I could have let Teun write his own book promotion here, but I want to take the opportunity to tell you a bit about him and his book.

In 2015, Teun reached out to me to talk about his passion for watches and how we could collaborate. We decided to meet somewhere in the middle and ended up in a cafe near the train station in Breda. We talked about previous projects he did on watches, but also about his daytime job and his love for watches. One of the topics we discussed were his drawings, and how this could work for the watch enthusiasts that visit Fratello. On September 14, 2015, Teun published his first cartoon on Fratello, called ‘The Wild Bullhead,’ and it was a huge success. Today, we have featured more than 50 of his cartoons on Fratello, and he did many more as special projects for various clients, including watch brands.

Watches & Pencils

60 Minutes – Watches & Pencils

Teun van Heerebeek is now presenting his book ’60 Minutes’. A book that contains 60 of his cartoons. Those featured here on Fratello, but also others that you’ve probably not seen before. Teun was so kind as to send me a signed copy of the book and it is, simply put, awesome! This colorful book belongs on your bookshelf with the other watch books. Why? Because it probably refers to a lot of watches in those other books you have, with a cool and colorful cartoon that will surely put a smile on your face. It is a very nice change from the – often – dead serious books about watches. There’s only one thing where Teun made a mistake in his book. In his introduction, he explains the ’60 Minutes’ title and of course, it means that the 60 cartoons each will take a minute to look at and read the accompanying text. But his introduction text is just as interesting, so I would add at least two more minutes. Also, it is a book that you will find yourself showing to others, as it often shows the funny peculiarities we – watch nerds – all seem to have in common. This book will make an excellent gift for a friend, partner, or relative that is into watches, he or she will definitely appreciate it. And don’t forget to order one for yourself. It is a no-brainer.

Now, that’s the book. I thought it would be nice to learn something about Teun, as we got to know him here at Fratello. Besides his talent as a cartoonist, he also joined us on various Baselworld editions to meet with brands and hang out in the evenings. We spent quite some time together in cheap Airbnb’s during Basel, and long car drives back and forth to Switzerland. Teun has a great sense of humor, which is reflected in his work for Fratello and his webshop Watches & Pencils. He can also master a proper schnitzel and a few beers during an evening with the Fratelli, which is one of those key competences becoming a member of the team. I am happy he is part of our team and proud of him for having his first book published. My favorite cartoon? It is almost impossible to pick one, so I will pick a few: 321: Moon Made (no 46 in the book, also see above), Bodybuilding (no 30 in the book), and Seiko Turtle (no 39 in the book). Teun did a marvelous job on all cartoons and descriptions, but these three are my personal favorites.

As we’re used in the watch industry to limited editions by now, the book has a production run of 300 copies only. It is written in English, counts almost 140 pages, has a hard-cover, and in a square format. Teun personally signs all books.

Congratulations Teun, this book is a major achievement!

You can order ’60 Minutes’ here.