A standout release in the overly crowded world of watches was the Horage Supersede GMT. The stylish GMT came out about a year ago and certainly caught some attention. And that wasn’t just because of its stylish and sporty looks. No, Horage also fitted the Supersede GMT with the great K2 movement, an in-house micro-rotor caliber with fantastic looks and modern-day specifications to match. In the next step for the Supersede line, Horage now introduces the Supersede Date, a three-hander that surely will win a lot of people over. Yes, it really is that good.

Horage is one of those brands that I heard about and then would forget about until I saw something on social media or Fratello’s own Dave would mention it. He greatly admired the brand and, more specifically, the Supersede GMT. Dave wrote about the updated version of the watch that was released in August of 2022. Reading Dave’s article on the Supersede GMT, I have to say that what Horage pulled off with that watch is nothing short of impressive. The next step is certain to please watch fans because the Horage Supersede Date might be the version that many have been waiting for. Time to find out more.

Horage Supersede Date

The story of the Horage Supersede Date

There are two main stories to tell about the Horage Supersede Date. The first is the easy one. The Supersede Date is the second in the Supersede line after the GMT version that arrived in August 2022. That first model created quite a buzz and sold out. The Supersede GMT introduced a distinct design combined with a great in-house micro-rotor movement. This time around, Horage keeps things simpler when it comes to the functionality of the Supersede Date. But instead of just creating a time-and-date version of the watch, Horage decided to keep the adjustable hour hand of the GMT version. It’s a remarkable but fun detail that gives this watch even more character.

The second story is all about involving the Horage fans every step of the way. For the Supersede GMT, this resulted in taking the time to improve aspects of the watch along the way. People who placed a pre-order were happy to find out that Horage paid attention to every detail to deliver a great product. This also resulted in giving buyers different options when it came to the bracelets, straps, and hands. And early buyers benefited from a better price, as is happening more frequently these days. Overall, it reminds me of brands like Christopher Ward and Airain, which also have dedicated fans that are crucial in ensuring the watches will succeed.

Horage Supersede Date profile

The Supersede comes with a modern case and standout bezel

So, what is this Horage Supersede Date all about? Let’s start with the basic details. The watch comes with a 39.5mm case made of 904L stainless steel. It is 46.29mm from lug to lug, 10.28mm thick, and 200m water resistant. The case shape is the same as the one used for the GMT and is characterized by its modern, angular lines. The screw-down crown is branded with the Horage “H” and protected by contemporary-looking crown guards.

Perhaps the most distinctive element of the Supersede series is the bezel with its angled knurling. It’s kind of a love-it-or-hate-it element, I can imagine, as it defines the style. Finishing off the exterior is either an integrated stainless steel bracelet or a rubber strap. The former tapers nicely from 22mm at its widest to 16mm at the clasp, and you can opt for a fully brushed version or another with polished center links. Additionally, Horage offers the watch with a series of different strap options. As you can see, we received the watch on an orange rubber strap that matches the orange seconds hand. I would have loved to try out the bracelet. Not only does it look good and thin at 5.6mm but it also comes with a nice clasp featuring 10mm of micro-adjustment in 1mm increments. That’s pretty impressive.

Horage Supersede Date lugs and strap

The Supersede Date oozes quality

The Supersede Date comes with the choice of a Cenote blue dial (pictured here) or a Coral black dial. The sunburst dial that we had the chance to check out is very lively and has a great shade of blue. As some of you will know, I would always look at the black-dial option first, but for this Supersede Date, I would seriously consider the blue dial. As you can see, it has beautifully finished applied markers for the hours. The only exception is the date window at 3 o’clock. What I really appreciate is how well the date window is integrated. It’s placed against the rehaut and is finished nicely.

Horage Supersede Date dial close-up

More proof of the same quality of production comes with the hands. The beautiful diamond-cut handset fits the dial design perfectly. All three hands and the indices are filled with Super-LumiNova that lights up blue in the dark. I have to say I was impressed by the quality and design of the Horage Supersede Date. The watch was created with a great eye for detail and has an impressive overall feel. As a result, it’s hard not to admire what the brand has pulled off with this new addition to the Supersede lineup.

Horage Supersede Date movement

The in-house-produced Horage K2 caliber

Turning it around, the Supersede Date gets even more interesting. Visible through the sapphire crystal on the back is the brand’s in-house-created and COSC-certified K2 Date movement. The automatic micro-rotor movement looks stunning. It comes standard with a gold-plated tungsten rotor, but you can also order it with a platinum rotor (pictured here) for a surcharge. The movement operates at a 25,200vph frequency and has a 72-hour power reserve. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a silicon hairspring and escapement as well as screws for regulating the balance.

Horage Supersede Date movement close-up

The movement is beautifully finished by hand with Côtes de Genève, and it dons a quadratic black gold bridge. I have to say that I was fascinated by the architecture as well as the execution. Not many manufacturers have come up with such an impressive movement — and certainly not one that was designed, engineered, and finished in-house — for the CHF 4,900 that this watch will cost in the pre-sale that starts today. For that reason, I take my hat off for what Horage has achieved with the Supersede series.

Horage Supersede Date pocket shot

Wearing the Horage Supersede Date

Once on the wrist, this watch truly comes to life. Then you get a really good feel of the size, the build quality, and the looks. First of all, the watch fits my wrist perfectly. The 39.5mm case size, sleek profile, and angled lugs sit very well, and I think it will fit a great variety of wrist sizes, making it a fit for a lot of people. Second, it looks fantastic. While I wasn’t a fan of the knurling on the bezel at first as it seemed too defined for me, it was easy to get used to. Additionally, it provides the watch with some much-wanted character. But I can definitely see that there are people who are not a fan of this outspoken bezel.

With one look at the Supersede Date on the wrist, you truly get the feeling of wearing a wonderfully made watch. That is not only in terms of the build quality but also the finishing and the overall feel, which are impressive elements of great luxury watches. The Horage team has indeed managed to create a great luxury watch. The rubber strap is sturdy but flexible, balancing the watch perfectly on the wrist. It has a modern-looking Horage-branded buckle and two keepers to fit perfectly.

Character, both on and off the wrist

While I loved wearing the Supersede Date, I have to say that I also spent quite a bit of time admiring the watch off of the wrist. The case design is fun to look at from all angles, and the modern movement is such a joy to behold. This makes it a pleasure to take off the watch, slowly turn it over, and witness the caliber in action. Lastly, it is also incredibly enjoyable to see the functions of the movement. As mentioned, the Horage features an independent hour hand that allows you to adjust it in one-hour increments. You do this by unscrewing the crown, pulling it out to the first position, and turning it clockwise.

If you turn the crown counterclockwise, you can set the date. If you pull out the crown to the second position, you can set the minutes hand. After playing around with it for a short period, I quickly started appreciating the adjustable hour hand. It’s super easy to use, and it gives this watch and its movement an even better story. Oh, and did I mention the bezel action? The unidirectional 60-minute bezel is wonderful to operate with its firm clicks and sturdy overall feel.

Horage Supersede Date on wrist

Final thoughts on the Horage Supersede Date

I loved spending time with the Horage Supersede Date. As you may have guessed, I think it’s a beautifully executed timepiece. While I initially had doubts about the design, the watch is a lot less divisive on the wrist than it seems in pictures. It feels like a very well-considered and high-quality sports watch. But my admiration for the timepiece is also due to the incredible movement inside. Horage has achieved an amazing feat by creating its modular K2 micro-rotor movement, and the caliber looks amazing to boot. Considering all this, I don’t see why the new Supersede Date will not be an even bigger success than the Supersede GMT.

Horage Supersede Date lume

I truly believe that what you buy for the early bird pre-order price of CHF 4,900 is something special. If you are a fan of the design and the in-house-created movement, honestly, you can’t go wrong. There is hardly anything out there that comes even close to what Horage has achieved with the Supersede models. So if you are looking for something a bit less ordinary with a beautiful in-house movement, the Horage Supersede Date could be your pick.

Horage Supersede Date

The website for the Supersede Date is live now, and the pre-orders start on the 12th of September and last until November 2023. That’s when stock orders will start for the regular price of CHF 5,500. It will be fun to see how great of a success this will be for Horage because, after witnessing the new Supersede Date up close, I have no doubts that it will be. I also can’t wait to find out where the brand takes us in the future.

For more information, visit the official Horage website. Let us know your thoughts on the new Horage Supersede Date in the comments section.

Watch specifications

Supersede Date
Cenote Blue or Black Coral with a sunburst finish, applied indices with Super-LumiNova, and date window
Case Material
Stainless steel (904L)
Case Dimensions
39.5mm (diameter) × 46.29.mm (lug-to-lug) × 10.28mm (thickness)
Case Back
Stainless steel with sapphire exhibition window
Horage K2 — automatic micro-rotor movement, 25,200vph frequency, 72-hour power reserve, 25 jewels
Water Resistance
Integrated stainless steel bracelet with the choice of a fully brushed finish or a brushed finish with polished center links. Rubber straps are also available.
Time (hours, minutes, central seconds), date, 60-minute unidirectional bezel
CHF 4,900 (pre-order price until November 2023) / CHF 5,500 (regular price after November)