Anatomy Of A Rolex – A Video To Watch

Robert-Jan Broer
December 29, 2013
Anatomy Of A Rolex – A Video To Watch

Over at The Watch Gallery in the United Kingdom they are doing some cool stuff on-line for their customers and potential new clients. They recently published a video featuring professional watchmaker Jamie Hardes (at Rolex London at One Hyde Park) showing you the anatomy of a Rolex. He disassembles their Rolex calibre 3132 movement, featured in the Rolex Explorer ref. 214270.

The current version of the watch that was used during the climb of the Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and his team, worn on the wrist of Ian Flemming when he wrote the James Bond novels and many more adventurous people out there (including the elegant wrists of Victoria Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio). In 2010, Rolex introduced the new 39mm version of the Rolex Explorer reference 214270 (the previous reference, 114270 had a 36mm diameter) with the in-house caliber 3132 movement.

In this new timelapse video we have worked with our in-house ‘Rolex by The Watch Gallery’ watchmaker Jamie Hardes to break down the iconic Rolex Calibre 3132 movement. The movement is made up of seven key components and we showcase the inner workings of each part and how they all fit together to create the beating heart of a stunning automatic, mechanical Rolex timepiece. Visit:

Anatomy Of A Rolex

If the video does not appear, please click here to watch it on youtube.

More videos from The Watch Gallery can be found here.

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