

  • Happy birthday to Sinn Spezialuhren! Halfway to 100… Not bad at all. I’m curious to see how this pilot’s Model 358 fares in today’s market, though; is it too “classic”-looking, to the point of being almost archaic, or is that type of simple design timeless (no pun intended)? We’ll see!

  • steppxxxxz

    I once had a Bell & Ross co production chronograph they made with Sinn. Those were outstanding watches. Really great tool watches. I may go search and find another someplace. I think classic is good and I think watchess have come to resemble hollywood blockbusters….pure kitsch. When IWC has watches now resemble Swatch or worse, I think there will be a reaction to this sort of functional beauty. Happy Birthday to a great company.