I got this in my mailbox last evening:

“I was looking for a nice and inexpensive watch and I come upon a watch company
called Louis Bolle. I look at their web site http://www.louisbolle.com and they
have many nice watches. I looked for more infomation but I couldn’t find any. I
search on Ebay and “My God they were every where. The watch was being auction of
for as low as $175. The retail price(according to the web site) was over $3000.
What is going on? Do you know why this watch company are letting people selling
their watches for so cheap? If you have any information or answer please let me
know. My e-mail address is xxxxx@xxxxxx.com


The website of Louis Bolle is nice indeed, but when you give it a closer look…. what brand uses pricing on the company website? Next, the watches have very familair looks. Omega DeVille Co-Axial casing and the brickstone bracelet are copied for some models, I also saw a model which looked familair with the Seiko Kinetic models (with the integrated bracelet). Next, like the sender of the e-mail did, I visit eBay and was amazed by the number of Louis Bolle auctions. Several different sellers, but all with names like ‘watchdiscounters’ and ‘uniquejeweler’ etc. Probably a good scam to make some money out of poor people who don’t know at all about watches…. it is nice to buy a 200 USD watch and see on the company’s website that the retail price is 4495 USD. However, for 4495 USD you can probably order 100 of these watches in China. Including your name printed on the dial.

  • Rintintin


    Click on the link for a very interesting set of scams by the Swiss!!

  • Mike

    I’ve got one of their iceberg watches, blue dial.. I work for a company that builds watches and brands them with a nice sounding name and resells them for $200 a pop, however they are not even close to the quality of these watches. Everything from the band, casing and movement is excellent on this watch. I first saw it in a jewelry shop selling for $800 bucks, then found them on ebay. I was lucky to get it for $119 as most auctions end around $200. But knowing that its a Chinese built watch, I’m very happy with it in all aspects.

    As long as you are aware of it’s origin and their “unique” marketing approach, it’s worth the few bucks.

    Bottem Line : If you like it – buy it.

  • Wade Jaynes

    Emailed from info@louisbolle.com

    Currently, our timepieces are exclusively sold through internet auctions and not in retail establishments. You can find various auctions of our products through http://www.ubid.com or http://www.quixtar.com. We do plan to expand to other avenues of distribution sometime in the near future.

    There are some secondary sellers who sell our pieces purchased from us on Ubid.com and then offer them on other auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo Auctions.

    Thank you so much for your interest in Louis Bolle!

    The MSRP prices are based on research where we compare our timepieces with existing watches already on the market. The comparison includes movement, functions, case, and strap before an MSRP can be determined. How do these timepieces seem to sell for so low, then? Our brand website and visibility on auction sites are our primary sources of marketing. We do not have the extra advertising costs that many other watch companies need to consider within the price of the watch. Instead, we simply offer wonderfully crafted watches at reasonable prices for the consumer.

    Go to http://www.register.com, look up whois http://www.louisbolle.com it will come back to “The company is” :
    Always at Market
    1545 Capital Drive
    Suite 100
    Carrollton, TX 75006
    (972) 242-4045 x 301

    Interesting enough, go to the website: http://www.omikronwatches.com/Contact_Us.aspx

    They are the U.S. Distributor for Omikron and Balmer watches as well.

  • Wade Jaynes

    see the url





    HEUER & LAMBELET (no longer produced)


  • Michael Cox

    I will say that I did buy one of the Louis Bolle watches on ubid. I have a number of watches that in price go over $1000 that are automatics and I have to say that no I don’t think that these are $3000 watches but it does seem to be good Quality, it’s quite attractive and at least they arn’t trying to put a different company’s name on it and sell it as a fake. They seem to be nice watches for the price.

  • Brad

    I bought a Louis Bolle watch for $200 and it is actually a nice watch – probably worth $200 but certainly not the $4,495 retail price listed on their web site.

    I wouls say this is more of a deviant marketing strategy than a scam. There are no retailers or service centers! They wholesale only and try to play it like it is a name brand retail watch from a reputable company. There is no way to get in touch with the company other than the contact us email on the web site.

    The warranty is completely bogus – just go to the web site and read it. If you go to the warranty repair on thier web site it askes you to fill out your information, print it, and mail it to them but they don’t ever provide an address anywhere on the site. Even the bogus warranty card doesn’t have a phone number or address of the company!

    So I agree, if you like it, buy it. If it breaks throw it away.

  • Doug Rees

    The bottom line seems to be that customers are getting a pretty good watch for their money. Reasonable people don’t expect to get a $4000 watch for $100. If the watches really were made in Switzerland, probably no one would be complaining.

  • MFerguson

    I have bought a number of these watches, and they are excellent quality. Do not pay $4000, but come on, nobody is really trying to sell you one for that price.

    If it was a $15 watch , I could see getting angry, but the Zenith and Pinnacle models I bought are 100% solid. They keep great time adn I get comments on them all the time.

    $200 is about right for most models, maybe a few bucks more for a gold one. Balmer and Omikron are true swiss made as are a few SUG and Tavan models. The rest have Swiss components but are assembled offshore.

    I had one model have a fault, and sent it in. It took awhile, but I got it back about 5 weeks later.

    No real complaints, just do not go and pay $1000 or anything.

  • Keith

    What if I placed a bid on a watch at quixtar.com, but after seeing this site realized I felt kind of deceived. How can I retract my bid?

  • Fabio Santos
  • andy

    I too have bought 2 Louis Bolle watches from ebay (Momento and Incognito). They’re attractive and solid. This company was obviously specially created for ebay. But, does anyone know much about Trias (supposedly from Germany)? I bought one for under $100 and it is very striking. Was curious as to its legitimacy.

  • JSecor

    Interesting comments, I’ve purchased several “Tavan” Models; I’ve collected a few watches in my day. The models I have are Zachary, Maurice and Gaston. I have no complaints. These watches are solid, refined, well crafted and very stylish. The Zachary is one of my favorites; to me it’s better made than a ‚ÄúMovado‚Äù in the same category and style. But, then again this is strictly my opinion. I have a small collection, under a hundred watches, various makes and models, from very expensive to moderate. I have a “Trias” from Germany, keeps perfect time when in use, automatic design, well made! Like anything in life, price and quality are in the eyes of the beholders (state of mind and status it gives back to the owner is a plus). Not everyone can afford high end watches costing $20,000 dollars and more excess of $340,000, even ones costing $1,000,000. A few can afford moderate to middle end watches, costing $10,000 – $20,000, but on the average, watches costing $3,000 up to $10,000 are still high for most. The average watch most can afford range from $3,000 downward. The end results, only you can determine what you like and what not to purchase. Do some research, learn about the many various watches, movements, designs and inventors, to truly understand and enjoy the art of “Horology”. Horology is the science and study of timekeeping devices. Clocks and watches are examples of instruments used to measure time. It’s time consuming, but if you love watches it can be a memorable and rewarding, learning the true craftsmanship in what makes up watches today and where and how they came to be. Only you can be the judge in the end, there‚Äôs hundreds of watch makers, inventors, designs some good some bad, heck, a ‚ÄúRolex‚Äù great name, keeping time, something else, you pay for the name, these have flaws too! I’ve purchased and returned and wouldn’t own another. Good luck, enjoy, collecting or just making a one time purchase, do some research, compare then decide, low end, middle or high, that’s the market, you choose as I did. So far I’m quit happy with all my purchases, I hope you can be too.

    Interesting reading:

  • Ryan

    I recently purchased a watch called Liason by Louis Bolle. The watch is beautiful. But, the watch dial didn’t work, and there was a finger mark under the face of the watch. I emailed the customer service department and they told me to ship it to them. I did so, and since I’ve sent it to them. I haven’t heard a word from anyone. Even after I’ve emailed them and call the Always at Market number. I hope I’m compensated.

  • 17. Too much significance on suggested list of $4995, who cares what they say they’re worth? I’ve had an LB Agent for 3 years now, at one point the auto winder cam came loose and I opened back to tighen the screw. I must of done a poor job of restoring the watch, because after getting it wet, LARGE droplets of condensation began to form under the crystal, and have recurred from “time to time”, every pun intended, since. The watch still runs like a champ, keeps great time with a 1/2 second second hand movement that ain’t all that easy to come by in a truly mechanical watch for less than $1000. I paid $51 for a gold Agent recently, $30 to $55 for a couple of Rousseaus, the bands alone would probably cost $25 if I bought them from a dealer. I don’t know what the nay sayers expect for under a $100. I’ve got Tag Heuer watches, I’ve got a Movado. I hardly wear them anymore because they’re just not as interesting to look at as a movement watch. I get more questions and compliments about these “scam” watches than any I have ever worn, and collecting them has turned out to be a pretty good “time”.


  • Matt Kitson

    The company in my opinion borderlines on crooked. They appear to based in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I did buy a watch for a very reasonable price, however if I had purchased one for even half of their postedretail, I would have been major ripped of. And shame on that company if they ever let some poor unsuspecting soul pay it. The market these brands are sold in is ubid and ebay as well. The underhanded part of it is… They are the registered owners for the web sites for all the brands they pedal. If they were trying to be up front, they would put all the brands on one site. Different Site for each brand | LOUIS BOLLE | ROUSSEAU | Duboule | SUG | TAVAN |

    I took the time and traced some of the activity of the company to e-commerce activity connected to AMWAY. If that does not throw up the red flag… What Will? It’s “time” for consumers to stop believing everything they read on the internet.

  • Terry Doane

    I love my Louis Bolles and my Rousseau. I do not care about the possibly made – up websites. They are beautiful watches. $200 bucks is a steal. They keep almost perfect time and I have one for every occasion!

  • JSecor

    Let’s see, if one (business) wants to save cost, bring consumer goods to the table, keep low overhead and make a marginal profit, while giving back to the consumer high end watches, “GREAT”. So ever time we find out someone or some buddy has a product or products and although separate in all manners except its location, website then after reading the above their no good. Hum, have a problem with that one. True, you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet to be true, but in the same breath, not everything is bad either. Education is the key (due research, investigate), knowledge before you buy is the other; the wisdom to know the difference becomes ones joy and happiness when he/she acquires a true gem/watch. Cut it down, hack it up, in the end only you can be the judge, don’t let others rob you from finding your true delight. Whether it’s your first watch, or additions to a collection, no matter the size, learning before you act, can save you despair in the end; like the individual who wrote the last comment on negativity? Contact the company, inquire on the warranty, check them against the Better Business Bureau in the state they are located, and then decide. Good luck, and by all means, enjoy the experience, otherwise be prepared for another round of the above in the art of ‚ÄúNegativity‚Äù by others, who only can find fault when he/she comes along a path the has lead them to a gem/watch. But then again, that‚Äôs my opinion; I prefer the ‚ÄúPositive‚Äù approach, it‚Äôs very easy to find fault today, it takes effort and some time not too!

  • Michael

    I’ve taken a look at Louis Bolle watches and have fallen in love with the Dune collection. After my first visit, I was sold on the Automatic Silver-Black Skeleton Dial. I searched the internet for a dreler. I wanted to go to a store and try one on. The watch looks great on the website. What I found out is that LB watches are exclusivly available at internet auction sites. This threw up red flags. I did my research. I read the posts on this site. I know the watch is not worth the MSRP listed on the LB site. I am stilll sold on the LB watch. Now I’m annoyed. rather than being angry at them for being deceptive, I’m annoyed that the watch I want is not being auctioned at this time. I’d probably pay $200 for that exact watch. Now I’m going to waste lots of time scowering auction websites looking for the watch. Does anyone have tha watch I mentioned, that would be willing to part with it?

  • MFerguson

    I just picked up another Louis Bolle. I went for the DUNE Model and it is a beauty. This is my fourth. My boss saw it and went nuts! He said, “I gotta buy one!” I referred him to the web site and he saw the MSRP. He did not blink! He asked where to buy one. I should have offered him mine for half the price! Of course, I may lose my job for that.

    Then I referred him to to ebay and he is anxiously awaiting another to be available.

    All I know is that these watches get a lot of looks and to be honest, the designs are more creative and attractive than a lot of the big name brands. I also own a Tag, Omega, and Rolex. They do not get the attention these get.

    Plus, when I tell people the brand, they think it is some exotic brand you cannot get at your local shopping mall. I have to say, if you get value from the comments, looks, compliments, etc. Then these watches are worth as much as any if you pick the right model.

    As for the guy who is still waiting for the repair, I had a repair on one and it is SLOW, but you will get it back in about 6 weeks.

    My point here is that if you know a lot about watches, you would never pay the MSRP. But 99% of the people on the street would believe it is a $3000+ watch when looking at it. That is worth something.

  • Ron Dailey

    I purchased a Louis Bolle from Quixtar Auctions. The watch arrived
    broken, the stem fell out and the hands flopped around. Only because
    of your site was I able to find a phone number for the company. I
    believe this company is essentially a fraud. I am complaining through
    Quixtar as well. (They are a fine company worried about quality).
    Not something I can say about Louis Bolle. Upon seeing the watch,
    it’s face is much larger that I expected and rather gaudy, in addition
    to being broken. It seems that they are selling nothing more than
    cheap Chinese made junk that could be found for $20 at any mall kiosk.
    I await the response from the company. If they take the watch back
    and give me my money back, I will report so here.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  • S Larsen

    I’ve actually bought quite a few Louis Bolle and SUG watches. I’ve had to return a Liason. They replaced it in 10 days. I also had to return a SUG for a minor date problem. It took about three weeks for that watch to be replaced. If these guys were putting a ‘ROLEX’ name on their watches, I would have a problem. However, they are creating their own brand name, which is what every new business has to do. The fact that they don’t have a corporate home page with links to all their different watch brands is not an oversight or deceipt on their part. Many companies have multiple brand names that they pit against each other. In fact, I work at a large corporation that makes top-quality equipment at higher prices as well as lower-quality, lower priced equipment. We wouldn’t think of linking the two names together, because one cheapens the other. Each brand name needs to stand on its own for its own merits and uniqueness. As for returning the watch, shortly after you fill out a service request, they e-mail you the location where to return the watch.
    I’ve looked at many watches out there, but have to hand it to these guys for their innovation and style. Maybe I’ve lucked out, but I’ve also been impressed with how quickly they’ve gotten me a replacement on a return, too.

  • morten johansen

    hi. im from norway and i just bought a liason. i paid 5800kr the same as 900 usd. guess i should have checked e-bay first. but i love my watch. so its ok

  • ali

    i bought a sug renegade watch form quixtar.com for $176.00. the posted retail price was $2,495. do u think i got ripped off, i dont know much about the watch.so if u have any information on the sug renegade,can u please email me at my email address.

  • Ron Dailey

    I complained in an earlier post about my LB watch purchase from Always at Market. In all fairness I must say that the company did stand behind their watch, they called me and asked if I wanted it fixed or my money back! I took the money! I must say, they were very accomodating. Maybe complaints coming through Quixtar nudged them. Give ’em credit where credit is due!

  • Roger

    I bought a LB Apogee on e-bay in September, it arrived pretty quickly, and has run well since, but gains about 5 secs per day – is that reasonable? I didnt go for the “costing $3,000” stuff, and some of the “documentation” that came with it was pretty hick. However I really liked the design and happy so far….

  • Tim Boston

    I bought a Louis Bolle watch for $135 from ubid.com back in June (MSRP $4495, yeah right). Anyway, the watch gains about 20 seconds per day, which means in 2 weeks it is almost 5 minutes fast! Not exactly a precise time piece. Anyway, I emailed them to fix it or replace it. I just sent it away this morning. I hope I see it again. I thought it was a handsome watch. Oh well, live and learn I guess. They say they will return it in 6-8 weeks. Wish me luck.

  • alex

    this is a cool watch , i get comments from everyone
    i tell people it costed me 4000 dollars people believe me,I can sell it easly for 1000 but im not a scamer. by the way its a l.b skeleton . i was going to buy a Tissot for 900 dollars but good thing i bought this one it made me not spend $900. i love this watch all though it was a scam

  • J. Secor

    What you consider to be a scam, in reality you hold higher in value then a higher priced watch “Tissot” (L.B)! In this not a contradiction, you saved $900 and you state, “This is a really COOL watch, great value”. Why not just say, this watch has great appeal, market value saving you a bundle instead of placing it as a scam. Give credit, where credit is due, if this gives you satisfaction stop complaining, if not sell it, spend a bundle and buy a “Tissot”…

  • M Pool

    I got me a L. Bolle “sierra” from a lady in Florida, new in da box,with admittedly bogus instructions and warranty, delivered to me for…..$2500..no I mean $250.. LOL.. Just teasin cause of their inflated MSRP!! Mine cost a even $100!!!MY GOSH.. It costs that much just to TALK about some of the spendie watches that has a price on it, with more zeros than most COUNTRIES budget!!The cheapest “auto’ I could find in my neck-o-da-woods was a $450, horribly ugly Sieko!My Bolle is cool lookin, I have got a couple of comments on it.. Yeah,yeah, I know the watch snobs are offended at such a piece,cause all da sudden theres some ( I think their made in Romania)lowly untouchable making basically the same thing!!?? How are they gonna sell us that $25,000 complication when obviously its not that costly to make.Its a WATCH not an artificial heart!! Anyhoo, I dig mine, from the REAL gator band to the fit and finish. Mine was about 5-7 mins. fast in a week so I (you could NEVER do this with your $$$somename$$ watch)unscrewed the back and adjusted the…..??the adjuster spring thingy and now I lose less than a min. a month. WHADA want for the price of an empty Rolex BOX. But you folks wont believe this.. They sell in stores for a couple o hundred less than MSRP!! Check out this link http://www.crescentwatch.com/images/header_05.jpg
    Its folks like this that are the scammers! Not a new company that makes no claims except maybe their MSRP. But look at it this way. A cafe charges $2.00 for a side of toast(their MSRP) but we all know that 2 pieces of bread, only cost a dime. Stating a suggested retail,in my moronic opinion, is not a scam but ANY $100,000 watch that could give our youth an education IS!!I bet ,right now, my Bolle says the exact same time as a six-digit Ulysse Nardin!! Plus I can wear it always and if it gets lost stolen or beat-up… no biggy.

  • M Pool

    Hey Folks–The link in the above article has died— Please try this one to see Louis Bolle watches selling in stores for over$4k!!
    just click brands in the menu–thanks

  • Matthew

    HEy hows life overther or where ever it is. Anyways i got LB from a girls friend of mine and to be honest i have no use for it i am a fossil guy because of what i do i was trying to get rid of it and came across a problem no one wants to buy it back whats up with this . retail said 4495.00usd its a zenith. as soon as i saw that i had my doughts about it its a nice watch but i need the money more then the watch any ideas what i can do thx

  • Chris, NJ

    I bought a SUG watch on compusa auctions, sold by Always At Market. I wasn’t expecting a Rolex, however what I did get for under $100 was a pretty decent looking watch. I’ll keep you posted how it keeps time. So far, so good. I’d buy again…

  • Joe

    I had to eat my words for the statement earlier; you might want to consider a Movado or any other ‚ÄúSwiss‚Äù watch manufacture instead…

    For everyone who down grades the others, third party watch makers, this one will get you thinking, it did me.

    I recently purchased a Tissot Atollo watch ‚ÄúSWISS made‚Äù, paid the price for craftsmanship, I thought. I was so very wrong, I purchased after asking will it fit my large wrist, assured it would. Yet when it arrived, I could barely close the buckle. So I tried different clasps, single and butterfly styles with no luck. I tried contacting third party watchband makers for a replacement, nothing could come close — due the cut style of the band, and nothing was to be found. All after, I tried to purchase an extra watchband from ‚ÄúTissot‚Äù who flatly refused to sell me anything, I was simple blown off. I did receive the following from Tissot Customer Care as follows:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding spare parts. For technical reasons and to ensure quality servicing of your watch, we do not supply spare parts to the general public. As a premium brand, we are dedicated to servicing our timepieces with the highest possible quality standards.
    To obtain parts please contact an authorized Tissot parts retailer. You can locate an authorized parts retailer by logging on to http://www.Tissot.ch or by contacting our Tissot Customer Care Department at the number listed below.

    Please note that you also have the option of submitting your watch to one of our factory authorized service centers for repair. To take advantage of this option, attached are instructions on how to contact and forward your watch to an authorized repair facility in your area.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Tissot Customer Care Department at 1-800-284-7768 or e-mail us at sgcst@swatchgroup.com.

    With kind regards,
    Tissot Customer Care

    I made contact with the parties referred too, in return, I was told to contact the one that referred me to them in the first place, and nothing was resolved, pure aggravation! So I‚Äôm left with a ‚ÄúSWISS‚Äù watch I can‚Äôt wear, so it sits in one of my watch boxes gathering dust, a true waste of money (I ‘m selling it, trying to recoup my losses). I have several ‚ÄúSWISS‚Äù watches; and those companies have treated me with respect. Anytime I‚Äôve had dealings with them, from simple questions to repair and replacement parts, I‚Äôve been dealt with respect and courtesy. My other watches include American, Australian, French, German, (Japanese watches that are quality pieces) and Russian, to name a few.

    Consider this, quality, craftsmanship, whether “Swiss made or not”, without customer support during and after the sale, the watch in my opinion is simply, junk, you might as well use it for a paper weight, for its intended purpose falls short and having it around only makes one upset.

    I know many will find this hard to accept, a few will admit it’s happened to them too, but under there breath. The point is this, whether the watch manufacture is “Swiss or not”, without “TRUE CUSTOMER SUPPORT”, ones not any better then the other is it? So if your new watch has quality, craftsmanship and good customer support, enjoy, for there are others who have suffered under the hands of the above like me. Thanks for letting me VENT!

  • Ralph Young

    Well, If I was a crook, thats the website I would make, lol, I did buy a louis bolle for $100 usd, I am happy with it, I just bought the g/f a watch for 300 in a store, and this one is a little bit more quality, PLUS is charges itself, and has a see through back, very cool, makes my geek senses tingle… I would buy another if I wanted a watch for every occasion, but I am too simple for that. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT WEBSITE THOUGH!!

  • vincent

    do the dials actually work? days, weeks reserve etc…

  • Lucas

    Fact is, most companies use marketing to their advantage. Most the time you wouldn’t know and people on ebay are looking for bargains always, so it’s the perfect setting.

    Im sure maybe if these were to retail in a store, they could be worth $2000+ who knows… other brands in stores sell for 200-400 and are worst watches, so you cant really complain.

    watches cost nothing to make, like sunglasses cost $3 for a pair which sells for $400… better believe it

  • Tim Boston

    Well see my above comment, I got my watch back from Louis Bolle “fixed”. It went from gaining 5 minutes every 2 weeks to GAINING 5 MINUTES A DAY! I am asking for my money back.

  • cvs

    I bought a Trias watch, the Regulator. They do not claim the over price retail on their web site. This watch is awesome. I have others, some nice ones to some I wear in the yard. The watch is heavy, large; automatic that is keeping time within the standards. I rotate wearing this watch with an Invicta Lupah orange face and they both are the topic of discussion in a very positive way. I always tell people that the best made watches in the world are names they have never heard of. No one can disagree with that! Some how I feel like people walk away feeling more cultured in the unheard names found on some of the best looking watches in the world.

  • Joe

    Regarding comment # 36 — I had to eat my words for the statement earlier.

    After several phone calls, letters and emails (by passing local representatives), I was able to make contact with the International Office for assistance.


    On November 24th 2005, received (the following email):

    Thank you very much for writing to us. It is very important that you got back to us stating your negative experience by purchasing a Tissot watch.

    As a rule once one purchased a Tissot watch and the leather strap doesn’t fit, the customer shall get the extra large strap free of charge.

    Could you please inform us where you have been to purchasing your watch in USA?

    In any case we will also forward your request to the responsible brand director Swatch Group USA.

    Please inform us about your complete address as well as the reference number of the case back and we will be glad to send you an extra large leather strap free of charge.

    We are looking forward to receive your reply.

    Best regards,


    World Customer Service

    On the 29th of November 2005, received:

    Thank you very much for all the information.

    As promised we will send you a leather strap extra large free of charge to the above mentioned address.

    For more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

    Best regards,


    World Customer Service

    On the 14th of December 2005, received:

    One Tissot watch band, from Tissot Headquarters, Switzerland. The moral to this little saga, when dealing with individuals who pass the buck on a regular basis and only know how to irritate, it’s better to go directly to the source asking for assistance; by passing poorly trained (customer support) staff located in the United States.

    I was assured by “Tissot” this would never happen again, they appreciated my patronage and the individuals responsible for the “poor customer support would be dealt with”.

    A lesson learned, just because one purchases a high end watch, won’t guarantee one great customer support when needed, buyer beware comes to mine.


  • Andrew K – Southern California

    This message is for any skeptics out there reading this page: I recently purchased not one, but two different Louis Bolle watches; The Solstice 18k and The Informer. After careful inspection, I find the watches to be of excellent quality and detailed beauty. I work with a couple guys who are SERIOUS watch enthusiasts, and they were both equally impressed with my new aquisitions and asked where they could get themselves one or two. They also were shocked at the low price I got them for, as they expected them to be worth at least $500-1000 each. I am extremely pleased with my purchases and plan to make a few more purchases in the near future. So, the moral of the story: Simply because they may only sell online and post a much higher and flashier price tag on their website, doesnt make them a bad company, or bad watches for that matter. JUST SHUT UP AND BUY ONE. You will not regret it.

  • Dean

    Just receive my L. Bolle 18k Solstice the other day. Looks like a finely made timepiece. Open heart design with a rotating 3-finned flywheel over the balance is really neat to look at. A heavily textured dial with two retrogrades, 33 jewely and an engine turned rotor and movement… WOW!

    I don’t understand why anyone would be upset with this company. Looks like an outstanding product for peanuts.

    Hopefully, it should last a long time.


  • XM

    You people are hilarious. Louis Bolle is a nonsense brand and you all know it. As compared to Omega, IWC, JLC, Oris, or ANY sincere watchworks, then LB is indeed utter crap. These watches have very crude automatic movements with equally crude embellishments of true craftsmanship. But yes, these are watches that tell time and from 10 feet away have an expensive air about them. (I absolutely LOVE the chrono pushers that change the day and date! So funny. And a 60-second scalse to go with… no second hand! Pure genius.) So good grief, just look on eBay for plenty of this stealth marketing — cheap neo-brand Italian suits are sold the same way. “Usually $3450, but for you sir $175!” So what are these LB worth? In my opinion about $50 in Chinatown. A suggested price of multiple $1000 is so comic it is pure performance art. Yes, it is bordering on fraud, but hey — a sucker is born every minute.

  • Ross

    Well, I just got one for xmas, a nice present from my sister. I like the watch and it seems to be of decent quality.
    I’m more bothered that they sell on quixtar. Is everyone not aware that its for all intents and purposes – Amway on the internet? Just google either one and you can find lots of lives messed up by those fine people…
    yes, the price marketing is cheesy, but not criminal, however the quixtar bothers me more.


  • Deany

    What about Duboule and Balmer wathces

  • Brian A. Mckarkiel-Powell

    Hope someone can help. I recently purchased (22nd December 2005)a SUG Swiss made Yachting watch. It keeps excellent time but other aspects of the watch are not functioning: Chronograph; alarm; the 2 minute hands have not moved since I’ve had the watch. Perhaps it’s the battery. I’ve filled out my warranty & e-mailled it off etc. Does anyone know the SUG Company address & phone number? Is there such a company. I must say inspite of the problems the watch appears to be of a very high quality & is eye appealing. A response would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Brian A Mckarkiel-Powell.

  • Brian A. Mckarkiel-Powell

    SUG watches

  • Robert

    Everyone here in this forum cracks me up. All the comments about scams, being deceived, so on and so forth. Has anyone ever heard of old-fashioned MARKETING tactics? lol I have a Masters Degree in International Business, with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Marketing. I’ve owned just about every watch brand there is. Yes, I still have them…and yes, I’m a watch enthusiast and collector. I have recently been turned on to the Rousseau, Balmer, and Louis Bolle line. Guess what? I love each and every one of them. They keep good time, I have experienced good customer service, and the fact of the matter is…each of these watches are like a museum piece. The only watch that I can think of that comes close to unique design and beauty is a Rado, but hey…be prepared to fork out $1,000 plus. ;o) I LOVE my watches and will continue on buying more, each to fit my mood and occasion. You naysayers and negative people only attract what you have…as the adage goes — “Misery ALWAYS attracts company!” Enjoy and be happy…I sure am. ;o)

  • Wes

    You have to be careful of the creative marketing. Some of these watches have Swiss made components but are manufactured in Hong Kong. Tavan watches are an example.

  • gail

    I recently purchased a SUG, Tavan, Rousseau, and LB from Ebay auctions, I am an avid watch collector, and have a total over 133 watches. I was impressed with each and every one of them. The SUG had beautiful engraving on each side of the case, unlike any detail I’ve seen before. The Rousseau has the most striking face and brilliant blue hands, I find myself just looking at it on my wrist. Granted, the MSRP on the web sites are bogus, and truthfully, I don’t see why ANYONE would pay for a watch what you could buy a CAR for…it’s only telling you the time!! I buy them for the uniqueness in style, as they just add a finishing touch to your outfit. I get tons of compliments on them, they are comfortable and they are affordable. They function more than adequately for the money, the most I paid for one was $75. I’ve paid more for a Swatch, and most of them are PLASTIC!! Just enjoy a beautiful timepiece without losing your shirt! Give them as a gift and people will love you, because they would certainly believe that you paid a hell of a lot more than you did. The fact that each brand comes with an identical warranty card is a dead giveaway that they are all made by the same company, but who cares?? I’m happy with mine, because frankly I can’t afford to pay over $1000 to tell time. Have fun and bid!!

  • Joe

    Concerns regarding a Prague watch I purchased recently, it only comes with this information; company is located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, and comes with only a phone number 1-866-579-2825. I purchased a Moon phase watch, looks great but when I need service I have to send it to: LP Service 1203 NW 65th Place, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309. No website is offered and after numerous calls and no answer except leave a message and a rep will contact you later. Unfortunately, later has never come, feel like I’ve been scammed on this purchase acquired from Overstock.com. Can anyone help me out with information on this watch style: 26860r0 MSRP: $295.00. The claim the watchband fits up to 8 ¬? inches only measures to 7 ¬?, so I wanted to have a 20mm long band sent to me as a replacement, but so far I can‚Äôt get anyone to respond to my plea, can anyone help me? Overstock told me to return it I did, and after sending me a replacement watch it was the same problem band short, that took over 30 days!

  • Joe

    Update: “Concerns regarding a Prague watch”
    My wife made contact with LP Service 1203 NW 65th Place, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 after numerous phone calls, I gave up trying. The answer she received from a female rep was they would ship out a replacement band no charge. The rep said she along with others in the company tried to return my calls but had the wrong phone number, hum. Awaiting band, note rep said “Overstock.com” Makes and Sells “Prague Watches” and they “LP Service” only services them. Sounds like a new trend, wholesalers making there own brand watches and selling them on there site along with other products like “ShopNBC” with “Stuhrling Watches”. I will update this forum upon receiving said watch replacement; maybe I should make my own watch and sell it on the Internet eh?

  • Dean F.



  • J.D. Crane

    i recently purchased a sug seahwk on ebay, i am by no means a watch expert, but this seems to be well made watch! its a chronograph that keeps great time and all the secondary functions work. the reason i bought it was because i wanted a watch with a carben fiber face without paying a small fortune! i really like the watch, but hre is my problem the band is too tight and i cannot find anywhere to purchase extra links for it. ive tried their website and ther is no contact link, i also contacted seller from ebay and he couldnt help. if anybody can be of any help please contact me jdcrane20@hotmail.com, otherwise i will have to try to resell the watch on ebay.

  • Joe

    Update: “Concerns regarding a Prague watch”
    Final contact with LP Service 1203 NW 65th Place, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 after two weeks I did received replacement bands for the two watches mentioned earlier. The only problem, they were marked “LP” not “Prague” as I was lead to believe. In the end, I did receive replacement bands and they do fit the desired length. Lesson learned, what you see advertised is not always what you may receive!

  • Bill

    I have owned an LB Incognito six months and paid under $75.00. It has kept perfect time. I have received several compliments, and another watch afficianado has expressed great interest in purchasing a similar automatic watch. I am so pleased that I recently purchased an LB Apex. I have gotten a great deal from a timepiece which is timeless.

  • Jared

    I have just bought 2, the 18k somehting or other, and some other one. Now i just sit and wait, to see how good it will be. I got the one with a 215 Kw rotary engine with blowout valve… 😛 (I dont know anything bout watches)

  • I just received my LB Negotiator, my first real watch. This thing is beautiful, functional, and all for 100$. No complaints here.

    On a side note, if you base your opinions on google and negative blog posters, you’re a true moron. Perhaps you’ve never met the the people of Amway/Quixtar who didn’t quit and who have prospered and helped others prosper because of that decision. I’m sure you’re prospering yourself and changing lives where you work.

    Next purchase will be a ladies watch, then possibly a Crazy Hour.

  • Prapat

    This company is a scam! My watch was sent to them for repair twice. They said I might need the replacement.
    So, I sent it in again a month ago. I have never heard from them since then. I tried to call but no one answered and I emailed them, they all got rejected.
    I will report this to government agency.

  • Mark

    I just got mine today. It is a beautiful watch. It is well put together and very classy looking. Google the TY-2856 movement and you will see several other high end watches using the same movement.

  • Mark

    I have to laugh at some of the responses. So what if Bolle isn’t sold in stores? There are hundreds of watch brands, some cheap and some expensive. Some are inexpensive, good watches and others are expensive pieces of crap. Rolexes keep lousy time. Dakota/Berrenger watches are sold at mall kiosks and they keep great time and are very stylish. Croton, which is mainly sold online is another brand that sells the full spectrum of products. Some of my most attractive watches are from Croton.

    As for service, I have had problems with TAG and Raymond Weil.

  • monk310

    I bought a Rousseau and a Picard and Cie and I am completely happy with them. Especially the Rosseau If I told you what I paid for it you wouldnt believe it. and not only is it made well with a lot of complications but it comes with a alligator strap. I am completely sattisfied. MONK. 4/28/06

  • John J

    I’m a professional student with not a lot of money to devote to my watch habit. For the meantime, Louis Bolle and Rousseau watches will do. They look beautiful. Aside for the prestige, can one honestly say that a Rolex is a stunning looking watch? I am certain that most people will not get past the name prestige — I call it good marketing. It was similarly employed for diamonds. Think about it, there’s a reason why one of my friends gets paid over $100,000 a year for being a VP of Marketing for her company. Still, movement is what you pay for. In my humble opinion, I personally will not pay at least 10 times as much to purchase a watch purely for movement. My watches have kept sufficient time so far. If it goes a little fast, then wind it back. As long as I’m not doing this too often, it’s copasetic. It is at the end of the day, still a (< $100) watch. For the record, none of my watches have been fast. So in short, if you're thinking of buying one of these watches, do so if you can afford to spare $100 solely for exploratory purposes. An advice for people out there who deal with watch repairs: if you like watches, make friends with your local watch repair stores. They are more than capable in fixing and maintaining most watches. Of course, I wouldn't entrust a $30,000 watch to one of them but for most basic watches ($1000 or less), a local watch repair store is more than adequate. So save yourself the headache and have them fix a broken glass backcover or hands-- I did for $25 and $15 respectively. Ultimately, a Louis Bolle watch that cost me $120 -- $95 for the watch and $25 for repair-- after 2 years is still a steal.

  • Steve

    I couldn’t stop myself from commenting after reading comment #50 from a guy who claims to have a Masters in Business. As a recent graduate from a Math and Business degree, just a bachelors though, I am quite familiar with business practices and ethics. I’m fairly confident that if everything on this page is true(I’m not saying it is), that Louis Bolle has been seriously misrepresenting itself. Although not necessarily illegal, it doesn’t take a business major to realize that jacking up MSRPs and creating fabricated tales of excellence aren’t good business practices.

  • Jack

    If the inflated MSRP’s don’t tell you this is a scam, then the shilling going on here should.

    The websites for the several related eBay brands mentioned here were obviously created to mislead potential eBay bidders and that is just plain unethical. So, do you want to give your money to someone like that? Even if the watches are worth the $200 or so that they’re going for (which I seriously, seriouly doubt… I’d go with the $20 figure mentioned by another poster who is in touch with reality)… anyway, do you really want to reward someone who does business this way?

    There are plenty of good brands that sell for reasonable prices with good reputations like Invicta, Orient and such. Go buy one of those and leave the questionable stuff alone… or, at least, go buy a replica Rolex or something so you know you’re still getting junk, but junk with a better name on it!

  • Alex

    Does anyone know when the Company of Louis Bolle started???

  • Alex

    Hello to everybody.
    today when i went to Louis Bolle site in the morning to look at PALISADE 2 , and then it coast MSRP: $ 1799 and now by the evening it costs MSRP: $ 2995

    But I am still going to buy LB watches!

  • Nair

    I knew these are scams but today I bid for Picar and Cie and won it for 26 in ubid + shipping comes $34 .They say it have Citizen movement ,can I belive them ?. In china town rado knockoff cost $40 ! so I think am fine here … I will never pay more than $50 for this …you get better deal for lucien picard at overstock.com …my take on this

  • Pop

    Louis Bolle = Montres Allison = Well known scam brand in the watch industry.

    First, compare the sites http://www.louisbolle.com and http://www.montresallison.com
    You will see a lot of similar looking watches.

    Then, Google “montres allison ripoff report”. And go to the Rip Off Report site and read.

    Now to finalize, go to http://www.millionsmart.com
    Million Smart is the Chinese company that produces these for about $5-$10 per watch.

    In short, just DO NOT BUY these jokes.

    If you really want one, go to China Town (at least in NYC), and buy one with Million Smart movement for about $50.
    It will be the exact same looking and same inside as your Louis Bolle.
    –> But for added bonus, the watches from China Town will bear names like “Franck Muller” or “Breguet”

  • Dean F.


    16 comments are AGAINST Louis Bolle, where they’re made, or against the people that like them.

    28 comments are FOR Louis Bolle (most owners really love em).

    7 comments which are both FOR and AGAINST them.

    And finally, 20 comments that don’t pertain directly to LBs or are neutral in nature.

    I honestly can see how some folks would be upset, insulted, or even feel ripped off with these watches. I think this is due to the fact that the world and the way product come into our lives is changing, and changing fast. The way we’re being “sold” products and “marketed” these days is in new, and constantly evolving, fast paced, aggressive manner. Add to the mix the power of the internet and the entire Chinese workforce and you probably should be freaked out. The folks that want to hold onto the past will no doubt have the toughest road ahead. Those who embrace this new way should be able to take life easier.

    So, if you love your expensive timepiece, cool! If you love your inexpensive multi-complication Bolle, head on over to the Louis Bolle User Group at Yahoo. It’s at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LOUISBOLLE/

    There, you’ve just been “marketed” again. Hopefully, you feel in a good way.


  • KurtS

    I happened upon this blog while doing some research on Louis Bolle and Balmer watches. While some have written favorably on these brands, the truth remains that their claim to Swiss heritage is false. These are Asian-made watches capitalizing on the history and reputation of the Swiss. A while back, I brought the case of Heuer-Lambelet before FHS.CH. Since then, Tag Heuer has taken action and taken legal claim of that brand. Bolle and Balmer will be harder to pursue because there may not be direct trademark infringement–unless the “Swiss Made” stamp on their dial is a clear violation (it probably is, since no factories in CH build these watches). You may like these watches, but you should realize you’re overpaying for a non-existant Swiss brand.

  • KurtS

    Also for a bit of amusement, visit the sites for Louis Bolle, Balmer, Rousseau, Picard, etc. and compare their strangely similar histories, clearly the fictitious product of a single writer.

  • It’s not that difficult. Louis Bolle “etal” type watches are precisely what they claim and appear to be. I own a dozen and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. As I see it, you either get the charm and cleverness of mechancial (automatic) watches or you don’t, and price is really not the point if they elegant to look at, run well, and prove reliable as has every watch in my collection. The fact that these watches consistently do everything they claim is a rhetorical coment on intrinsic value. These watches couldn’t possibly autowind, run several dials and “fractional second” sweep hand if they weren’t built to excruciatingly accurate tolerances and exacting detail. After running them both, it’s far more difficult to justify the price of and value of my Oyster class Rolex than it is my favorite Louis Bolle(s). Don’t get me wrong, I love Rolex but is it inherently 200 x superior to the Louis Bolle? Aside from the gold in the case, of course not. These Chinese companies represent capitalism operating at its finest, allow regular guys a shot at owning a watch movement that couldn’t possibly be afforded in any other form. The whole “movement” is bloody genius, and the world of watch collecting is easily the better for it!

  • D_Brun

    This is an interesting read:
    I have no issues with people paying $50 for a knockoff watch built in the far east; they getting what they pay for. However, why do Bolle, Omikron, Balmer, etc. claim a Swiss origin? The answer is obvious: to use the Swiss watchmaking reputation as a way to increase sales and profits. Could Balmer et al sell their watches if they replaced their fictitious “Swiss Made” label with “Made in China”? I’ll guess far fewer–and for less money.
    Good capitalism works within legal guidelines, and the term “Swiss Made” has strict conditions to its use: http://www.fhs.ch/en/swissm.php

  • Walt

    In reading this thread 2 things occured to me. First, that I had to get one of these watches to take it apart and see for myself what they are all about. Secondly, I find it amuzing that the Swiss would have any issue at all since they did the same thing 150 years ago when they copied and exported to the US market, cheap, inferior pocket watches. Congress tried to end it by passing a law in 1871 to require all manufacturers to display the country of origin. The Swiss fakes got better in quality but really died out about the turn of the century. Maybe the quality of these isn’t up to par with the Swiss watches of today, but it also took some time before the Japanese auto manufacturers produced a product the equalled or surpassed the US products. Certainly the whole concept of making “fake” websites with some stupid fictional story of “Louis Bolle” and his history and linking to the various eBay auctions is ethically suspect at best, but hey, the Swiss would make thier watches with names like US companies, and the Japanese named one of thier islands “USA” so they could say made in USA. It rides the fine line and certainly “let the buyer beware” is the motto of the day. I can’t wait to take this thing apart….lol

  • D_Brun

    “…I find it amuzing that the Swiss would have any issue at all”

    I too find it amusing that practices 150 years ago would be used to defend trademark violations now. After all, “Swiss made” is now a clearly defined legal trademark in the US (source: uspto.gov). If this practice were merely “ethically suspect,” US Customs and legal counsel wouldn’t pursue and win such cases. A case in point is the watch brand “Heuer-Lambelet‚Äù, no longer produced because TAG Heuer won legal action against the brand. As with the other ‚ÄúSwiss‚Äù companies listed above (#7), I think it‚Äôs only a matter of time before similar action is taken.

    There are a few claims circulating the internet that are worth addressing. One claim is that Swiss watch companies don’t care about brand forgery or misuse of the “Swiss Made” label; anyone can sell fake watches with impunity. Not surprisingly, watch companies are no different than other trademarked products, and will take legal action to protect their products and profits.

    Another claim is that “Swiss Made” is a deceptive term used by the Swiss watch industry to “rip people off”. As proof, this person then proceeds to list the legal conditions for the “Swiss Made” trademark, noting how these compare unfavorably with conditions established for the “Made in US” label. Ironically, they assert the Swiss have somehow implicated themselves by setting clear legal guidelines to protect their products. Amusingly, these claims are made by someone from Americanwatchdesign.net, which is owned by Montres Allison, and whose watches have been compared to those of a Hong Kong manufacturer. See the article listed above for details.

    Perhaps too much has been made of the “Swiss Made” label, and arguably some Swiss watches are far superior to others. And there’s nothing to suggest that good watches can’t be made elsewhere. However, the real issue I see is one of full product disclosure; consumers should know what they’re buying and from whom. In today’s internet marketplace, outside the relative safety of authorized dealers, it’s upon the consumer to be aware and protect themselves.

  • walt

    Well, I got the watch in and no where on the watch is the “Swiss made” label or any variation of such. So while on the websites they claim some Swiss heritage they do not violate trademark law. They are certainly shady in their dealings but that can be said for many firms. I was surprised to see that the watch does work and this weekend I intend to disssect it for laughs. I can clearly see some manufacturing issues even before taking it apart so I don’t think the major watch manufacturers have anything to worry about for the near future. I do agree with the folks on this blog who find issue with the marketing aspects of this product and others like it. And for the poster who didn’t like my 150 year old comparison, it was merely to point out that markets change and “Swiss Made” now has a much better standing today in the watch world than it did 150 years ago and Japanese cars are much better today than just 20 years ago so the technology/manufacturing gaps close much faster today than years ago. I wasn’t trying to justify patent/trademark violation because of actions 150 years ago. So watches made in China may well become fashionable in just a few years. The way their market is exploding it may be quicker than that. Just my observations.

  • Guitartec

    Louis Bolles are for the most part, original designs. Out of their 100+ models, only a few of their older models resemble popular high end hand-made watches. This is what got them started.

    Their Informer model does somewhat resemble an Eberhard Chrono 4 with its quad sub dials that run across the lower portion of the main dial, but the LB subdials show very different functions, and thus, are not the exact same graphically. Also, some of the Bolle’s open-heart and flywheel balance designs have flavors of Mullers and other exotics. But for the most part, they ARE original watches, and I believe are worth defending.

    And to avoid any confusion, Louis Bolles (specifically that brand) do not state on them “Swiss Made” anywhere on them. They do, however, say “China” inside the caseback (I do not know if this is true about any other watches from this maker).

    Other than the made up (marketing) story about Louis Bolle on their official site, there is nothing else that suggests anything to do with the Swiss at all.

    Sure, you can knit pick if you want… LB’s do have some other features which are characteristic of almost all other automatic watches, like haaaands, diiiiials, straaaaaps, crowns, etc. which it must have in order to be a watch.

    Are they copies? I don’t believe this qualifies them as such. In fact, I think these folks are downright clever, and in my opinion the Swiss SHOULD be worried.

    On another note… to the gentleman on the previous post; When you take apart your LB to see what makes it tick, please post your finding on the louisbolle user group on Yahoo. We’d love to hear your analysis on the inner workings, no matter what the findings are.


  • Ken M

    There’s an old adage that states that “You can’t scam an honest man”. Really, does any reasonably intelligent individual think that you could possibly buy a $3000,00 watch for $200.00? Over many years I’ve purchased both cheap and expensive timepieces. None have worked as accurate instruments on my wrist and have lanquished in my warch box, a Tag-Heuer being the most recent. The doctor reports that I have a high rate of electricity in my body (really)and that mechanical watches will not function well on my arm. At any rate approximately 20 year ago I responded to a magazine ad and purchased a cheap $28.00 watch. I’ve worn it every day since, replaced that battery 4 times and replaced the watch band 3 times. It keeps excellent time. It’s so cheap, there isn’t even a manufacturers name to be found anywhere on the watch. The point is, it does what it’s supposed to do, it keeps the time. I don’t need a $3,000.00 piece of jewelry to keep me abreast of the time, and I certainly don’t need to flash an expensive name brand watch to impress anyone. I recently acquired through bid, a Louis Bolle Slope Power Reserve watch from UBID.com. It was not purchased at a preset purchase price. It was an auction. UBID did not suggest that the watch was selling in stores for $3,000.00, it mentioned that the MSRP was $3,000.00. In fact, the advertising copy only states that “today we offer these timepieces INSPIRED by the spirit of this master watchmaker”. It does not state that they were made in Switzerland by Swiss watchmakers. However, when my Louis-Bolle arrived, I really expected to receive a block of wood with a painted face. Instead what I received was a well-made, timepiece of reasonable quality, that keeps excellent time. Was I scammed? I think not. Embarrassingly, several of my clients have inquired as to what kind a watch it is and where can they purchase one. My comment is that it was a gift from my son and I couldm’t possibly ask him what he paid for it or where he got it. By the way, I’ve just won a bid for a Rousseau Rhapsody for $58.00, and if it is anywhere as nice as the Louis-Bolle, I may jus start a collection of these “scams”. I’ve spent more than that in one day at the golf course.

  • KurtS

    “In fact, I think these folks are downright clever, and in my opinion the Swiss SHOULD be worried.”

    Yes, that distributor in Carrollton, TX has a history of being clever. Whether or not they stick “Swiss Made” on a particular watch, they sure play loosely with the truth, and sometimes they get into trouble. Apparently this Texas company thinks so well of Switzerland, they use a fictitious history to play up their watches. And Ken is right: an “honest man” can tell the difference between an honest brand and a fabrication. Personally, I think the Swiss are most worried about brand confusion. That Texas company does a nice little dance around the truth, but I’m sure the FHS is watching every step.

  • D_Brun

    “So while on the websites they claim some Swiss heritage they do not violate trademark law. So while on the websites they claim some Swiss heritage they do not violate trademark law.”

    Some of websites do use “Swiss Made” on their watches, and for the others, what impression would those fictitious “Swiss” histories have on the average buyer? It‚Äôs no great mental leap to suggest they‚Äôd assume a Swiss origin. Last time I talked to FHS.ch, they were concerned about these fictitious watch histories, so I‚Äôll let them determine whether their lawyers will pursue this angle. That said, anyone familiar with Swiss watches should immediately recognize the difference between a Louis Bolle and an IWC, which incidentally have similar msrps. No doubt there are people sold on Bolle and other brands, but I‚Äôm sure many readers here are able to educated themselves on the differences between Bolle, IWC, Panerai or many other fine watches. It‚Äôs to these good people I write.

  • #82- Yes, that distributor in Carrollton, TX has a history of being clever.

    Yup…. because they do MARKETING! They’re doing exactly what our society lets them do…. bend or make-up the truth in order to sell products. This is not a new thing.

    Believe me, AAM isn’t one billionth as dirty as Merck, Phillip Morris or Exxon, or any of the entities that actually hurt people (like our own government, for instance).

    AAM sells exceptionally nice timepieces (for the money) and they’ve created a new market for a huge emerging country.

    My guess is that the people who’d believe the facticious Swiss story which is used to give the watch street creds, probably are not buying the watch because of that. They like how it looks to /on them.

    Those that like the line, and understand the story is BS, won’t be buying the watch for that reason either. So who cares about it?

    Hey, this is just my opinion folks. It’s 3:11am (according to my Bolle). Time for lights out.


  • Minner

    Well, I just bought a Rousseau from quixtar auction and paid $73. Thought it was a good deal but I guess I’ll find out when it arrives. I’ve always had positive experiences with quixtar so I thought it was weird that one of their partner stores would be pulling this sort of marketing scheme. I googled Rousseau, LB and Tavan to do some reaserch and this is what I found: These watches are chinese made (but so is everything these days 🙁 … majority of people of bought them on ebay, compusa auction, ubid gave satisfactory reviews, according to a post on ebay a manufacturer can claim a watch is swiss made if it contains at least 50% swiss made parts, assembled, finished and inspected in Switzerland. All the background stories on the brands are interesting but in the end they only say that the watches are given the brands of the swiss men, not that they are made by them or their family( sneaky use of words ).
    I don’t know how Always @ Market do business on other sites but fortunately quixtar requires all their partner stores provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. I’ll repost the condition of the watch when I get and make any conclusions then. I also bought 2 J-Springs by Seiko watches from them and paid $46 and $47 so at least I know they do sell other name brand products.

  • wow

    Wow this is so stupid, I guess people just want to think that they can buy a 4000 dollar watch when they only have 200 bucks. Maybe the owner of luis bolle is very unconfident in his product and has to make up stories(fake values) of his watches, although the real answer is that anyone buying these is doing so compulsively and that the luis bolle company is reselling these things for a huge profit behind an excellent marketing strategy. One can make up all the excuses in the world, they are cheap. It would be a disgrace for Honda to say their car is worth that of a Ferrari, and everyone should know it. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • andrew

    well i just got done reading all eighty-some-odd comments and its hard to believe so much controversy in a years time. I too bid on a louis bolle solstice with the silver dial. its quite beautiful. I have ten days to accept and pay for the bid. i never expected the quality of a 3000 dollar watch. i hear good and bad stories alike and am currently impartial to this whole topic until i have received my watch. BUT, is the top really a sapphire coated crystal, and does the watch really have an actual alligator strap. are the workings on the inside of the watch quality? i need some answers before i expect myself to pay for a watch w/ a fake history@!@

  • KurtS

    “is the top really a sapphire coated crystal, and does the watch really have an actual alligator strap. are the workings on the inside of the watch quality?”

    You nailed why people should avoid paying more than $50 for these watches. There’s no way to verify watch quality before buying, since nobody can walk into a trusted shop to inspect the watch and get an expert opinion. If Louis Bolle, Rousseau, Montres Allison, etc. were such fine top-tier timepieces, they would be sold alongside other quality watches in respected watch shops. Where is that happening?

  • Jason

    This is funny. The ONLY thing these guys are guilty of is infating the MSRP – and even then, that’s questionable. This same type of watch, with same complications, does average for those claimed amounts (thy just aren’t made in china).

    I collect watches, and have several from Always At Market. They are everybit as nice as any others I have (including several omega’s), yet get much much more comments.

    Contrary to what people here are saying, they do not claim swiss made ANYHWERE. Their company stories are legital. Read them carefully – they do not claim to be the same company. They give you the background of the name or person, then claim “in the spirit of XXX”, etc. These are known as “tribute” models/brands in a lot of industries. Companies buy/assume long dormant names, or come up with a name based on famous historical person. It’s a gimmick, yes. But they don’t outright lie. Only those who skim over it will miss it. They do not invent the history – but they have no claim to it either beyond naming a company “in tribute” to it/them. As a matter of fact, the swiss watch itself industry maintains a list of defunct swiss brands that you can buy and resurrect!

    The only brand to claim swiss MOVEMENT is Balmer, and it could very easily be, as there are a lot of “legal” ways to claim this for minimal effort while using a chinese movement as the base. Heck, basic Swiss ETA auto movement’s are not expensive and one could easily make a watch using this movement and sell it online for under $150 and make good money, vs the SAME movement in other watches costing well over $1000. Rhonda’s and swiss quartz movement are even cheaper – I could invest $25 per piece in production to make quartz watches (like the Tavan brand) with “swiss movt” legitimatley stamped on the dial!

    Folks need to
    1) read more carefully!! Just because the PERSON Louis Bolle was a watchmaker in switzerland, does not mean the COMPANY using his name is swiss. Just because he lived 200 years ago does not mean the company named after him has been around for 200 years. If I started a watch company and named it “Christopher Columbus”, and told you the history of him and said the company was named in honor of him, would you assume my company was started by him and has been around for hundreds of years??? NO! But thats what people here are doing.

    2) don’t pass judegment on quality if they don’t have one in their hands. These are nowhere near the $20 knock-offs some people want to claim they are.

    3) remember the labor costs in china are basicly non-existant. This is a HUGE reason for differences in price. Your $500 leather jacket costs $5 to make in china.

  • Friedhelm

    Bought three Rousseau watches on E-Bay auctions for about $75 each (average). Retail price is irrelevent! I don’t care what the retail price is! Each one is a great watch and I love them! My father worked for 50 years and the company gave him a cheap watch when he retired! These watches are great, and I intend to share my happiness with everyone I meet. So there, you nasty negative people. I hope one of my friends gives you one for your birthday! Take That!!!

  • Once again…. if you are a fan of the Louis Bolle line of watches, check out the user group at;


    LOUIS BOLLE; Ticking Off Watch Purists Since 2004

  • Markus Naegeli

    The amount of defensive rationalization for these watches is incredible. Either the watch is Swiss or it isn’t. Your inability to determine the line between good business ethics and deception does not prove a point–nor would it in court. I challenge anyone here who owns one of these “Swiss” watches to bring it to a qualified jeweler or watchmaker for an expert opinion. Then, post what they say. Stop being pawns for dishonest businessmen.

  • andrew

    Still no one has begun to answer an of my questions. I have yet to get a reply that answers yes or no: are the watches detailed w/ genuine leather straps, is the cover of the face really a sapphire coated crystal, are the workings inside the watch a viable quality? all ive read are personal here-says and dancing and prancing around the issue of how good these watching can be or may be. nothing here needs to be a personal strike against a watch company bc they recieved a faulty product. If based my purchasing on how many times i bought a faulty product, well hell, i’d stop spending money period. the fact is i like the style of the watch; i just want to know if the things they say in the description are true. who gives a shit about a fake background or a “true to life but not really true to the watch” story. Im just looking for three answers than can suppress all other questions. does it have to be so hard as to come to a forum where ppl really cant speak their mind truly?

  • KurtS

    “I have yet to get a reply that answers yes or no”

    Seriously, it’s hard for anyone to answer that because these watches are not sold in stores where we can actually handle the product before we buy. There’s really nobody to independently test and stand behind these watches in the way many authorized watch retailers stand behind their watch lines. That’s why many people discussed the fictitious histories and parent company of Heuer-Lambelet, Balmer, et al because it suggests something about the parent company. I’d suggest getting to know a watch dealer that you trust and getting their feedback on these brands.

  • NotInACult

    Just in case someone reading all these comments hasn’t figured out, most of these people are in the Quixar/Amway cult and of course they are not going to say bad things about their watch scams.

  • Vinocat

    THere is a whole lot of naivete about marketing running around this thread! I have no affiliation with any of the brands or mfrs discussed here; I just collect watches, including serious brands (YLC, Omega) and whimsical ones. I just received my first Bernoilli (Mimic champagne, and yes I’m aware, and am waiting on delivery of a Louis Bolle. Frankly, the watch is far better and nicer looking than I expected for the $57 I paid (including shipping).

    Let’s be real here about marketing: it’s the art of telling people what they want to hear in order to induce them to buy something — and to convince them that what they are spending is worth it. Hopefully this is done without outright lying, but “deception” of a sort is inevitable and universal (have you ever bought a fast-food burger thinking it was actually going to look and taste as good as the picture/description leads you to believe?)

    The truth of the matter as far as I can see, reading carefully, is that the LB, Rousseau, and other sites tell absolutely no lies about their products. Yes, they invoke the “spirit” of Swiss forbears that have nothing tangible to do with their watches, but marketing is all about ambiance, and there is nowhere where you will see them state that *these* watches are Swiss-made — just Swiss-inspired. [NOTE: I can’t comment on what resellers might be saying in their auctions, but that is a whole different level of caveat emptor].

    As for quality control, time will tell on the cut-rate watches I bought recently. I can, however, tell you that I have spent $thousands on a genuine YLC Reverso that happened to arrive DOA (unwindable — jammed spring). Of course they fixed it, and it took about 6 or 7 weeks to come back in pristine shape. Apparently about the same experience others have had with these $50 watches! See, customer service and qualityu control issues can exist anywhere (doh!)… Nevertheless, I love my ultra-pricy Yaeger LeCoultre watches for what they are, and I also appreciate my Chinese knock-offs for what they are — interesting designs (even if clearly derivative — isn’t almost everything in art derivative or evocative of something/one else?) and OK quality for an appropriate price.

    They may not be quite “there” yet, but if anyone here doubts that the Chinese watchmakers will give the mainstream a run for its money someday, then I suggest you review your 20th-century history a bit, and see how many times something like that has happened in other industries (did someone say cars, steel, clothing, durable goods, etc., etc.?)

  • mireille

    Where can I found Jacques Cantani and Jacques Cavadini watches manufaturer to start a new business ?



  • Bob Pearson

    I too have bought watches that are considered “scam” watches and most recently I bought a SUG Challenger for about $ 36.00 US (that price includes shipping). I feel I got a nice looking watch but of dubious quality..yea it loses time. Anyone got any ideas on where to send it for “authorized” repairs ? It is of course still under warranty !!! HELP !!!

  • Bob Pearson

    In answer to my question above (recieved via E-mail upon request at SUG site) the address to send a SUG watch for repair is…
    SUG Watches
    Attn: Repair Dept.
    1545 Capital Dr.
    Carrollton, Texas 75006
    You must include: Your name, mailing address,email address,phone#,description of problem, and proof of purchase. They claim turn around 4-6 weeks upon reciept. Wish me luck !

  • Swiss cheese made in Mexico; Italian sausage made in the USA; French toast from wherever; English mustard, Spanish omelet, Persian rugs. Come on, guys, who gives a doody? I read the comments, I knew what I was getting, so I went for a couple of these LB timepieces, and you know something? They‚Äôre really pretty good. For $50 to $175 they‚Äôre a nice addition to any snappy dresser‚Äôs wardrobe, and by golly they fool most everyone. ‚ÄúNice watch!‚Äù Where did you get it?‚Äù Wow, I gotta get me one of these!‚Äù

  • Ja Mahn

    Louis Bolle Rousea and a few other watches are made in Taiwan. I inquired about this from a discounter selling these watches. They are worth about 50 Bucks. Don’t pay anymore for one. I bought one for 1.25 on Ebay and Bid on a few more but stopped at 25.00 the wathes sold for less then 50.00. They are Taiwanese made and are very cheap to produce. So if you pay more then 50.00 you are not getting a value. They are purchased for around 10.00 apiece by discounters shipped to them in Bulk. I am simply amazed an people thta buy into the scam and pay 200 bucks and more. PT Barnum said it best.

  • dwight anderson

    I have purchased a Rousseau(Rhaphsody). I must admit that I was somewhat excited at the claim of the MSRP(29995.00)but did I honestly expect to purchase any watch with such a claim for under 1000.00? OF COURSE NOT!! What I did expect was to receive was a watch that kept good time amd looked nice on my watch. What did I get? A watch that KEEPS GOOD TIME,LOOKS GOOD on my wrist and gets compliments from strangers,friends,and loved ones.
    I paid 70 dollars for the Rousseau on Ebay,including shipping and so far after a month it is still going.
    Bottom line is this. As others have staed,be SMART and don’t expect to get a 3000.00 watch for fifty bucks people. If you like these(or any other watch)and have the money ,buy them. Just be mindful and use common sense. I would however advise against paying the MSRP for this9or any other watch). JMO.
    I mean,I personally would rather rest comfortably in the fact that the money is safe in my accounts ready to serve me in other ways.

  • BFE

    Just got my Louis Bolle “Paramount” (first watch that comes up in the collections page on the company website). Has an MSRP of $3,495; I paid $86 total (including shipping) through ubid.com. It is a substantial watch and is beautiful. Can’t speak yet on timekeeping ability, but had I seen it in a store for a few hundred, I would have been sorely tempted. Had I seen it in a store for $86 and the salesman told me of reports of +/- 20 seconds/day, I would have still jumped all over it.

    Why? Because I don’t plan on being lost in the jungle for a year and rely on my watch to keep perfect time so I can time the solstice perfectly… In a souless, digital world of cold precision meted out by zeroes and ones, I appreciate a watch as much for its beauty as its functionality. Would it be nice if these were more accurate than Harrison’s transatlantic timepiece? Sure, but I don’t feel scammed at all for my $86. I spent the money more for the art than the measurement.

    That said, had a salesmen talked me into the purchase at near retail price and I then discovered the online prices, I would have been furious. As things stand, I’m delighted.

  • BFE

    My above comments, of course, are coming from somone who doesn’t intend to rely on this watch a an everyday workhorse.

  • VB

    If you want a good looking watch, these are fine. Just don’t pay more than they are worth. Wholesale prices range from $5 to $12, so anything you pay over that is profit to the seller. These watches are made in either China or Taiwan and are serviceable until the battery runs out or the movements start acting up.

    There are a few websites like http://www.propertyroom.com where you can get them very cheap. My only warning is that you don’t pay too much. I would guess anything over $35 including s&h is too much. Good luck

  • john lag

    I must say…..I have 12 watches from Invicta to Movado to Rolex…..Louis Bolle watches seem to be good quality. I believe that you SHOULD do your best to find the BEST deal possible only because of the unknown, but based on what I’ve seen…..not a bad watch and hey……you have to respect their marketing approach.

  • John Q

    I have bee collecting watches for several years and have all the big names including some of the lesser ones such as Invicta, Croton, Android, etc.., etc.. I must say I was introduced to S.U.G., Louis Bolle, Rousseau, Balmer, Picard & Cie about 6 months ago and i personally get more compliments with any if these especially the Balmer Galaxy and Louis Bolles skeleton models such as the Labyrinth and Sovereign. I would not trade any of these watches in for another rolex or Tag they all look the same. I haven’t had one problem with any of these watches and there looks are second to none. I’ve easily spent over $200,000 dollars on watches that barely ever get a second look. I actually have people stop and ask me about these. I say if you like it buy it. In my opinion a scam is taking a $10 watch and putting a Rolex name on it, not some companies or company selling different brands with different marketing strategies. If you ask me there genuises using teh modern market of the internet to sell millions more watches than if they had to put a whole marketing team together to go dept stores and the like.

  • Lisle Roberts

    I have a great story about the Bolle watches. I bought 3 of them for less than the price of my Citizen Eco-Drive (knowing exactly what they were when making the purchase). Anyway, I was shopping at Bailey, Banks & Bittle (high-end Jewelry Store here) and happened to be wearing one of the Bolle’s. The girl at the counter was admiring my watch and finally ask where I had purchased it and what the price was as she just knew her boyfriend would love it. While she was asking me, a man approached who was wearing a Rolex. He too asked about the watch, stating it was much nicer than his Rolex. I proceeded to tell them the story (the actual story behind the watches). Too make a long story short, BOTH ended up purchasing a Bolle. I agree, as long as you know what you are getting and pay accordingly, you’ll receive a decent timepiece. I’ve had mine for quite some time now and so far, they have all done as well as my Citizen as far as keeping time. With the internet providing the world at your fingertips, research is a must before buying ANYTHING, whether it be $1 or $1,000,000

  • Dwight Finnie

    Reading through some of the post it’s clear to me what’s going on with these watches. It’s one of the greatest marketing strategies of all time. Honda did something very similar in the early 90’s when they launched the Acura line of cars; they knowingly built and sold the NSX at a loss until December of 2005. I wouldn’t be surprised if these watches become harder to find at these great prices in the near future. I’ve begun to notice a few online shops selling several S.U.G. models for around $250.00 and a few at higher price.
    I remember one of my co-workers telling me that he purchased his Rolex for $300 or $400 when he returned home from the Vietnam War (he has over 10,000 helicopter flight hours these days), and look at the price tags on those dinosaurs’. I’d say if you have one that you really like; order another! To each his own, but that’s my plan. I see these companies as start up companies, like Honda, Seiko, and Samsung. I purchased a Samsung Stereo VCR and a overpriced Akia Stereo VCR in 1989. I paid just over $100 for the then “no name” Samsung Stereo VCR and nearly $700 for the Akia Stereo VCR. After being used as my everyday VCR the Samsung drive motor finally crapped out about 5 years ago. I can’t even remember when I ditched the Akia; I might have gotten two or three years out of that hulk. My point is just because something cost a lot, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s of better quality.

  • Dave Evans

    HI just bought a Louis Bolle watch retailed at $3950 for just $55 on ebay. Received it and its excellent. Keeps great time and looks the part. Looks extremley well made and is an automatic. It keeps better time than my origional 12 year old Gucci that i get fed up changing the batteries every 2 years or so. I think you get a little more than you pay for. Kindest regards David

  • Douglas

    Just came across this site, not sure what the majority audience is, but my guess is the many of the naysayers don’t understand or own good timepieces. My wife and I enjoyed spending some time last evening at Tourneau and Isaac (carry the more rare pieces) discussing these topics.
    Only around 3% of the population own a >$1000 piece, and of those, 80% own multiple or have a collection.
    There are a lot of private collections and newer makers of fine timepieces. Your high end timepiece most likely isn’t even as good at keeping time as your average $300 watch (6 seconds/day vs 3 seconds/year). I have a collection (though just beginning and haven’t broken into the 100 club), including some of my favorites Tavan, Louis Bolle, and Bernoulli. These are quality pieces, finely crafted, and have great style. Like a few others have stated, I will gladly purchase more of these over something like a Rolex, which I find rather boring. Other favorites are Rado, Breitling, Movado.
    But this is just my opinion.

  • Douglas

    Quite humorous, now looking back at some of the responses. For someone to think that paying less than MSRP, or for the Mfr to suggest the MSRP is a scam? That’s a rather uninformed statement as a consumer.
    From Business 101, I believe MSRP stands for Mfr’s Suggested Retail Price, (perhaps counterintuitive) which to me means the mfr suggests a retail price. To the “uniformed”, next time you go to the register with your clothing, make sure they don’t scam you into paying anything less than the MSRP. Insist on paying full. And in cash.

  • Sugar~n~Spice Snuggle Huskies

    Ruff Ruff, Whoof Whoof Whoof! Ruff Ruff! Whoof! Ruff!
    😉 lol? Wasabi? I buy & sell these watches & others on ebay & I can say it is getting more & more $$$ to buy these. I used to buy for 30.-50. ea. & sell 100. They have 1 of 2 moves. Swiss Ronda 505.24 or a jap seiko. Boh fair & sound moves! If You want a Rolex, like mine, save Your pennies. You can pick buy Rolex on ebay for below retail. otherwise, drop a c-note & when someone asks, tell em’ u can get them 1 below retail & charge them 200. u get 1 free. it’s capitalism @ its finest. screw ur friend! I rec. the Swiss Ronda!!! name brand does not mean “quality” & less expensive does not mean “cheap”. aren’t yous alls edumacateds??? You all want a good quality watch @ a damn fine price…check out “Tachmeister”!!!
    Husky Rule #1: Up The Irons!

  • Sugar~n~Spice Snuggle Huskies

    To John Q: if you’ve spent easily $200,000.00 on watches, I’d say you’re a damn idiot or a liar. I own a Cartier & a Rolex & an 1850 KW/KS Gold & Silver highly engraved Move. w/ Boa Strap & they blow away these Bolles & Picards away. I also own Gold & Silver Antique French & other museum quality pieces & they are all head & shoulders above the lessers. A Rolex feels infintelly better on the wrist then a Bolle or SUG.PERIOD! John Q. must be a liar. $200,000.00 my ass, ever consider feeding starving children? yes i do that too. fool.

  • Aaron

    I bought a Louie Bolle watch, I was skeptical at first but what the hell. For $63.00 and I’m one of those poor suckers anyway, why not. After all I was suckered in on a Mercedes once and it was one of the most undependable cars I’ve ever owned. Anyway the watch is surprisingly nice very attractive and keeps great time. It has to be made in China. Isn’t everything anymore? Everything about it seems to be good quality. Oh by the way I now drive one of those cars made in Asia (Korea) and it has every thing my Mercedes had at 1/3 the price, runs great and has a better warranty

  • Vince

    I am a certified watch repairman with master grade certifications for both repair and restoration thru Omega, Concord, Cartier, TAG Heuer,and Baume&mercier and also hold Journyman certificates for Mavado, Aqua swiss, Oris,Bulova/Accutron and Balmer to name a few and have almost 30 years in the business I have held certificates from Chase-Durer, Invicta, CMYA, IWC,and yes even Rolex and Rolex Tudor Prince, although Rolex charges a rediculas fee for certification and I am sorry but Rolex is not all that Omega is by far a better made watch pit the seamaster 300 pro auto against the submariner these are watches that would be in compitition and the Omega wins hands down, and that goes for the speedmaster and the constelation and as far as a beautiful and as good or better made dress watch the Cartier Roadster blows Rolex away, now for Balmer and Louis Bolle they are 2 compleatly different animals yes the LB is made in china, or in Russia the TY-601 auto that is used in the LB that I have, I am an avid watch collector with some where in the 240 piece range including pocket watches that includes 4 rolex watches ,2 TAG Heuer, 6 Omegas, 3 Cartiers, 3 Concord, 4 Mavados, 3Chase-Durer, 8 Invictas (only their all swiss made , and limited pieces) 4 Accutron including a 1963 tuning fork model 4 Baume&mercier, along with several others such as Aqua swiss,tissot, ESO, Luminex, Swiss army,Zodiac and several japanese, so I am very comfortable taking the back off a watch and disecting the movt. as I said yes LB are china or Russian made but they only make claim to the mens names that were real swiss watch makers and those so called bogus histories are not bogus at all they are the histories of the men of wich this company takes its name along with a few others, Now Balmer is not in that same group the history they provide though the time line is off abit is a true history and they are swiss made and use an authentic ETA 2824 25 jewel movmt, I have this same movt be it the nickle plated ETA 2824 in one of my Accutrons, or the same gold plated one used in both Concord and Cartier and the diamonds used are of as high quality as used in OEM Rolex VSI and of I-H in color clarity, now the aftermarket Rolex diamonds I have seen in as good as VVSI and G_H and the diamond in the Cartier watches such as the Diamond Roadtser are always VVSI or better and H or better , but back to LB the MSRP is unrealistic b ut the fit and finish and the materials barring the movt are top quality some of their braclets are by far nicer and of better construction than those of your main stream high-end pieces including Rolex and Omega and the particular movmt I mentiond above my be made in china but it uses very high end parts including some modified swiss parts and is very well constructed this watch though not worth $4000.00 is easaly worth 500.00-1000.00 and remember retail mark-up on watches is even more outrages than diamonds a 6500.00 submariner or a 3700.00 dollar seamaster both cost less than $1000.00 us from start to the retail shelf and you can only go so cheap befor it is a plastic toy and the LB is not a toy and rivals the best Japaneese modkes easy. and the balmer is a beautiful top quality time piece that compares in both construction and quality parts as any of the top watches including rolex, infact I have found Cartier to be one of the nicest watches period. anyway just one mans humble but very knowladgable opinion for what its worth…..

  • Rick

    i would have to agree with my aboved named coheart, I am a jewler for the Zales Diamond chain of retail stores with about 15yrs on the job and along with jewlery I am certfied in watch repair and restoration and I do have a current Rolex Journymans certificate and I to have checked out both the Louis Bolle and the Balmer and Vince though very long winded is 100% right except my opinion is that not Cartier or Rolex or Omega, but the Frank Muller is the nicest watch period but as far as everything else Vince I would have to agree…

  • RFR

    I have owned a LB for two years now, and have to say it continues to be a fine timepiece. I still get comments all the time. It is an automatic, with a nice sweeping second hand and loses about 20 seconds every other day or so. Not bad for the money. I was never under the illusion that this watch was really selling anywhere for the so-called MSRP of almost $4,000, but I do think I got a good solid value for the price. In fact, I would pay twice as much as I did (around $100)in a heartbeat.

  • Hi All, I love all the hubbub about these watches. Here’s some info to help clarify;

    Louis Bolles are made by Orientway Watch & Jewelry Company.

    The inside of the LB casebacks are clearly labeled “China”.

    Jean Louis Bolle WAS a bonafide Watchmaker back in the 1700’s, as found in Technique And History Of The Swiss Watch (Pg. 77). This page also talks about Rousseau. You can see pics of these pages on the LouisBolle User Group on Yahoo under the Photo section.

    Typically, most LBs have no issues, but within the problems that do occur, it’s either easily fixed (like a loose rotor screw), or the movement is completely defective. There doesn’t seem to be an in between. This is probably due to the assembly being done by factory workers, not Watchmakers, in order to meet demand.

    Other than the LB Informer, which is very similar to a Eberhard Chrono 4, the LB designs in general are as original as any other brand on the market. Several other watch manufacturers copy the Chrono 4 as well.

    Always At Market, who distributes Louis Bolle and several other Asian-made watches, is located in Carrollton, TX. and has the sole rights to these watches.

    Quixtar and Amway are simply two of several authorized resellers of the AAM watch brands. AAM has no other affiliation with Quixtar, Amway, or their parent company, Alticor.

    The LB web site was designed by Segnant.

    Recently, the folks at AAM have decided to offer more sport watches with metal bands than dress watches with leather bands (which is what made them popular). The new revamped line discludes many of the popular dress watches, like the Solstice 18K, the Herald, the Apogee, the Envoy, and several more. I cannot fathom why they did this, but those discontinued watches probably will gain in value.

    As far as I know, the sapphire “coated” crystal claim on LBs has not been proven or disproven. A few knowledgable people have reported that sapphire coated crystals do exist in the world, but unfortunately, no one has reported a broken or scratched LB crystal yet, so we cannot substantiate this. Maybe they ARE coated after all???

    Setting your LB or using the pushers when the day/date feature is changing over can jam the movement. This is typically between 11pm-2am.

    Okay, there you have it…. more info on LB than you’d ever want.

    Moderator of the LouisBolle User Group on Yahoo.

  • I have purchased two watches from europa timepieces and have received nothing but compliments from my co-workers.

    I have not had any problems to date with my watches and as aresult have purchased two more

  • derek rayes

    Bottom line, the company is fucked up for representing their products as being more valuable than they really are. It’s like a car salesman telling you this car is worth $20,000 when it’s really only worth $1500, if that. But it isn’t fraud. They get around that by placing their products on auction sites where you, the consumer, choose the price, not them. And many people know these auctions for what they are. Just look and see how many of them end with no bids whatsoever. Even if the watches are good quality for the money, I wouldn’t want to do business with a company who outright lies about their products’ value.

  • todd

    I bought/Won a Sug Nautilis on the Quixtar auction two months ago for the awesome sum of $46. Its black with the same exact tritium capsules of the more expensive Luminox or Bell watches. It has a fine Miyota automatic movement that gains about 5 seconds a day max. Very accurate so far. In its underlying form it is the same as much more expensive watches. Some invictas use the Miyota movement albeit the less expensive ones to the Swiss movement. The name/history may or may not be made up, the “msrp” IS ridiculous but it is a fine watch indeed and it looks great!! For the price I couldnt beat it. Value is purely subjective in anything. Id buy another at $100.

  • Pete

    Robert, Should you be interested in a Balmer Phoenix I have one for sale in excellent condition, orginal cherry wood case and I am the orginal owner. This is number 100. Please email me directly should you be interested at pete.waltz@yahoo.com. Thanks


  • Alice

    I have been reading this side about the Lous bolle Watches and they are also to get in the norwegian autions for around 90 to 150$
    I tried to get in contakt with the firm to by many but they dont sell wholesale and they did only ship grund..
    I olso like some og ther other brand like balmer, Rousseau.

    If someone have contacts please email me at: alwullum@start.no

  • Steve-O

    The watches are nice for a nice price…and from the looks of it, most here that own them really like them…period.

  • Meier

    I got a SUG as a gift last year and was also surprised at the msrp. The watch looks great and I have gotten a lot of complements because the design is unique. I was VERY disappointed to see moisture under the crystal when a slight bit of water hit the watch. Also, the leather band broke in about 6 months of use. Still, it is a great looking watch, and hasn’t turned green yet 😉

  • NICO

    Interesting to say the least. LB and its other sister brands are missing a chance to change the watchmaking industry by challenging the established pricey traditional brands by producing high quality time piece and pricing them right. Yes I think $300 – 500 for these watches is an acceptable range given their craftmanship and design. I am sure if they were sold at store people will pay those prices. They are doing an excellent job in the design department and it appears that the watchmaking quality is also acceptable, if not that resulting from using the best of materials available. So why resort to the alleged misrepresentations of sweedish heritage? After all aren’t most products now days being totally or partially produce in China? Yes the Made in China label has long ago ceased being synonimous with bad quality and from the looks and workmanship of these time pieces, watchmaking is not the exception to that new reality! In my opinion the owners of these brands are doing themselves more harm than good by resorting to alleged false advertising or inflated suggested prices to sell their merchandise, why not come clean and set prices more accordingly to what a well made chinese watch, “using sweedish technology”, can command in the market nowdays and help us focus more on enjoying our LB, Balmers, etc., and less deciding wether we have been had or not!!

    By the way I own a nice Oris, it sells for $1000.00, I bought it for $600.00 from a authorized distributor a couple of christmas ago. So much for the value of MSRP.
    Thanks for reading!

  • I haven’t seen any claim that these watches are sweedish. Most of their watches do not say where they are made. Two of AAM brands, Balmer and Omikron, claim they are Swiss made. To make that claim, because “Swiss made” is copyrighted, these watches must be assembled in Switzerland and have 50% Swiss parts. Both of these brands have Facilities in Switzerland.
    Why criticize AAM for misleading MSRP when all Manufactures use the same phoney practice. Basically the MSRP is a Manufacture’s artifical price that retailers can discount from. I have never paid the MSRP for anything. I don’t know anybody who has paid the MSRP for any purchase. If anybody out there is willing pay the MSRP for an item, I would be happy to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • automatic-o

    I just bought a Louis Bolle Paramount/Power Reserve Retrograde Steel Blue (what a mouthful) watch for US$99. Will file a report when delivered and maybe after a few months if I remember.


  • Jill

    I am looking for a simple men’s watch with just the time and moonphase. Or at least, just the moonphase as a dial. The date can be on there, just not as a separate mini-dial. I don’t want the watch to have the moon phase as well as 3 separate dials. Charles Hubert has nice ones like this in pocket watches, but no wristwatches. Anyone know of any good ones out there?

  • Chongkiat Ong

    RE: LB, S.U.G
    What’s in a name?
    Enjoy the watch for what it is, a time piece, an ornament. Forget the msrp. And if it is functional and keeps good time within a minute, enjoy it!

  • automatic-o

    I have been wearing my LB aramount nearly everyday since I got it. I am impressed with it so far. It’s solid, keeps great time and the power reserve works well. The strap good but I don’t like the blue color that comes with the Steel Blue model. I’ll probably replace it with a brown one. All in all, I recommend this watch.

  • I’m really only adding to an already extended list of comments here- but thought I’d consolidate some of the better points.

    1) Value is subjective- if you like the watch, enjoy wearing it, etc it’s a valuable watch. Don’t base the value on how big a “DEAL” you thought you were getting over an inflated MSRP.

    2) Quality is less subjective- thankfully, with over 100 Always @ Market Watches under my belt, I’m happy to say their quality is pretty consistant. The watches stand up to daily wear, and keep good time after more than a year on my wrist. Their repair department actually repairs your watch, rather than simply replacing it- which indicates to me it’s cheaper for them to have a guy work on it, than just mail you a watch. (In contrast a ZIPPO lighter for $80 includes a lifetime REPLACEMENT warranty- meaning they just stick a new lighter inside your Zippo case) – for $80 your watch can actually tell time instead of just lighting a cigarette.

    3) Every brand starts somewhere- someday, they’ll stop making thousands of these. A few years after that, the retail sales market will die down. Years after that, someone will still have a working Louis Bolle or Rousseau- at which point, someone else will invariably be looking to buy a handsome watch. That’s more likely to be when you’ll see people paying higher prices for these watches. If you own one, and are like most of the folks on here, keep enjoying it, and take care of it. Maybe in twenty years it’ll pay for your retirement, or maybe you’ll just have a sharp looking watch that kept working for 20 years- either way, for a few hundred dollars, I don’t think you’ve really lost out.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts.

  • Deanna Henderson

    I have owned a Rosseau automatic for nearly a year, and only remove it to shower. It has kept wonderful time, and I get nothing but accolades and compliments when I wear it. I’m very pleased with the quality. Any idiot knows that the (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) MSRP, which is used in every marketing area, is a rediculous price. This is how the free enterprise system works! So, if the watch was made in Hong Kong rather than Switzerland…what is that to me? It means I’ve probably paid less for the same watch of the same quality than if it HAD been made in Switzerland. Let’s use our heads here…shall we? Lower manufacturing costs….lower advertising costs…equal…better quality for the money.

  • Bjorn

    HAHA. Seems the same army that is shill bidding on these watches on auction sites is also pretty busy shilling up a storm on your little blog.

    The friendly “Don’t pay $1000, but it’s worth $200 maybe more” is typical con man talk. Cause that’s gonna mak eyuou believe you’re outsmarting them when you get it for $95, when it really only is worth $10.

    It’s an old trick. It’s been tried with door to door speaker sales. “hifi speakers” worth $2000 sold for $450. OK speakers, but the brand was ONLY sold this way, and the speakers were not worth more than $50. Just enough quality to trick the gullible.

    Are they breaking any laws? You bet. Copying the design of a watch, even if it is not using the same name is probably a trademark violation.

    Advertising with a Warranty that is bogus is clearly fraud. Referring to completely bogus MSRP prices is clearly fraud, and would interest GA in certain states.

    Only one thing to do: Send the crooks up the river.

  • Bjorn

    ryan, that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.

    If you have more than 100 of these watches “under your belt”, that tells me these things probably didn’t last more than a day or 2 before breaking down. That is NOT a testament to quality. But some crooks are too stupid to be good con men. Saing thigs like that.

    Go take you little scam elsewhere “ryan”

  • I have purchased 5 watches off of U-Bid, which seems to have cheaper prices. I bought a Louis Bolle, Rousseau, and Picard and Cie. The Picard and Cie are quartz movement and seem pretty cheap but have keep great time. The Louis Bolle and Rousseau seem so much nicer and I haven’t paid more than $110 for any of them. I do have a Rolex and I have to admit that the Louis Bolle looks and feels far more expensive than it costs and is far heavier than my Stainless/Gold banded Rolex.

  • jason

    Suite 100
    Carrollton, TX 75006


  • If anything bothers me it is their lying about these being Swiss watch makers. They should just be honest. I get compliments on all 5 of the watches, paid $50 for 3 of them and $110 for the Louis Bolle Slope 18K Power Reserve which is really an impressive watch to wear. The amount of whatever metal and stainless makes that watch feel and look better than my Oyster Perpetual Rolex I have worn for 20 years. What gets me is they have put a lot in this, their leather bands are extremely nice and alone would cost $30. The bands, clasps all have their name burned-in or engraved. I cannot imagine they are making any money for the prices I have paid and all have keep time well. Obviously these are not $3000 watches, but you know what….I could care less because I feel like I got a decent watch for a great price. Time will tell how long they last.

  • hobib

    hi i bought a omikrom privateer watch and just wanted to know if it is swiss movement or not. i paid $80 please let me know .
    p.s. im happy with the quality. cheers.

  • Frejust

    Hi,I am also from Norway, Yesterday I bought a LB for 150£, I was so stupid and didnt check internet places like this before i bought it. I paid with PayPal, is it some way I can get my money back??

  • To Fejust
    All you can really do is try and get the seller to refund your money. I have tried to stop a transaction from paypal and it is almost impossible. You might consider going into paypal and opening a dispute. Look at comment 4 above and make your case that the description said LB is european yet LB is actually a Texas Company. Good luck.

  • Steve

    I have been looking at an assortment of these so called ‘luxury swiss watches’ for sale on ebay and to be honest I will not pay more than$100 for any of them but I like what I see and who cares where they are made or if the advertising is bollox. You do not have to be too clever to realise a marketing ploy when you see one. The bottom line in any purchase, is buy what you like, and you get what you pay for. Unless of course its a genuine Rolex then you are really being seen off.
    I’ve shopped all over the World, whilst in the Navy, and bought some very dodgy ‘Rolex’ Submariners for less than $50 but they did me for 10-15 years. When they eventually stopped I threw them in the trash. No great loss. One genuine Submariner will set you back $5000 give or take a thousand and servicing about $300. Thats over a hundred of my dodgy watches, 500 – 750 years of time keeping. Oh and a copper who I know very well, had a genuine Submariner and compared his with mine, he was not convinced I had only paid $50.
    I am not associated with any of these watch companies but check out the S.U.G Explorer or Expedition and tell me its not worth a couple of hundred dollars when the Rolex Yachtmaster is selling for several thousand.
    I just like to wear nice looking watches but I’m no Rockerfeller.

  • Elefunk

    Hello people,
    Just got my first LB. The model is Marshall. The watch doesnt work properly at all. I think that charges by 2 ways: movement and typical winding(from the side).
    Can someone help me about the winding of this watch?
    When i charging it in from the side, after a little i here a noise like TIK. Another thing is that i took a chronometer and compared the 1min between the watch and the chrono. The result was 59 for every chrono 1min.
    The watch stops all the time at 22″ line when i take it off my hand. WTF is going on with this watch?
    Can i take it to another watchmaker to take a look?
    I live in Greece and i dont think that i can use warranty properly. It will take 6 months till the fix it(if they ever fix it) and send it back.
    I would appreciate any help

  • Elefunk

    P.S Which is the best way to charge an automatic watch?

  • Golan

    I purchased an LB “The Inspector”. It is very well constructed and it runs fine I paid less than 100.00 and know full well it is some kind of hybrid or chinese manufactured watch. It is really well done though. I sent an e- mail to the folks listed on their website to find out where these are manufactured and have not gotten an answer. I see most of the folks are satisfied on this web site. With every watch the chance of a defect ispossible. I bought a Gevril and wore it three times before sending it in for warranty work. same with an Invicta. Know that if you do send a watch in for service to a manufacturerit can take as long as three months to get it back. Even longer as in the case of my Gevril.

  • Anthony

    I purchased and received a LB Informer 2, within 5 minutes I was putting it back in the box and asking for a refund. I paid $137usd for it, they claim i’s worth $3195, anything more than $25 is too much. The auto winder is rough and very noisy. The crown is tight and the band was just about big enough for a child. This was a solid feeling, good looking watch but beyond that I wouldn’t recommend this brand for anyone. At least Paypal will protect me and I can feel secure that I will get my money back.

    I’ll stick to real brand names from here on out, If my jeweler doesn’t sell it I’m not interested.

  • Timothy

    I have thoroughly read these comments referencing these watches. I have an Omega, a Rolex, a Ball, a Movada and several other “quality watches”. I purchased several of these LB watches at a reasonable price. I must say that for the money they are a definate value. When you buy a Rolex for $10,000.00 and put it on your wrist it is a quality timepiece that makes a significant statement to the observer. The LB is a unique watch that gets good comments and compliments. For the money the watch is definately worth a few hundred dollars if compared to Seiko, Omega or other other well known “economy” type watches. It is easy to buy a name brand watch for $200 to $500 that is unreliable. If the watch looks good and works well then it is worth the money spent. Why all the Boo “friggin” who” comments. If you are a smart consumer you would do your homework as well as the math. If you are an idiot you will buy the watch without researching other consumers comments and then piss and moan to everyone willing to listen. I would adfvise that spending $75.00 to $300.00 for these watches may well be a better value than spending $400.00 for a Seiko Blah Zey timepeice.

    T. Covert

  • len

    i justordered a balmer from shop athome tv paid 500 is this the wrong thing to do?just started to watch this program..let me know if i should keep or return this watch

  • Nick V

    My girlfriend bought me a Louis Bolle for Xmas – paid about $140 for it in ebay. I like the way it looks, it keeps time and people ask me where I got it. A friend of mine tells me the retail mark up on watches is about 400% anyway and the Swiss companies buy movements and chuck them in watches claiming that they’re all in house. If you like the watch and the price is right, buy it. If you’re a brand snob, pay a fortune and buy a Rolex.

  • rudy

    Hi, I purchased the skeleton automatic louis bolle watch from ebay. I paid under $300 for it, and it is so beautiful. I have worn it 2 times and every body that has seen it admires it. The watch i recieved by ALL means is a truly wonderful masterpiece. The amythests can be seen in the front, it is very classy. I work in retail and have had customers as well as employees ask to buy it from me. Scam or not, I am truly happy with this watch and wear it on special occasions.

  • Barton L

    I just purchased my Louis Bolle on eBay for $80. It’s a great looking watch, but when I look through the skeleton back and compare it with several other mechanical watches I own it’s clearly an inferior product. It’s running fine, looks fine, and I can enjoy it for the price I paid … but when it dies (and I expect it will sooner or later) it will be trashed. For the record I have mechanical watches that I’ve paid several thousand dollars for and a couple I’ve paid as little as $50 for (Seiko’s) and none have ever failed me so perhaps I’m being overly pessimistic. Right now it’s simply a fun watch.

  • Barton L

    The above-posted comments about the lack of ability to access Bolle’s repair department for warranty service don’t seem warranted. I registered my watch on line and received an e-mail confirming the registration w/ this address for service. Will I go through the aggravation to get an $80 watch serviced? Maybe, if it dies quickly. But if I get a reasonable amount of service out of it and enjoy it (for sake of argument $80 worth of pleasure, the equivalent of a good cabernet) I’ll dispose of it. Let’s be real … those of us who have lots of watches have them for fun and rotate using them for a little spice in the AM.

    Louis Bolle Watches
    Attn: Repair Department
    1545 Capital Drive
    Suite 100
    Carrollton, TX 75006

  • Jim Harris

    I am the proud owner of a Lewis Bolle Gold Dune watch. I bought it on ebay for $185 well over a year ago and would not trade it for any other. This watch has served me well and keeps excellent time. I would buy another Louis Bolle watch tomorrow if I were in the market for a watch. Fantastic automatic at a great price.

  • Tim

    I don’t believe this company Omikron has any real connection to Switzerland or swiss watch making.The web site looks like it’s put together with stock photos and I think Rotary would not be happy that they are using their “winged wheel” logo circa 1928 only reversed. That alone raises some questions for me.

  • Vic

    I bought a Rousseau watch from ubid for $65 and I must say it is an excellent watch. And I had it serviced by the company ( a minor thing- it lost 4 min per day ) and now it works great. I get compliments from my watch. It is my favorite watch in my collection, why? Because it looks great and is very inexpensive. I am very happy with it.

  • Bad_Situation

    My sweet new bride purchased a Picard & Cie timepiece for me and I am quite happy with it. It is very attractive, keeps good time, and is a quite fashionable watch for the value.

    However, I am VERY unhappy at the deceptive marketing techniques employed by the company. My wife is SO excited about purchasing a several thousand dollar watch for me, and is thrilled at the price she found it for. For over a week she talked about how expensive of a watch…how great a deal the guy gave her, how high the retail price was and how she won the auction for a fraction of the price.

    I knew from the moment I saw the box, the “warrantee” card and the clasp on the band, this was a knock-off. She saw the look on my face and was hurt by my reaction. The auction company and the Picard and Cie website had convinced her she was purchasing a watch compared to the Rolex on my dresser or the Movado I had been eyeing in the jewelry store. I tried to be excited, but I know my reaction disappointed her, and that hurts me. This puts me in a bad situation. I am torn between telling her about the con, or just letting her believe she got a great price and dealing with the consequences if she ever finds out.

    I do really love the watch, and it is a nice timepiece, but their deceptive practices have placed my wife, and ultimately me, in a situation where she could be hurt because she did not receive what she had been convinced she was purchasing.

    Are they a scam? No, you do actually receive a nice watch.

    Are they running a con game? Yes, a brilliantly marketed and technically legal, but still a con. They are deliberately misleading the general public and practicing knowingly deceptive business techniques for financial gain.

    Would I purchase another one? Yes. They appear to be a good value for the money and a nice everyday watch. I would like to own several to trade out and wear daily, but I do not think they should be running a con game that could seriously hurt a prospective gift giver, like my wife.

    Bad Situation

  • Purchased a Louis Bolle Sovereign on ebay for like 120. Ive had several compliments on it. I have had it for about 2 months and I am really pleased with it. I am in the process of buying a new Liason 2 with the new huge 46.5mm face. I also plan on getting a LB paramount and a SUG hercules. Anyone have any comments. I will repost when I recieve them with my opinions. Any questions or comments welcome

  • Mr. Boyd

    I am an informed buyer and must say if you buy an LB watch (including shipping) for under 100USD you did fine. If you got it for under 75USD you did well. Bottom-line these watches are of fine quality and dependable. I am a frugal bastard and currently own two models, an Advocate(great for keeping tabs on my peeps in London, and a Flyback (which is really nice and can no longer be purchased.) I am actively looking for a mother of pearl ACROPOLIS which I’d actually pay up to 500usd for. Any sellers ? ? ? email me nathanjboyd@gmail.com

  • bill_zaphod

    I’ve read all the posts in this column, and I am amazed that the majority of quality assessments of this watch are made towards how the watch LOOKS instead of the mechanics INSIDE. Things like the number of jewels in the movement, the type of movement, the shock rating, etc. are all things that are measurable and quantifiable. No offense, but if you are dumb enough to shell out lots of $s just on how something looks, then you get what you deserve. I would sooner buy a re-furbished Rolex than a no-name, overhyped watch. Real companies put forth their business practices where they are easily accessable for inspection by the buyer. Questionable businesses put up a web page with no direct dial number or mailing address. Its a shame that there are hucksters out there, but as they say in the realestate biz, let the buyer beware.

  • Hi, I’m one of the dummies that buy watches by the way they look. I buy them for their visual appeal. I could buy a Rolex, but there are millions of Rolexes in circulation. I would bet that more then half of them are replicas or fakes. So if you wish to impress me by wearing a Rolex please attach a certificate of authetification to your chest. I have another problem. I can’t open a watch to admire the jewels or the other gismos inside. I must admit that I have a weakness for skeletonized watches or those with visible balances so I can look at all the stuff going on inside. I don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to own watches that have those features. I can buy watches made in the orient by artisans who are not overpaid for their work. I don’t have to buy swiss watches made by workers who get paid thirteen months for working twelve. Yes, the watches are less expensive but not necessarily of lesser quality. I buy watches that I believe have artistic design, visual beauty, at least to my eye that look great on my wrist. Looking at a overhyed name would soon bore me. What’s more I can afford to buy several different looks, several different complications.
    I am having a ball buying all kinds of watches. I just feel sorry those individuals who must rely on a brand name give themselves status

  • Katia

    I have just purchased a Tavan from e-bay for 42.00. The watch is beautiful. Before I made the purchase, I went on line and found several hits for Tavan. I will have a serious problem if the watch gets any water under the crystal. I am the owner of a Tag alter ego and many others. This Tavan claims to be able to go 30 meters with no problem. If it does what it says, and I have no problems I could care less if a 5 yr. old made it in the basement in hong kong(no, I do only because I am against child labor) lol, since we all know the problem, what is the solution??? It is a) class action lawsuit, or b) the feed back will be so negative and we can demand our money back and keep the watch or c) call our local news and get the word out. So, it seems to me, you are all mostly, becomming part of the problem instead of the solution, I do not like people being taken advantage of, so, even if I LOVE my watch, the seller will know I am not fooled. I will still leave a positive feedback, and GUESS WHAT??? We will kick a– on ebay because the sellers will take our lowest offers!! Thanks for the info,…Blessings, Katia….Remember!!! We have paid at Victorias Secret a fortune for EVERYTHING made in china, the only part about this, is…DECEPTION

  • Paul

    I have recently purchased a $85 Louis Bolle “Mission” With all the mixed reviews from so many, I had to buy and try….. Well the verdict is in. I give it a A1 for bang for the buck. This watch is well crafted, movement seems of quality, and better yet keeps perfect time. For all you “purists” that only buy $3000 alleged swiss watches, get your head out of the sand and take look around. The chinese are going to give the swiss a run for their money. As noted previously, I would not be surprised if some high grade swiss companys outsource to china one day. If you can remember how post war japan was known to only produce junk. Look what happend with them. They perfected and improved. Now the chinese are in the same line up. So if you are interest in buying a Louis Bolle, they are worth every penny. Who knows maybe they might even be worth something some day!

  • andrew

    I just received a louis bolle watch that i purchased on line and have no complaints about it. I enjoyed the fair price and would of bought it without a msrp listed because i liked the look of it. I don’t really care if its a swiss watch or chinese made. The fact of it is that i enjoy it. Most things today have parts assembled in other countries but are still able to claim a different country of origin if they meet minimal requirements. Is BMW any less than BMW because they may of been made in america. Or is a ford truck anything but an american aotumobile because they have a plant in Mexico.Or is Land Rover still a British Auto manufacturer even if Ford Motor is there parent company. The fact of the matter is most people cought up on brand names are only trying to make themselves feel better then others by purchasing high end material items and are jealous of anyone who may of found a nice deal on a nice watch that may take the attention away from them. If you do not like or want a LB watch don’t buy one. But I see Nothing wrong with them. It keeps me from wearing my expensive ones more then I should. Its a nice fun watch. I still consider Land Rover a british automobile and currently own two,even though ford controls the company.

  • andrew

    For all you nayers out there complaining about the lb watches, your complaining doesn’t seem to be effecting anything i just saw on u bids a louis bolle watch going for over seven hundred dollars and a few more going for over two hundred. So aparently they are producing a watch that people like and are willing to purchase at a higher price then first sold for. Thats buisness at work. I would suggest that you think about purchasing one before they become a little pricier at least to compete with watches like citizen or others in that price range.

  • Chris

    I too just received a lb watch from an online bid site. I wqas a bit skeptical at first but I guess i joined the hype and bid and won. Bright side is I got it for under $70. Down side is that in reality, like art, its really only worth what you think its worth, what you’re willing to pay. $3K? No. $70? Sure. Will I buy another? No. It looks good but not something to brag about. I also noticed that all the other varieties of lb watches have been pulled from the online site from which I bought it and there were lots of them. Maybe somethings up.

  • This is a reply to my comment left on the 7th. I got my SUG Herc and the warranty card is blank which makes me skeptical. And you have to add in a invoice number on the website which is impossible considering I got it off ebay. My Sovereign still is working like a champ. And I must say the Herc is quite impressive looking and worked fine so far. Im waiting on my Liason 2 to arrive i nthe next few days and I will reply again.

  • After rereading the comments I had to add a few things. I still have a lot to learn about watches and the funcions of them but anyone who dosen’t buy something on visual appeal and would rather buy something ugly that is solid is a moron. I have a panerai which is solid as a rock and not that easy on the eyes and I got it used on ebay for 3 grand. I have a movado museum watch that has 1.72 carats of diamonds in it. Im scared to leave the house in the movado and the panerai never gets any attention for what I paid. My LB has got lots of attention and I paid 120 for it. I do however have a problem with some of these morons on ebay paying 550 for LB’ statesmans. ( I saw it happen today) Learn how to look at the stock photos and do your own research. The same watch was on buy it now for 150 obo. Pull your head out your arses people. For a saphire coating 38 jewl movement and flashy looks 100-150 is a good deal. I think we can all agree. My only last question is how the hell do we get new bands and parts for these things?? The band on my liason and my paramount leather bands wont last forever.

  • Just google watch bands and you’ll find all sorts of sites that sell all styles and price points of watch bands. There are thousands of watches with Chinese movements being sold. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone to repair LB watches. You’ll probably have a harder time finding a competent Watch Repair man that you can trust to service your expensive watches. Worst case and after few years you are out $150 bucks not thousands of dollars.

  • Joe

    From reading all of the comments posted, I ask why someone has not filed a complaint with the Texas State Attorney’s office? If the watches are being advertised as being “Swiss Made” and are (as stated in many statements) made in China or some other country, it would make a good case against false advertisement and prompt the ‘ebay’s’ and ‘ubids’ of the internet highway be more careful as to the items being hawked on their websites by their vendors. Instead of posting displeasure be proactive and file with any government agency for issues pertaining to fraud. After all, it’s your hard earned cash and you being the one deceived.

  • This was taken from the Louis Bolle User Group on Yahoo

    Here’s my 2¬¢ on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)…

    Typically, in most businesses that sell products, MSRPs are almost always a “concocted” price. They are rarely based only on the manufacturing costs, but they are more commonly based on a number of other factors like total business overhead, their direct competition’s MSRPs, gut feeling, and yes… greed (the big-business type) just to name a few.

    More often, the only reflection manufacturing costs have on an MSRP are to make sure that the cost of manufacture and distribution are completely
    covered by the actual sale so a profit margin can be determined. In other words, “actual manufacturing cost” is just ONE OF MANY factors used to make up most product’s MSRPs. Many people seemed to be confused about that.

    Also, one must remember that in most businesses, MSRPs are simply a “SUGGESTED” price and are usually only used as a reference or starting point in which to discount from. It is simply a selling tool which can be used by the manufacturer, distributor, reseller, and sales people to show potential buyers what their discount is, and to help advertise sales prices (ie. NOW UP TO 50%-75% OFF!!!).

    Concerning Louis Bolle watches, Always At Market has done something very interesting. They saw a huge potential market for these watches, but they needed to come up with a good way to show value and move a lot of product. The power of the internet was the obvious method. Since on-line auctions were the best way to get these watches sold, they needed to create some special “buzz” to counter all the other watches being sold there.

    What they did was use their carefully chosen MSRPs (to create hubbub), excellent web sites with well worded scripts that pay homage to authentic Swiss Watchmakers (Bolle, for instance, was a bonafide Watchmaker in the
    1700’s, and FYI… nowhere on their site does it say the watches they sell are “Swiss Made”), decent packaging, a warrantee credit card, extremely
    tight distribution (only resellers using on-line auctions, no wholesalers or middlemen), and carefully chosen products which would give all resellers the tools to create the buzz for them.

    It’s brilliant, and best of all…. it worked!!!
    For proof, what’s the first thing you see in any eBay add for Louis Bolle watches…. it’s the MSRP! And then you see the Rustic environment blurb created by AAM. It’s practically on every Bolle auction you come across.

    It’s VERY innovative, and is exactly what our society allows. It is simply a variation of what all companies that sell products have done for hundreds of years

    And while I truly wish the world worked in a different way, I personally feel the owner of AAM deserves a lot of credit.


    ps. AAM says their MSRPs are based on what other watch manufacturers list their watches at which have the same features. Who can realistically argue with that?

  • I agree with Dean completely and thanks for the input Joel. I got my Liason 2 today finally after usps screwing around for 2 weeks. I must say its a stunning watch but the band isnt near as nice as the crown. I think and would suggest anyone to get a Crocodile or whatever leather that suits them on ebay. There is very reputable seller on there. Once again I got a warranty card that is blank with no serial numbers to register it. Oil well as they say in texas. After getting a 100 dollar band this watch really look like its worth a couple of grand. I also thought I would mention I wore out my SUG Hercules and I got over 20 compliments on it. I think all and all anyone getting shafted by these watches is their own fault. I purchased all 3 of mine for under 450 and Im pleased overall.

  • Has anyone gotten a legit warranty card on one of these. Mine have a plastic film and a white box seeming to be covering up the information but you cant remove it so I assumed it was to be hand written in.

  • Anibal

    People pay for a brand name LB ruined their brand name by lieing and commiting other unethical actions, but at the end of the day i dont got the bright watch, i got the right watch.

  • FYI… The new Louis Bolle and Duboule models which just hit are now being fitted with Swiss quality components. While they will continue to use the Chinese TY auto and manual movements, the stainless cases, hands, dials, bracelets, and deployment clasps will be made in the same factories that make the parts for other high-end Swiss and Japanese watches. These parts are made MUCH better than the previous supplier of these watches.

    Furthemore, A@M has hired a big name watch guru to oversee production and design in China.

    These watches just got a whole lot better. And best of all, bidders still dictate the price!

    There is also a new user group for resellers of A@M watches. It’s at;



  • mr. j

    Yes, I am a sucker for MSRP, thats the first thing I looked at before purchasing 4 LB watches as well as 2 Tavans and a Romilly lol. The saying is true ,if its to good to be true then ……I just hope it looks as good in real life as it does in the pictures. I’ll keep everyone informed on my watches and how they perform. Hey, no one commented on the price difference between ebay and ubid, I got some really great prices from u bid, just dont get carried away in THE BID ZONE lol,yes i do not take my own advice how do u think I ened up with 7 watches lol.

  • Pat McCormack

    I am waiting on a MARK NIEMER from AAM – sneaked that one in for only $4 at bidz.com. They are supposed to be putting up their own web site (they have a “underconstruction” page up now -www.myatmarket.com, although I do not know how long that has been there. They have owned the url since June 2001. If you ever want to write them, WHOIS has the address:
    Essig, Paul pessig@myatmarket.com
    Always At Market
    1545 Capital Dr., Suite 100
    Carrollton, TX 75006
    972-242-4045 x334 fax: 972-242-7630

  • P Hamm

    A couple years ago I got a SUG Renegade watch. It looks great, even up close, and keeps perfect time. It was under $100 on ubid. The ridiculously jacked up MSRP and auction-only presence is a bit shady, but the product, at least the one I got, is solid – FOR THE PRICE PAID -. I get comments on the watch, people ask me what it is I tell ’em it’s a cheapo I got on the internet. Sometimes they believe me.

    Vaguely remeniscent of the classic “white van” speaker scam, but in this case, the product, while misrepresented at the stated “MSRP” (like white van speakers), is actually a quality piece (unlike them).

  • Watch Collector

    Louis Bolle are cheap watches made in China…I have one and it being repaired for the secound time(8 to 12weeks). There Retail prices are Crazy! they sell for round $150 on ebay because they only pay about $50 to have them made…The accuracy of these watches is +/- 20 minutes a day…they are a Fashion watch…for looks only.

  • ahorseof

    these watches are cheap!!!1 the movements, are clearly inferior! They are misrepresented, and highly suspect! The cases are 14mm+thick, and the back crystal is`plastic. To be frank, they are clunky and ugly. Just look at the machining on the rotor, the materials are junk metal, and the entire collection is glitzy, and wreaks of junk. I am amazed at the lack of understanding today, of quality! You get a cheap watch for a cheap price if you are lucky. I bought one LB, it will sit in the box with the fake croc band. It is not a watch I would wear in public. “can you say JUNK?” cause that is all they are. try an Eterna, and that is a watch to fall in love with, not these sucker wrist watches.

  • Fade9150

    Just got back from the beach and like an idiot I water tested all my watches. All my Bolles did fine I dove about 15 feet under. My sug got condensation in the case but didnt leak bad. Be carefull I wouldn’t do more then shower with these watches. Just saw some of the new bolles released on ebay and most of them look pretty snazzy but I will wait till the prices come down or a good deal

  • Jon

    Just recieved a LB Proctor today and I’m very pleased with the purchase. What other watch company sells an automatic skeleton watch for under $200? If these watches are near the quality of a Citizens or Seiko I would say Its a bargain for the prices you can get on Ebay. Dont expect to get a $3000 watch for $100, its just foolish. But I have to say quality appears to be on par with some of the $300-400 watches I own.

  • Some recent legal history on the guy who owns and runs AAM


    JOHN J. HOUSE [#132332], 37, of San Jose was suspended for two years, stayed, and placed on probation for two years on condition he is actually suspended for one year and until he makes restitution.

    He was ordered to pass the MPRE and comply with rule 955. The order was effective Feb. 21, 1998.

    House stipulated to practicing law while he was on inactive status for non-payment of bar dues and failing to inform his clients and the court of his ineligibility.

    In addition, he failed to file suit or take other steps to pursue a judgment against a client, as well as return his client’s phone calls and respond to his case status inquiries.

    He also failed to respond to written inquiries from State Bar investigators.

    In mitigation, at the time of his misconduct House had left the practice of law and terminated his long term partnership with his father to pursue other business opportunities.

    House’s bar dues were usually paid as part of the law practice’s business expenses. However, due to an ongoing dispute with his former law partner, House was not kept informed as to the general affairs of the law practice and was not informed that his bar dues had not been paid.

    House became inactive in August 1994, but was unaware of his ineligibility to practice until March 1995. He then turned his files over to his former law partner.

    In aggravation, his clients were harmed by his misconduct.

    In mitigation, House had no prior record of discipline.

  • I just bought a watch made the the very reputated cloths designer “Givenchy”, now this watch is a chrono, of witch the whole watch seem very well constructed, very high polished bensel, and for the most part the rest of the timepiece too. My comcern was the “swiss movt” on the dial of the watch, and i have read that this was not lawful to put on a watch, because some people might mistake it as “swiss Made”.
    Does anyone know more about this, it seem to be made in swiss, but you can now a days get a made in japan replica of any know name brand.

  • Steven

    I see some here are calling the MSRP on these watches “a bit shady”, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìmisrepresented?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìinflated?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, etc. with many concluding this practice is disingenuous but not fraud. I know a lot of you came on here to defend these watches, but this IS fraud and false advertising especially when they say these watches ?¢‚Ǩ?ìnormally sell?¢‚Ǩ¬ù for that MSRP. I think we can all agree that this is all one big scam. While some of you might be happy with your watches as I am with a $50 replica Panerai Luminor Power Reserve (PAM 90) I bought last week in Chinatown, you would all freak if you had paid the MSRP. The whole thing with the web page and the sly references to Geneva is criminal in my honest opinion. Call them what they are: cheap trinkets that look good but won?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t keep accurate time and I wouldn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t have a problem. Problem is that they refer to ?¢‚ǨÀúem as being of ?¢‚Ǩ?ìexceptional quality?¢‚Ǩ¬ù.

  • These are sidewalk vendor watches, and I am a sucker because I own two of them despite doing some research beforehand. I was delighted when I got my first because it looked great and I paid a mere $65. Then I lost my marbles bidding $200 on the next, a useless timepiece that?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s nothing more than a gaudy band of junk jewelry. Taking it out of its box, it showed me its ?¢‚Ǩ?ìexceptional quality?¢‚Ǩ¬ù when it gained about five minutes that first day, but that number began to climb. After a few months, it was gaining 30 seconds an hour, then a minute an hour, 45 minutes a day. Hey, at least I was always early. Then one day, it just stopped altogether and wouldn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t start again. After visiting the LB website and obtaining return instructions, I parceled the watch off to Texas. I half expected never to see it again but low and behold, a month later I got the watch back, fixed. Well, not quite. It was running, I mean the hands were moving, but now in slow motion, and the small hand no longer lined up with the hour. Is it seven or eight o?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢clock exactly? Who cares, what?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s in an hour, huh? It?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s a Louis Bolle, of exceptional quality. If you haven?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t bought one of these watches and are planning to, here?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s my advice: pay no more than $30 which is their showoff value (even that?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s probably more than their worth) but if the correct time is an issue of importance stay clear of Louis Bolle.

  • Jay

    Damn, it sounds like the people hating on these watches are the hardcore fans of high-end time pieces. Its clear that the MSRP is bogus so get over it. Bottom line is that for $50-$100 bucks the LB is a good buy. Whats even better is that these low-end watches have the high-end lovers a bit on edge. One up for LB!

  • Drew

    P.S. I’ll hold my JR Vespucci next to my Nivada Grenchen with Swiss Quartz and let you know how it keeps time.


  • Thomas

    People . . . please . . . any material position you buy is “worth” whatever you are willing to pay for it. Someone once offered me $1500 for my hunting dog while watching her work. Was she worth $1500? Most people would have said no but she was worth $1500 to that guy and she was worth 10 times more than that to me. Is my Harley-Davidson worth $25,000? Probably not, but if you want one that’s what you are going to pay because that’s what Harley says they are worth. Is gasoline worth $4.00 a gallon? Heck no, but that’s what we are all going to be paying for it before the summer is over.

    I bought a Picard and Cie watch because I liked the way it looked and I wanted a nice-looking watch that would run well and wouldn’t cause me to shed tears if it were lost or stolen. I still have my fancy expensive dress watch to wear when I have to dress for formal occassions but for everyday wear and abuse my Picard & Cie is exactly what I was looking for and I knew it was a “scam” watch when I bought it.

    It’s all about perspective. If you like it, buy it. Who cares what other people think?

  • Laercio

    I was in the internet, on Ubid.com website. Looking at watches auction, I got some brands and visited their website. Rosseau, Bernolli, Romilly, Balmer, Louis Bolle and many others are all brands from the same company. And the address for contact is the same for all of them (1545 Capital Drive, suite 100, Carrollton, TX ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú 75006 ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú USA).

    The website of each one is well done and gives us the idea that the product is fine jewelry ?¢‚Ǩ?ìA+?¢‚Ǩ¬ù classified merchandise, but in reality it is just one more product from China.
    Looks good while it is new, but it never passed by any Swiss manufacturer?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s hand.

  • Japonaliya

    I first heard about these type of watches while on ebay. I saw a “German” watch called MIZI Sleleton with flying Tourbillon movement selling for min. bid of $129,000 USD !! When I saw that the watch was gold-plated, I ranted to the seller, and he for some unknown reason, pulled ALL his ads. (He also sold another watch in 3 different auctions with starting bids ranging from $70.- $499. FOR THE EXACT SAME WATCH!! (now I realize that though deceptive, he did nothing legally wrong, if some idiot bid without thinking)
    anyway, I DID like the MIZI watch (for $100. bucks or so) but I have seen no others exactly like it.
    The listing was pulled before I could dl a pic. but if anyone has seen this watch, gold with skeleton flying tourbillon movement, “made in Germany” see thru case, with elaborite French fleur de leaf type sculpting on the internal.

  • JOHN

    Always at Market, U bid, & Property room are all selling watches almost solely supplied by Always at Market out of Texas. They are the sole importers in the U.S. These watches are of good, not exceptional, valve. What I have experienced, with hundreds of purchases, if you win a bid with a high dollar amount and they are out of stock, they will offer you an equal replacement or cancel the transaction. If you win at a low price, they tell you it is cancelled, due to out of stock, and don’t offer you an alternative. Makes you wonder, if you win with a low bid, do they just tell you out of stock? For the money, these are good watches and do have what is advertised inside. Keep in mind, a cheap priced Timex would probably outlast most watches, including the ridiculous priced Rolex!! So if these watches appeal to you, they do keep good time and are of good quality, for the money.

  • uwfepc

    bought 2 watches all in good working condition and they keep better the time than my Baum mercier I bought for 2500 ?¢‚Äö¬¨. I am now bidding on an other one at Ebay.

  • G Maiolini

    I feel so awful. I had my son look at some and he bought 4 of them because of the style and he could have used his money on something else. I bought 3 of them all very stylish. I have no problem with the time keeping or how they look. They all have very artistic and innovative designs. I think they have put a lot into the craftsmanship of the watches even down to the sweep hand with the LB on the short end. I got one of these watches for my husband for father’s day and it said china on the band which made me suspicious. I wrote the company but have not heard back yet. I went to the site and pulled up a watch that had china on the band that had a MSRP of $9995 and I knew there was something wrong. I called my son and we tried to find other LB watches that were not on ebay or ubid but could not find them any place else. Then we found you all and my heart sunk! I told my son I would give him the money back that he spent since I told him about the watches. He is young and used the money for his car payment and food to take a chance at owning something that would be worth something in the future. This is not creative marketing. This is a scam!!! These watches are advertised by bogus watch dealers as swiss made watches. We bought them mostly for this reason and partly for how they look. This false advertising puts their marketing tactics in the scam category. If they advertised great looking watches from Xi Chu in China no one would bid the prices that they do for them.

  • I have never seen a Louis Bolle watch advertised as Swiss made.They are attractively designed, well-made watches that are chinese made. They are not a scam.


    Joe Manix’s (post #183) reports legal action against the owner of the marketing firm that owns the Louis Bolle line (and others). Only problem is, HE GOT THE WRONG GUY!!! There is NO legal action against the owner of AAM whatsoever. Please get your fact straight.

    Fade9150 (Post #181)- You’re lucky… these watches are not waterproof. They are only water resistant to 3 ATM (100ft. or 30 meters). At this rating, they will withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, but is not suitable for swimming

    Regarding the woman in post #194 who feels she got scammed. These watches are NOT what you’re thinking they are (they’re not knock-off cheap Chinese junk watches at all) You just need a bit of info on them and you’ll probably feel better about your purchases. Please check out the Louis Bolle User Group on Yahoo at;



  • jay

    All that i have to say is “Caveat Emptor”.
    We all make consious decisions in life and this should have been one of them. There should be no buyers remorse here, you got what you paid for. Do your research first.

  • Scott

    I bid on and won a SUG Avenger watch last week on EBay. I got it for $124.00. It was a great looking watch and I even checked out the “Official SUG Site”. They claim the MSRP is $1995.00 and that the watch is water resistant up to 3ATM. We just got back from the local swimming pool where I never even went into water above my chest. Needless to say there is water & fog under the crystal of this “$124.00” watch and it also stopped keeping time at 6:15 p.m.! My old Coleman watch that I purchased at Walmart for $9.95 3 years ago is now back on my wrist and has been swimming for years now & still keeps perfect time. It’s not as pretty as the SUG, but it still keeps the right time! I had taken the SUG watch down to the jeweler the day before to get a link taken out so it would fit better. He has been in business for over 25 years. I asked him what he thought of the watch! He replied “I have never heard of this one before!” I told him it listed for $1995.00 on their website. He kind of laughed a little bit and said “Are ya sure it didn’t say $59.95?”

  • Drew

    Quick info:

    3ATM: This is the lowest level of protection/water resistance. I wouldn’t even think of purposely getting a watch wet with this rating. RUN through the rain….NO SWIMMING!

    5ATM: Walk through the rain, don’t worry too much about getting it wet while washing your hands, but dry fairly quickly. NO SWIMMING!

    10ATM: MAYBE light swimming, like it sounds like you were doing- POOL ONLY (salt water is a whole different animal when it comes to cleaning and length of time in water). No depth, or pressure. Shower should be OK, washing hands and getting watch wet USUALLY OK. Of course, dry as soon as you can.

    20ATM: OK to swim and OK to snorkel- NO DIVING to any real depth. THIS is MY basic level/requirement before I judge/test a watches seal integrity or Water Resistance (NOT Water Proof!!).

    Remember- There are always watches that will NOT live up to it’s rating!! OR, watches that come with a lower rating but will be sealed so well, that you could take them to the bottom of the ocean.

    Any rating higher than this and you better be getting a really great watch that is backed up by a matching great warranty. You’ll also most likely pay a good deal more for these watches, because they’ll be considered “Pro Divers”.

    ***Now, you can also get a GREAT Coleman or other Very Low Cost watch that just happened to be built REALLY WELL, and that’s great!! But, IN MOST CASES, you should go by these guidelines to protect your watch investment, whether it’s $124.00 (sorry, but you paid too much for that one!! Be more patient/selective with your bidding!!), or $9.95 from Target or Wally World (WalMart).

    Hope this helps!

  • Lex

    I have a Balmer, LB, and a Rousseau. The only watch that was advertised as Swiss Made was the Balmer. I agree with most here who say it is a nice watch worth the money and not worth the thousands listed as MSRP. But, if everyone who sold items at a price lower than MSRP because it was elevated, I guess we would have to walk since the car industry does it without shame. If you like the watches, buy them and accept them for what they are. I have no buyer’s remorse whatsoever. As for comparable watches for the price being paid here that were recommended by some posters, you will be happy to know you can buy Invictas at sporting goods stores for less than $50.00. Is it better to buy watches below the listed value and be happy with the quality and the overall purchase, or to buy a watch for more money that has a better-known name, that anyone can buy for half the price you paid for it. Bottom line, it is a watch, buy it if you like and feel it is worth the money you pay for it. But don’t make a decision because someone complained about it or raved about it on the internet.

  • Scott

    Thanks for all the info Drew! I wish I would have found this site before I bid! I actually got into a bidding war with just one other bidder and set my “Limit Price” on E-Bay to $125.00. I never thought I would even be the winner. I have seen this same style SUG Avenger watch on not only E-Bay but about three other auction sites before I started bidding with high bids in the $350-$450 range. So I actually thought I was getting it cheap. I took the back off this SUG and let it sit crystal side down for a few days in a drawer and now it works just fine. So far no fog at all. I will make sure it goes in the glove box before hitting the swimming pool next time.
    Thanks again Drew for the info!

  • meandall

    Omikron is by a swiss company called Leschot SA. Tissot is part of the Swiss Swatch group.Many of the low cost E-sale watches use a swiss made action. Some of the cheepo quartz jobs use a jap Seiko or Swiss Rona action.

  • Andrew

    Look at the SYG website and zoom into the back of a watch with leather band – says “China” – Who in the world would make a $2,000 watch and stick a cheap Chinese band on it? Says it all I believe! Cheap knockoff overpriced sh1t!

  • John Shorten

    Louis Bolle watches. C’mon get a life. A cheap Chinese watch that has a recommended retail price that is nowhere near the value its worth. Get some sense. If you want a good watch pay good money for it!
    It’ll last for life and you know you have a good product. Me…if its chinese…avoid it!!! Too many bad experiences

  • Barry

    Louis Bolle are fine watches for the price. Some models are sold on the Shop At Home channel. Shop at Home is very reputable and their watch programs are top notch. They would not sell these watches if they weren’t well made and above board. Check out their watch programming on tuesdays and thursdays. Very similar to Jim Skelton’s shows on Shop NBC.

  • Anastasia

    I bought TAVAN “Fiona” watches from ebay. I just wounder if diamonds are really genuine dimonds or not. You can not check stones cause they are behind the glass. So if someone actually cheked the “diamonds” please tell me if they are genuine or not.

  • Anastasia

    I bought TAVAN “Fiona” watches from ebay.I wounder if diamonds are really diamonds or not? If someone here cheked it?

  • robert

    I resently bought two Louis Bolle watches,MINISTRY & INCOGNITO-(jump hour) and am very pleased with them. I’m a machenist and a perfectionist, these watches are not worth their MSRP but their not $10 either.the gold platting is of good quality. the leather bands are not top end neither bottom end,overall their products are mid to 34 high range. on the MINISTRY the two sub dials 24 hrs and the power reserve do actually work.

  • Sam

    I just bought a LB Henry I . Does anyone have any experience with these ? Please let me know .

  • These watches are fantastic. The quality is honestly getting better all the time. But this is not to say they’re perfect. It seems that about 1 in 20 have some small issue (which may or may not correct itself), and 1 out of 50 which have a genuine defect. Typically, all you hear on sites like this are either the nay sayers who know not what they speak of or the 1 person out of 50 who got the defective one. They’re upset, and they should be. But overall… THERE ARE MANY, MANY MORE HAPPY AAM WATCH CUSTOMERS THAN UNHAPPY ONES.

    So here’s the deal. These amazing watches are being designed and assembled in China at a quantity and speed that is beyond belief. The shear magnitude of all the processes which it takes to design, market, build, distribute, and then redistribute them, (never mind all that goes into the auction and payment process as well), is just sick. By the time one makes it onto your wrist, it is probably warm from the friction of BS it took to get it there.

    Due to this fast pace, and the unskilled labor used to keep the prices cheap, a small fraction of watches get overlooked in the final stages of assembly. This is typically when the watch gets oiled, regulated, and is given the once over to make sure it functions properly.

    Another problem seems to be with customer service and repairs. Once again, there are many repairs which I hear of that go smoothly, but some don’t. My only comment here is that AAM is a MARKETING company, not a watch manufacturer or even a retail chain. I would expect a marketing company to be good at the marketing part, but not at the customer service or repair end.

    I still think they are an exceptional buy. If you purchase one, and it has an issue that bothers you, consider bringing it to your local Watchmaker (not a jewelry store) for service. They will do a better job (unless they have a bad attitude).

    Louis Bolle User Group Moderator

  • Reality Check

    At 50 bucks, I would buy one for each day of the week, but not at 100. These are probably going for 40 bucks for a sample and 30 dollars each for large orders.

  • tom


    there is a similar company called always at auction (alwaysatauction.com) with a phone thats very close.

    also, http://www.j-springs.com/distributor.html shows them as a distributor. and that’s a SII ( Seiko brand )

    are these a SEIKO product?

  • Balmers Buyer Beware

    Just received this today from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry August 30, 2007

    Must Read and make your own decision on the E-mail received.

    Thank you very much for your interest in the Swiss watch industry.

    As you may know, Swiss law (Swiss federal Ordinance governing the use of the name “Swiss” or “Switzerland” for watches; please see under http://www.fhs.ch/doc/osme.pdf) gives the criteria which must be met for a watch to be considered as Swiss and to be allowed to bear Swiss indications.

    According to Article 3 of this Ordinance, “the name “Switzerland”, indications such as “Swiss”, “Swiss product”, “manufactured in Switzerland”, “Swiss quality” or other appellations which contain the name “Swiss” or “Switzerland” or which may be confused therewith may be used solely for Swiss watches or Swiss watch movements”.

    Article 1a of the Ordinance states that a watch may be considered as Swiss if, and only if it fulfils the following minimum criteria:

    1. Its movement is Swiss; 2. its movement is cased up in Switzerland, and 3. the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland.

    Furthermore, Article 2 of the Ordinance defines the Swiss watch movement as the movement which: 1. has been assembled in Switzerland, and; 2. has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland, and; 3. the components of Swiss manufacture make up for at least 50 percent of the value, without considering the cost for assembly.

    According to article 3 of this law, in case the watch only contains a Swiss movement but does not comply with the other requirements, the dial may only bear the indication “Swiss movement”. The word “movement” must appear written out in full in the same type-face, dimension and colour as the appellation “Swiss”.

    In other words, a watch bearing the name “Swiss” or “Swiss made” on its dial should not only contain a Swiss movement, but this movement should be cased up in Switzerland and the Swiss manufacturer should have performed the final inspection of the watch.

    Swiss law territorial scope of application is of course limited to Switzerland in principle, but thanks to some bilateral treaties, this law is also applicable in some European countries. Furthermore, the Federation is very keen to protect Swiss denominations when associated with watches, especially in the USA, where we have registered certifications marks for the words “Swiss” and “Swiss made”.

    Having said that, we know that some unscrupulous sellers and/or producers are using Swiss names on watches in an illegitimate manner. Thus, buying Swiss watches through official dealers is the only secure way to ensure that you get a truly Swiss watch.

    The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH is the Swiss watch industry’s leading trade association. We are a private, professional, and non-profit association, currently bringing together more than 500 members representing more than 90% of all Swiss watch manufacturers. All the major Swiss watch brands are members of our Federation (please visit our website at http://www.fhs.ch/en).

    Balmer is not a member of our Federation. You will see on Balmer website that they are trying to create a link with the brand Colomb & Balmer and Badollet. I can confirm to you that the trademark Colomb & Balmer is registered in Switzerland by the Swiss company Badollet SA, which has nothing to do with the watches advertised on the website http://www.balmerwatches.com. In fact they are not very happy with this situation! Furthermore, in 2004 we had analyze in our laboratory one of the watches advertised on the website http://www.balmerwatches.com, and we found out that this watch did not even contain a Swiss movement. The Domain Name balmerwatches.com has been registered by the US company Alwaysatmarket, 1545 Capital Drive Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75006. This company is selling different brands of watches (very similar to Balmer) exclusively on the Internet and especially on auction sites. They create artificial links with Switzerland on their websites. Furthermore, the watches are advertised with high retail prices (over 3’000 US$) but then sold in the end for a couple of hundred US$ (please see the forum on this issue: https://www.fratellowatches.com/archives/2004/11/16/another-scam ).

    I would then recommend the strongest caution regarding Balmer watches.

    Hoping that this information will be useful to you, and staying at your service, please receive my best regards.

    Vincent Stauffer

    Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH
    Vincent Stauffer
    Legal Department
    CH-2501 Bienne
    Tel +41 (0)32 328 08 28; Fax +41 (0)32 328 08 80

  • Znkp

    Recently, a friend showed me ubid.com and once day I went there and placed a bid of $50 on the first watch I liked. I did not even read properly, which means that while I should have placed a bid of $37, I did put $50 (so much to say for my intelligence!). I did not expect to win it, but since there were 49 watches on auction, I got a mail within 4 hours telling me that I won. So it cost be about $60 to get a watch. It was a Romilly watch.

    When the watch arrived, I was bit nervous (I had even told my colleagues that probably I would get a plastic watch!), but it turned out to be a nice watch: good vintage looks, nice leather strap, heavy,attributes I like in a watch. It has been 3 weeks and the watch is still doing fine. Actually, I wear Prague, Esprit etc. brands, but this Romilly of mine is the one watch, which makes people look at it and ask me as to how much it cost me, or from where I bought it.

    I had planned to buy a Tissot for my birthday, but now I am instead bidding on an SUG. I can buy the Brown one right now for about $50, but I would instead wait for the black one.

    In a world where a pair of $6.49 sunglasses has better UV protection than a $300 one (I am not making it, Wikipedia has a reference on this study!), where many bottled mineral water is apparently processed tap water (not that it is any worse, but just that it is processed tap water. again I’m not making it, I saw a TV report), I am happy with my $65 Romilly that looks great, works fine and on which people compliment me.

  • Mike

    Bought a Louis Bolle. The Richard II. Nice looking watch. I was happy with it for 6 whole weeks then it stopped working. The looks are nice but the Chinese movements are still the junk they have always been. Don’t believe they are better maede now, they are not. Spend your money elsewhere.

  • If you LOVE these watches, please goto; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LOUISBOLLE/ and join the Louis Bolle User Group on Yahoo where we can talk about them without bothering those that dislike them.


  • Emily

    I just paid $33 for a Tavan and I am waiting to see which side of this debate I will rest. For $33 who cares, but I must say…I was a bit deceived when I went to the website. Interesting stuff at this discussion board. Oh yeah, by the way, I buy knock off handbags BUT I also own the real deal and I enjoy it all…bottom line.

  • Jon

    I own three louis bolle models that I bought off of ebay. Two of the three worked perfectly out of the box (Dune and Proctor). The third (Glacier) woundnt stay wound so I sent it to AAM for servicing. Even though the warranty didnt apply for this watch, they fixed it and sent it back free of charge. That tells me this company is legit. Personally I like the style of some of these watches and they work well. They are definately worth $100. I toyed with the idea of getting a Tag Heuer, but couldnt justify the price, I’m just not that impressed with them.

  • James

    Does anyone know any contact information on where I can directly get these watches? I have contact AAM, but they will not directly deal with me nor give me any information on where I can get them. I would like to sell them in my local watch shop. But, I do not have time for auctions. I really like the quality to price ratio of many of them. Few of them are poorly made, but many I have brought are pretty impressive. Anyone with any contact information on where I can directly get more of these watch at a large quantity, please email me at luckjames777@yahoo.com. Thank you, James

  • Hi…
    I bought a Trias and can only tell you that it is almost once a week someone will comment on the watch and where did I get it. The Trias is an automatic and does not keep perfect time but with a regular wind and daily wear, this watch will keep time correctly. The only issue is that even though it is a self winder and I walk at work, it does require a wind now and then and will keep acceptable time. It is not a battery watch! So, the perception of quality is that you will have a unique watch for just over $100.00 US and people will notice this watch. So you just enjoy it when you wear it. It is not a super high end watch but a daily wear watch that you can enjoy. I have not found this watch other than eBay.

  • david

    I bought a SUG on ebay for 67$. It’s not arrived yet but the fact that I’m writing these words means that I’ve done a bit of homework before purchasing!
    1. from feedback I’ve read on this site, at least the watches arrive to the customers.
    2. Most of the buyers seem happy with their purchase.
    3. Some buyers even got replacements for faulty watches.
    4. The designs of all the brands mentioned are impressive
    5. Most watches are between 50$-150$


    It’s my first automatic watch and I think these brands are worth a bash. What’s the alternative for this price range? A cronky Orient? A boring looking Seiko?
    Maybe a plastic Swatch?

    The seller on ebay answered every question I asked and seemed far from being a scam man. The fact that they’re made in China doesn’t mean much at all. Check your Nike trainers and see where they’re made, you’ll be lucky if they ARE made in China.

  • Scottie

    Fine, cast a positive light on the subject then David…

    Good, positive, points I think…

  • miki

    i own an LB watch who suppose to be 30 metters water resist.
    can anyone tell me if its safe to go swim with it?
    like to 1 meter deep water?

  • Psychology101

    After slogging through all of the comments on this forum, I’ve noticed striking similarities in just about *all* of the positive comments on these watches. I’m fairly certain that all of these glowing reviews about the watches are coming from the same person, or the same group of people, who is or who are most likely the owner of the company importing and selling these “exclusive” watches. If you look at the positive reviews they share the following things:

    1) Many come from watch “collectors” claiming to own several of the scam watches (which are almost always listed by model), and many more recognizable brands. They throw in a few impressive sounding credentials (a Master’s in business, a collector of fine watches, etc.) to make themselves appear to be a legitimate enthusiast of this ridiculous brand

    2) They trash-talk recognizable and expensive brands (if they’re so crappy, why in the world did these “collectors” bother to shell out $20k for them in the first place? it doesn’t make sense)

    3) They admit that these watches are most likely a scam, but rationalize the “capitalistic” marketing schemes as “clever” (just because a marketing scheme is “clever” does not mean it’s legal…conmen are clever, but they still screw people over)

    4) They have an excess of awkward and ridiculous lingo (who identifies themselves as an “informed buyer”?? someone who is trying to sound legitimate because they are, in fact, NOT legitimate)

    5) They throw in exhorbitant prices so that the $120 for the LB watch seems cheap in comparison

    6)A number suggest that these watches will gain value in the near future or are already doing so

    7) ALL of them mention how many compliments the buyer has received on the watch. Who walks around complimenting and noticing watches so frequently? Are watches purchased in order to get compliments? Or are they purchased because they keep good time?

    8) Similar tone and style in most of them. Notice over-usage of “in my opinion” or “but that’s just one person’s opinion”, as well as the phrase “I must say”.

    There’s more, but this is getting a bit long. The bottom line, though: if someone is so pleased with their watch, what are they doing scouring a scam-alert forum’s comments and adding in their glowing reviews? When I’m happy with a product, particularly a piece of jewelry or a watch, I don’t google it or go on to forums to talk about how much I like it. The majority of the people who come to these forums are NOT satsified customers, but concerned buyers. Beware of the positive feedback in here. More likely than not, they are the opinion of the same person, and that’s the person who is making the profit here. And I imagine it’s quite a profit. I can say that because the watch I bought from this manufacturer stopped working within one day of my receipt of it. The supposed leather band is cheap, shoddy, and uncomfortable. Definitely not high quality. I think $15 would be a reasonable price, purely for ornamental value. Throwing away $85 sure does hurt. Perhaps the “watch aficionado” on here doesn’t mind throwing his money away, but I certainly do, and it makes me mad that this person is making money with his scam. Capitalist does not equal scam-artist, and I hope people realize that. BUYER BEWARE.

  • florabama john

    How does one value a watch? Attorneys I have worked with are so very proud of their $20,000 watches. I don’t get it. I’ve always just bought fashion watches in the past (Gucci, Hugo Boss, Burberry). But for $200, I now have a watch that looks just as cool as theirs, but I saved $19,800 to put towards a Yamaha Disklavier Piano. The wife is happy. I’m happy. And, I don’t have the slightest hard feelings that I didn’t pay $5000-plus for a watch.

  • illini wes

    If they are made of good quality stuff and workmanship, they could catch on and people may be willing to pay those high prices. the smart thing for the maker to do would be to stop production after the first flood of them. If they are high quality, people will be demanding more of them.

  • illini wes

    i got the watch 6 hours ago and it is 5 minutes fast since then…..

  • Joe II

    I just received my Tavan Norman yesterday. I paid a whopping $72.00 for it. I immediately set it to the same time as my $400.00 Citizen Eco Drive. More then 24 hours later, it is still on time with my Citizen. Besides the time keeping, it looks great! Very expensive looking, solid design. I’m very happy with my purchase. I have 2 Bernoulli’s on the way and I’m sure I will love them as well.

  • Joe II

    In response to #224 … I was looking for a place where I could look at other watches by the same manufacturer so I “Googled” the watch. I came across this forum and decided to read some of the comments. I can assure you that I am only one person, not someone pretending to be many satisifed customers. If they would publish my email address, you would see. I can’t speak for everyone else but I just added my comments for those who may be researching the products … thought I might be able to help. BTW … your name is Oliver Stone is it? I just thought with all of the conspiracy theory stuff …. lol.

  • Dan

    Just received this today from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry August 30, 2007

    Must Read and make your own decision on the E-mail received.

    Thank you very much for your interest in the Swiss watch industry.

    As you may know, Swiss law (Swiss federal Ordinance governing the use of the name ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss?¢‚Ǩ¬ù or ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwitzerland?¢‚Ǩ¬ù for watches; please see under http://www.fhs.ch/doc/osme.pdf) gives the criteria which must be met for a watch to be considered as Swiss and to be allowed to bear Swiss indications.

    According to Article 3 of this Ordinance, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìthe name ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwitzerland?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, indications such as ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss product?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìmanufactured in Switzerland?¢‚Ǩ¬ù, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss quality?¢‚Ǩ¬ù or other appellations which contain the name ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss?¢‚Ǩ¬ù or ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwitzerland?¢‚Ǩ¬ù or which may be confused therewith may be used solely for Swiss watches or Swiss watch movements?¢‚Ǩ¬ù.

    Article 1a of the Ordinance states that a watch may be considered as Swiss if, and only if it fulfils the following minimum criteria:

    1. Its movement is Swiss; 2. its movement is cased up in Switzerland, and 3. the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland.

    Furthermore, Article 2 of the Ordinance defines the Swiss watch movement as the movement which: 1. has been assembled in Switzerland, and; 2. has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland, and; 3. the components of Swiss manufacture make up for at least 50 percent of the value, without considering the cost for assembly.

    According to article 3 of this law, in case the watch only contains a Swiss movement but does not comply with the other requirements, the dial may only bear the indication ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss movement?¢‚Ǩ¬ù. The word ?¢‚Ǩ?ìmovement?¢‚Ǩ¬ù must appear written out in full in the same type-face, dimension and colour as the appellation ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss?¢‚Ǩ¬ù.

    In other words, a watch bearing the name ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss?¢‚Ǩ¬ù or ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss made?¢‚Ǩ¬ù on its dial should not only contain a Swiss movement, but this movement should be cased up in Switzerland and the Swiss manufacturer should have performed the final inspection of the watch.

    Swiss law territorial scope of application is of course limited to Switzerland in principle, but thanks to some bilateral treaties, this law is also applicable in some European countries. Furthermore, the Federation is very keen to protect Swiss denominations when associated with watches, especially in the USA, where we have registered certifications marks for the words ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss?¢‚Ǩ¬ù and ?¢‚Ǩ?ìSwiss made?¢‚Ǩ¬ù.

    Having said that, we know that some unscrupulous sellers and/or producers are using Swiss names on watches in an illegitimate manner. Thus, buying Swiss watches through official dealers is the only secure way to ensure that you get a truly Swiss watch.

    The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH is the Swiss watch industry?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s leading trade association. We are a private, professional, and non-profit association, currently bringing together more than 500 members representing more than 90% of all Swiss watch manufacturers. All the major Swiss watch brands are members of our Federation (please visit our website at http://www.fhs.ch/en).

    Balmer is not a member of our Federation. You will see on Balmer website that they are trying to create a link with the brand Colomb & Balmer and Badollet. I can confirm to you that the trademark Colomb & Balmer is registered in Switzerland by the Swiss company Badollet SA, which has nothing to do with the watches advertised on the website http://www.balmerwatches.com. In fact they are not very happy with this situation! Furthermore, in 2004 we had analyze in our laboratory one of the watches advertised on the website http://www.balmerwatches.com, and we found out that this watch did not even contain a Swiss movement. The Domain Name balmerwatches.com has been registered by the US company Alwaysatmarket, 1545 Capital Drive Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75006. This company is selling different brands of watches (very similar to Balmer) exclusively on the Internet and especially on auction sites. They create artificial links with Switzerland on their websites. Furthermore, the watches are advertised with high retail prices (over 3?¢‚Ǩ¬?000 US$) but then sold in the end for a couple of hundred US$ (please see the forum on this issue: https://www.fratellowatches.com/archives/2004/11/16/another-scam ).

    I would then recommend the strongest caution regarding Balmer watches.

    Hoping that this information will be useful to you, and staying at your service, please receive my best regards.

    Vincent Stauffer

    Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH
    Vincent Stauffer
    Legal Department
    CH-2501 Bienne
    Tel +41 (0)32 328 08 28; Fax +41 (0)32 328 08 80

  • david

    My sug watch arrived.
    It came with everything. I must admit, that I admire the craftsmanship of these watches.

    I bought a sug shadow skeleton watch. Keeps time fine.
    (has gained 1 minute in a month)
    For this price range, no one should complain.

  • chris

    i got a loius bolle as a christmas gift and was also shocked to see what my brother spent 2495! So needless to say i didnt want to tell him the watch was broken, so i went online and started seeing to my horror ebay selling these watches for such small sums. then of course i come accross this information all of you are sharing and i am at odds as to what to say to my brother. i hope he found the watch for cheap too! i must say, the design is beautiful, although i do not know the name of the model. anyway, can anyone share an email addresss for the company so i can communicate with someone there, in texas, or russia, or china. wow what a racket!!

  • Doesn’t Matter

    I agree that $3000 for this watch is not true. What would you say if the MSRP was $300 and selling for the same price on Ebay that it does now? You wouldn’t be complaining, would you? The high MSRP is just to get your attention. But whoever says this watch should cost $15 is crazy and obviously has no idea about current markets.

    If you buy in huge quantities, the simplest and cheapest automatic movement with a date will cost you at least $25. Strap – $4. Stainless Steel Case – $8. Stainless steel deployment buckle – $3. To assemble everything and then test the watch – I don’t know, probably a few bucks as well. Don’t forget paying people, paying rent, buying equipment – basic overhead. So if just the wholesale parts for a SIMPLE Watch cost $40, wouldn’t you think that paying $100 is fair? Don’t forget that the watches they produce are NOT SIMPLE and most have many complications (no, I am not trying to throw in a impressive word), and movement probably costs double the price of a simple one.

    I’ve had a Duboule watch with Date, Day, Month and 24hour day/night indicator for over 2 years now. Keeps perfect time.

    I prefer wearing it as an every day watch because I don’t feel bad banging it. I did feel bad when I dropped by Rolex Seadweller. I also own a Gevril, Ulysse Nardin and an IWC, but they just lay their in a watch box collecting dust so that I can wear them out sometimes on the weekends. But the Duboule watch is my every day watch. Where I work I can’t come in wearing any of those expensive watches because people don’t get it. But when someone says something stupid as to why I paid so much money for a watch I point them to Ebay and they see that I only paid around $100 or less for my duboule.

    I recently bought a Marcel Poucet (The dual time model) and I love it. Looks great with jeans and I always wanted a dual time watch. I am starting to wear this one more often now. Keeps perfect time.

    Basically I had no problem with.

    I don’t know if Marcel Poucet is another one of Always At Auction “scams”, but at $100 I don’t care.

  • Peter

    I have purchased several SUG, Louis Bolle and a Picard and Cie. All of them run perfectly thus far. I have nto received the SUG yet, but am very anxious for it to arrive.

    All watches made now pretty much share movements. From Tags to Seikos, it is all essentially the same companies making the watches guts. This was told to me by my wife’s jeweler who provides her diamond needs. He will not deal in watches any longer because of this.

    Enjoy your time piece.

  • CPS

    I bought a Louis Bolle Seward for $90+$15s/h.
    I was planning to keep it, but I’m returning
    for 3 reasons:
    1) It is too heavy. Nobody here mentions about the
    weight of these watches. The Seward model is big and
    2) I removed the watch at 9pm when I got home. Next
    morning the watch stopped at 7am. So it seems that
    with no movement it will work for about 10 hours.
    This is not good. I don’t want to keep adjusting
    the time every time I remove it for more than 10
    3) The Stainless Steal band scratches easily.

  • happy

    I own several of these ‘fake’ watches according to you folks and I tell you what. Regardless of your opinions or findings on them to be worth a few hundred dollars I find them to be quite posh and even elegant looking. I haven’t had any issues with time adjusting. I have them in a nice watch winder that keeps them on time. I was at lunch today and receieved a compliment from an older gentleman wearing a $5000 rolex. A REAL Rolex yes. He said “Now, THAT is a nice time piece…”. I rest my case. If you can touch it, wear it on your wrist it’s not a fake watch. I’ll continue to buy these kinds of watches rather than spending the money on your diesel watch that has to fit in that ‘trendy’ scenester setting. I’d rather blind someone with the polished chrome of one of my Balmers… Thank you very much.


  • dk65

    I am a proud owner of many top quality timepieces, I have two Genuine Rolex Watches both were my Dad?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s and both top of the range timepieces, I have a two Gold Rotary Watch which is a very nice timepiece too, and only the other day my Son bought me this LOUIS BOLLE STEEL BALANCE WHEEL LUXURY WATCH Recommended price is $2,995, He got it for less then ?Ǭ£150.00 UK Pounds with delivery , I was amazed by the quality of the timepiece, I would recommend this watch to anyone who likes good quality timepieces to buy on of these watches, I?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢m now looking at buying a Wohler timepiece another great watch for the price,

  • Robin Davis

    Re- LOUIS BOLLE STEEL BALANCE WHEEL LUXURY WATCH Recommended price is $2,995

    Louis Bolle Watches are now sold in London & Chester Omega / watch stores, They are genuine high range quality watches at a very good price, If you took an average watch, you would get the odd few faulty, send them back to Louis Bolle and they will fix you up great company with some very good watches,

    <IMG src=”http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/4/2/6/1/7/6/webimg/102673315_tp.jpg”

  • Robin Davis

    Louis Bolle Watches are being sold at Rolex Shop in Chester UK and Rolex at Crewe Cheshire, I don’t think Rolex would sell anyold watch do you?

  • Fiona Russle

    Another scam??? ?¢‚Ǩ?ìI don’t think so?¢‚Ǩ¬ù Why would you say that?

    Is it because they are selling them at affordable price’s,…..

    The Louis Bolle Watches are very high standards in watch making & the quality is of the very best among any quality watch & Yes they are “Swiss Made” ,

    (It sounds to me that you’ve bought one of the Louis Bolle watches at top whack from someone and then found out you can get them at reasonable prices? Or you?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢re a watch maker yourself & your trying to give the Louis Bolle Watch a bad press)

    As the Gentleman above has quoted the Louis Bolle watches can be bought along side Rolex, Tags, and Breitling Watches, throughout the UK, All Louis Bolle are top quality watches, Buy one now before prices rise you won’t be disappointed

  • watchguy

    I have bought and sold a ton of these watches.
    For years I’ve bought Rolex and Breitling for
    1000’s of $$$ and they are wonderful watches
    for $50 I’m wearing a SUG that keeps great time
    and gets more attention than the Swiss watches.
    Always at Market is a great site, my only problem
    is they stopped sending the factory boxes a while
    ago. Of course as of the 7th they are gone anyway

  • Sim Ltr

    I bought a Louis Bolle watch from York City yesterday & they are selling like hotcakes, Prows & cons from what I can see, PROWS: wonderfully crafted watch, Very good price I paid ?Ǭ£450.00 for the LOUIS BOLLE STEEL BALANCE WHEEL LUXURY WATCH Recommended price is $2,995, came in a large leather showcase, along with registration certificate top quality polished stainless steel , I dropped it on the floor the first day and no marks shown very tough watch, last but not least its an eye catcher, everyone at the pub wanted it. CONS: If you like light weight watches this is not for you, its extremely heavy, & you know you?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ve worn it at the end of the day it?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s a relief to get it off your wrist, I guess most people like heavy watches though.

  • Jason

    post #224 it’s true about the “I must say” and “in my opinion” quotes in a few of the comments. It doesn’t take Oliver Stone to see that something aint right.

  • Chicken Soop

    I bought Tavan watches over a year ago for myself and my wife. I have to say I am amazed at the quality. Wearing them 1 year and no scratches, nothing wrong, perfect time. When or if they ever wear out, I’ll be dealing with Tavan again.

    Excellent watch.

  • Simon Drake

    RE-POST 243 : I think Oliver Stone is the one who’s doing all the posting here, then he makes out its scammers who’s posting poss feedback, what one will do to try frame other, If your happy with the timepie ce you’ve bought then wear it with pride, Why pay ?Ǭ£1,000’s of pounds on a Rolex timepiece when you can get a Top class A1 Replica for less then ?Ǭ£200 UK Pounds. FACT most of the top watchmakers are being fooled by the top quality FAKE timepieces being made, It goes to show just who is the fraudsters here & thats the all so called top brand watchmakers, Hay don’t take my word, Make your own mind up.

  • Yane Tabilero

    Just bought Louis Bollie watch it lookes & feels $1,000’s of dollars, it shows my Tag up I’m now looking at buying more of the Bollie collection great watch for a great price

  • Fifi Dior

    I bought my boyfriend a LOUIS BOLLE – ROYALTY – SOLOMON – MECHANICAL SILVER WHITE, 190mm x 20mm stainless steel bracelet Double-folding bush buckle. This watch is the finest I have seen yet. I paid $390.00 USD = 246.398 EUR , Given away; cool looking watch it looks way over the $2,495 RRP

  • derrick

    I just like to say i have to admire to marketing stragy here, it is brilliant. I bought a Ramses watch for $89.99 US and I knew something was up, but the timepiece is beautiful, and who’s to say what the msrp should and shouldn’t be. I’d never pay $2500 dollars for it, but I still think it was a bargain at the price. As far as some feeling ripped off…sorry if you thought you were really getting a watch worth thousands of dollars, and i’m even more sorry if you really paid that. I think they are worth the money and just ordered my second one

  • If anyone is interested, the Louis Bolle User Group on Yahoo has over 525 members who love these watches, and love to talk about them.

    Feel free to join and tell us about your Louis Bolle watch (or watches… most LB owners have several)

  • New Buyer

    I just bought a Rousseau Largo watch today. So far everything is running spot on but it hasn’t been a day yet. I don’t own any Swiss or high quality watches but I do have a Seiko and I have them running side by side along with the time on my mobile phone. Time is the true test so for any updates hit me up at octaviozacatecas@yahoo.com and let’s see what it does.

  • Walt G.

    I have bought 17 various watches, SUG, Wohler, LB,etc, from Drew on E-Bay, and everyone of them works extremly well, and are accurate. For the price, and where they are made, heck, both my citizens are made in china. I feel the designs are alot for the money, and really arent that badly made. I’ve got 17 of them to prove it.

  • Trixie

    Louis Bolle is a downright scam. I bought a very good-looking watch for my boyfriend last October and right away the finish on the leather band started wearing away which is ridiculous for a supposed thousand dollar watch (granted I only paid $200, but still). It eventually started running weird and broke all together last month. I tried to use the warranty to try to get it fixed but was unable to access the website and found out there is no way to get in touch with the company. They’re garbage and I am so disappointed that I can’t get that money back. Please spend your money elsewhere. It’s worth it to pay an extra couple of dollars on a watch that will be reliable. However, if you don’t care that your watch breaks within a year, go for it.

  • vince

    after reading all thos i was looking for a lb citadel (2006 collection) still want one but must be in good condition

  • Jim

    I have bought several of these watches like Tavan, S.U.G, Rommelly and Rousseau and every one of them works great. I agree that the msrp is a little bogus but the most i paid is 83.00 and that includes shipping and handeling.

  • I recently bought a tavan watch from ubid- after seeing a couple of my co-workers with them- they absolutely rave about the tavan watches- of course the MSRP is way too high but I love this watch and comparing to jewelers – this same watch that I paid 26.00 for would have cost close to 425 with them for comparable looks – it keeps great time looks good- what more does one want with a watch- if it works you’ve made it- in comparison i own a citizen eco- 500 for a watch that was constantly breaking that you had to ship back to them – and pay the shipping plus the cost of repair(always around 75-125) as far as i’m concerned- i made out a lot better than going to a jeweler with so called warranties- most warranties from the name companies aren’t worth the paper they are written on!

  • Wes

    Why pay a couple or even a hundred for these dubious brands when you can find a very good used condition Tag, Omega or Movado for about $200. These fine watches are of established quality and reputation, respected for their inner workings rather than their fancy looks.

  • Alex

    A while ago I bought myself a nice-looking “Louis Bolle Glacier” w/black dial, for about $200 on Ebay. This bloody watch wasn’t accurate at all from the very start: it was about 1+ minute late every day!

    After 8-9 months it just stopped, and that seems to be the end of it. Voila! No more “LB” and other Chinese watches for me, despite their appealing design…

  • Drew

    Alex- sorry to hear that, BUT, I’d like to use your example to go over a few things for everyone OK?:
    #1. You bought it from an UNAUTHORIZED “RE”SELLER/outlet on Ebay.
    I know that for a FACT, because my company was- and still is to this day even though we currently don’t (business decision based on profitability and other not so cool decisions/factors..won’t go there;)- the ONLY company that was ever authorized to sell these watches, DIRECT FROM THE DISTRIBUTOR, there on Ebay.
    **In my listings, I NEVER put the “MSRP” and I even warned trustings Buyers about buying from “Unauthorized Resellers”!! You know what??? IT DIDN’T- AND STILL DOESN’T MATTER!!! Folks just keep buying them from no matter where or from whom!!!! Crazy, isn’t it?????
    #2. You paid WAYYY too much.
    #3. That’s a 2006 model year watch- it may have been sitting in that person’s living room for quite some time before you bought it! Heck, who knows HOW many people owned it before you got it, right?? =:0
    #3. If you had only paid $50-75 and knew what you were buying from the start, you would NOT be here, correct? 🙂

    Now, let’s ask some follow-up questions, OK? For ALL to read……

    #1. What was your education level BEFORE you bought this watch??
    That is, did you know it was a Chinese made timepiece with a Sea-gull TY-601 movement? Did you Google to find out info on the Brand? (My bet is “No”, right? 😉 (If you knew all of this, then you shouldn’t have posted your post)
    #2. Did you get the 1-Year Original Manufacturer’s Warranty with this watch? Did you ask? Did you CARE?
    #3. Did you follow-up with the Ebay Seller for resolution/service??
    #4. Did you just want this watch because you thought you were getting a steal on an attractive timepiece for ONLY $200?

    What I’m getting at is that there is now PLENTY of information out here on the Internet for folks like you- and ALL of us- to be more informed, EDUCATED, NON-IMPULSE CONSUMERS! 🙂
    These watches are what they are: a viable, cost-effective, Chinese-made solution for wearing a timepiece on your wrist with LOOKS AND FEATURES that the MAINSTREAM POPULACE still does not wear!
    I own MANY of these watches- LB’s, Wohler, Romilly, Eberle, DuBoule, SUG, Rousseau, Bernoulli, et al.- both auto’s & quartzes- that I’ve NEVER had a serious performance issue with!

    For everyone who reads this- PLEASE GET EDUCATED BEFORE YOU BUY!!
    Don’t buy something and then just point the finger and blame everyone and everything that led up to that point! (ALL Chinese made watches?? Do you truly know the real extent of what that means??? 😉 Remember, when you point your finger, the other 3 fingers on your hand are pointing back at you! 😉 (Really, they do! 🙂
    Any questions, let me know.

  • Oly Abbey

    Does anyone know where I can send a Chinese tourbillon watch for repair? It cost a thousand bucks. My local watch repair shop won’t touch it!

  • munding

    just bought recently a louis bolle henry I skeleton silver white – black. hoping it will arrive sooner than expected (paid another 30.30usd just to have it shipped on the philippines). i hope it will not let me down

    will post comments on the watch soon after ived recieved it. good day to all

  • I just found this website and blog about these watches. I must say, I am pretty amazed at the talk about these watches. I just recently stumbled upon them on SHOPNBC.COM. I was really amazed at the MSRP. I went on to their website and noticed their prices and how nice the timepieces were.

    I have bought a total of 5 watches. Two Rousseau and three Wohlers. I have received all except for the Wohler Skeleton.

    Now, I have read just about all the comments on this page. Overall, we all have our opinions about these watches. If any of us actually thought that we were getting a 1000.00 dollar watch for 40 or 50 bucks on an auction. You need to be shot. Come on people!!!! If this was true, how many watches dealers would be on the net trying to get these watches.

    Overall, it appears that the discussion is about the MSRP. Well, given the watches probably aren’t worth from 695.00 – 1395.00. However, if they said the watch was worht 250.00-350.00, how many of us would still be buying them on auctions because we like the timepiece? They have either mineral or saphire crystal, the case is oversized, automatic, leather straps and a great appearance. The watches that I have bought have all been heavy and comfortable.

    The most I paid for one of these watches was 68.00 dollars with shipping on SHOPNBC.COM.

    I am pleased so far with the watch. I have received a lot of compliments. Actually, I have received more compliments about these watches than I have about the Croton, Nautica or Citizen that I own.

    I will continue to buy these watches as gift or even for myself. So for those that think they are cheap or rip offs, better luck watch hunting.

  • gary

    I have to leave my 2 cents. These watches are gorgeous. I paid $135 for mine back in 2005. The invisible clasp broke though. Out of all my watches it is my favorite. I get more compliments on it than any other. And it is the cheapest of all my other watches. So is it worth it. Absolutely! Is it a scam. No. Not if they keep putting out these beautiful watches. Now if only I could get them to send me a new clasp I’d wear it everyday again.

  • well,

    I find myself leaving another posting about these watches. I must admit I am very surprised by the outcome of the watches. Two of the watches (the ones I kept) did not turn out to good. The Wohler Fromm lost the date hand. I was wearing the watch and noticed a gold piece next to the 2 on the dial. I could not figure out where it came from until I look for the date and noticed that all the numbers were there, but not hand to indicate the date.

    The other Wohler was the Skeleton (rosetone). Very attractive watch. However the automatic mechanism made a very loud and winding noise. I have several automatic and none made that noise.

    I contact Wohler and they sent my a UPS label within an hour via e-mail. I contacted them today and they gave me the option of replacing the watch or a refund. I asked for a refund.

    So, they other 3 watches I used as gifts. I hope they turned out better because they are really nice looking watches. I doubt that I will continue to buy these watches as I had posted earlier.

  • Don Dombrowsky

    As an owner of Omega and Rolex watches, I was looking for an everyday timepiece that was functional, attractive and keeps good time. I wear the highend watches at more formal functions.
    In late 2005 I bought an OMIKRON EXCALIBER. With the exception of one cleaning, the watch runs perfectly. I am pleased and will buy another one of these watches.

  • sylvia

    does anyone have access to an watch invoice from Montres Allison, I need to verify authenticity. Thanks please e mail me to mas1sxa@ups.com

  • KevinP

    Wait just a second here! Did I miss something, or is everyone complaining for no reason here? LB makes a wonderful watch. They stand behind their craftsmanship and will replace any watch that has even a small problem (like a fingerprint behind the glass). These are not cheap china watches that you can pick up on the streets of NYC by no means. They are LOW PRICED, but somehow that does not mean bad quality with this company. They are finely crafted out of top grade materials. I agree with the company website’s pricing. If you went to a store and tried to buy this watch after every jewelry middle mans markup, then you could expect to pay $1,800 – $4,000 for one. You are lucky and have found a creative company that actually cares about your wallet. Reward them with your purchaces.

    I bought a ramses I for $70. The retail is $1560. I am taking it to my local watch appraser very soon for an honest apprasial (something that no one else on this site has bothered to do btw). I am not in the watch business, but I am a precious metal dealer (platinum, gold, some silver) and I see these sort of things pass by me every day, and I feel very confident that $1,100-$1,300 would be an honest price to pay for the watch that I purchaces if I had went to a dealer. This watch is not only a timepiece, but an investment. Reward this company for what they are doing for you, don’t put them down because they are not robbing you blind like many others.

  • KevinP

    btw, I forgot to add that the Lb watch you bought 2-3 years ago and the one that you can buy now are not the same! They have really improved their watches. Here is a list from the official Lb yahoo group.


    “Some of the things that you can expect to see from these upgrades are;
    > > >
    > > > ;Much more substantial, very high quality metal bracelets with
    > > > individual link pieces, not fake links that only “look” like
    > > > individual pieces.(hopefully, you’ll be able to buy links if needed).
    > > >
    > > > ;Superior deployment clasps (made with Swiss parts, I believe) that
    > > > can endure the Swiss standard of 25kgs of pull.
    > > >
    > > > ;More intricate dials with improved legibility (the new Richard ll,
    > > > for instance, has tiny LB’s all over the dial) Beautiful!
    > > >
    > > > ;Metal movement holders in the cases instead of plastic so the
    > > > movement has a more stable ride.
    > > >
    > > > ;Redesigned night/day indicator wheels. Much nicer than the “stock”
    > > > sun/moon wheels we’re all used to seeing.
    > > >
    > > > ;Much higher quality hands.(this makes a good watch, in my opinion)
    > > >
    > > > ;100% original design watches (from their designers, not OrientWay designs)
    > > >
    > > > These watches will continue to be sold the same way; internet auctions and ShopAtHometv. com, so basically, the customers will still dictate the price, but they’ll be getting a better watch than before. You should also see more designs than ever before

  • You are crazy if you think a watch that cost 1100 – 1600 on their website is going to be sold on an auction for 75-90 dollars. Like you said, you aren’t in the watch business; however do deal with metals.

    I took my Wohler Fromm watch to a dealer for an appraisal. It was appraised between 150-200 dollars. That was before the date hand fell off.

    I contacted Wohler about their watches and where they are made. All they could tell me is that they are made in the Orient. They could not be precise.

    Also, isn’t it kind of weird that Wohler, Tavan, Rousseau, SUG, Romilly, Eberely and other watches spoken of all have the same contact number and address in Carrollton, Texas (outside of Dallas).

  • alex20

    Hey about 2 year afo i bought a Louis Bolle PALISADE 2 watch which i really liked, but then it broke and i sent it away to get it repaired back to LB, over a year has gon and i still have not recieved it back, to be honest i am not keeping my hopes up that it will come back one day but i still want the same watch.

    So does anyone know where i can buy a Louis Bolle PALISADE 2???

  • david borg

    I am one of the ‘idiots’, that bought several of these watches, i.e. LB, Rousseau, Eberl etc. ok they are not the best in the world but then again I paid peanuts for each one of them and all I can say is that they are beautiful, solid timepieces, what lets them down is the finishing, e.g I ve had to open a few of them to clean the crystals from the inside, one watch had something fall off, I just glued it back on, most of the straps are made of boring black leather etc. but overall I am quite happy and just keep them as part of my collection ( I have around 50 at the moment, incl Rolex, Breitling, Oris x 2, etc.) I even sell them if the price is right, back to the LB’s etc., they are indeed made in China, but they are making some very good movements there, even tourbullions, I have recently bought an Invicta and a Lucien Piccard and both have Chinese movements, the one in the former looks great ( Venus re-production), I can’t say how reliable they are cause I hardly ever wear them, the only advise I can give on this subject, is make your research before you buy anything, whatever it may be, because once you buy it more than often than not you will be stuck with it, and please don’t pay more then a $100 for any of the China made watches, unless off course its a tourbullion.

  • david borg

    to the guy who is looking to fix his Chinese tourbullion watch, ( somebody is selling them on Ebay ), this watch was probably made by Seagull watch co., hope this helps, otherwise look for a top watch repairer, they do exist!

  • david borg

    I have a couple of new Louis Bolle watches I want to sell, a Power Reserve and a Jump Hour, both in gold tone s/steel and with leather straps, they can be viewed at http://www.kronoking.com, if anyone is interested please make me an offer, I can be contacted at dborg73@yahoo.com

  • tim

    Quite a while ago I read most of these comments, most of which were complaining about the poor performance and quality of these L/B watches. I am writing this today in support of the watches fine quality and finish. I have two L/B both with steel bracelets and they would take a lot of beating even by the high end well known brands. All I can say is that I am delighted with both my watches which I bought on eBay for literally a fraction of there MRRP. I know the MRRP
    doesnt or shouldn’t mean much to anyone with an ounce of common sense, these figures are I think just plucked out of mid air by unfair people with no scruples hoping someone will be gullible enough to fall for it. It might be that those who have grumbles were unlucky but I am very pleased with mine and if I was in the market for another watch L/B would be one of my first

  • A. Kurniadi

    I have bought LOUISE BOLLE through ebay.When I received it, there is are Serial No., Seller’s Name etc. On belt written “CHINA” and also on box is written made in china. In LB’s card written ” upon receipt, you may register your watch….. …” it is a lie out of whole cloth. I cannot do it !!!
    My conclusion LB is cheap China watch with nice looking. So consider well before you buy it. Be careful, do not swallow the bait.

  • A. Kurniadi

    I have bought LOUISE BOLLE through ebay.When I received it, there are NO Serial No., Seller?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s Name etc. On belt written ?¢‚Ǩ?ìCHINA?¢‚Ǩ¬ù and also on box is written made in china. In LB?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s card written ?¢‚Ǩ¬ù upon receipt, you may register your watch?¢‚Ǩ¬¶.. ?¢‚Ǩ¬¶?¢‚Ǩ¬ù it is a lie out of whole cloth. I cannot do it !!!
    My conclusion LB is cheap China watch with nice looking. So consider well before you buy it. Be careful, do not swallow the bait.

  • A. Kurniadi

    It is with much regret I cancel my comment. On back of watch there is serial no, and finnaly I can open warranty register. If posible I hope moderator can cancel my comment.

  • Fade9150

    Ive bought several LB’s and a SUG Hercules. My first Lb just straight fell apart and my local watch shop (chineese) wouldnt touch it. They said it was all cheap chineese junk parts and they would just break again. I bought a skeleton which has had to have lots of maintance but holds up. The Sug besides the dial falling off has helt up for 2 years and looks great. Ive had sucess with 1 out of 3 LB’s. I think a replica is a better investment if your going for looks and not quality.

  • D. Hodge

    I used to own several Rousseau Watches & after my first 4 watches, I stopped buying them. They are cheap & not of quality. But the most I ever paid was like 70 bucks. So in essence, I got what I paid for. I was ignorant & coming from Fossil, Guess fashion & Kenneth Cole watches. Rousseau Watches are better than Fossil & Kenneth Cole because they are automatic. But a nice automatic watch will cost you at least $200-$300 bucks. My advice would be to start with 32 Degrees watches, Jaques Lemans, Adee Kaye & the cheaper Invicta’s as they will have swiss or japanese mov’ts. The chinese movements are downright appauling. Swiss-made watches will never be sold for under $300.00 bucks (and that is a steal). So just as someone fooled you on Ebay, start giving those crumby watches away as gifts. My dad is getting the last two I own & he will be thrilled as he is a Timex / Casio type of guy.

  • David

    Hi guys, I have some AM watches I’de like to sell, i.e. Louis Bolle, Rousseau, Eberl etc. They can be viewed at http://www.kronoking.com, where you will also find my contact details.

  • Frank V

    I have 4 Louis Bolle watches and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER also I bought S.U.G models as gifts from a ebay seller smark1004 and got outstanding prices everything under $125. I had a 32 Degree model that broke after 9 months from this seller and got a BRAND NEW WATCH in 3 weeks!! I guess it depends on who you buy from some of the resellers have a relationship with the supplier and can get things done. Try smark1004 on ebay if you want a quality watch and a dealer who takes care of their customer. I am VERY SATISIFIED!!

  • angelo D

    I bought an L.B Automatic last December 2009 and I’m very happy with this watch.

    I paid it around $150.00 Canadian. Looks great and I always get compliments on it.
    Remember it’s not the price that counts if you like the watch then it’s perfect. Nobody really cares how much you spend on it as long as your happy.

    Ciao from Montreal

  • joeS

    i purchased a tavan laramie swiss quartz watch from ubid.i paid 58usd for it,the watch is beautiful,well made and keeps great time.i am not a big fan of buying something only because of a brand name.if you want to spend thousands on a rolex,that is fine,but,the time will be the same on my tavan….buy what works….buy what you can afford…..nobody really cares how much you pay,at least i dont.

  • i got an automatic LB skeleton from ebay 2 years ago for $100USD. I have worn it every day with minimal problems. the glass cracked but was replaced for $30 at a local shop. the shop could not believe i only paid $100 for it. he honestly believed it could sell for $1000+. it is accurate to about one minute / month and i will most certainly by another when it finally does die.

    we buy all kinds of alleged “high end” products from china, etc….there’s no reason why they can’t make a decent watch. LB get an A+ for value from me.

  • i have been wearing my bolle watch for 5years and no problems. it’s not ascam to buyat $200 with an msrp much more . what is a scam is buying a watch at $5000 just based on a name

  • bob

    i own several of these watches mostly purchased through SHOPNBC….SUG, Woeler,Rosseau TAVAN, etc..I always get compliments when I wear these watches and they keep accurate time..Remember they say compare the prices with similar features…I also own a number of high end watches from a Movado to a Rolex and honestly I will not pay these steep prices again for these high end watches..I have given them as gifts as well..My wife also owns a number of the ladies watches. Overall, I’m extremely happy about these watches .

  • Had to give my two cents worth on this topic!

    I too recently have discovered this huge Watch Auction venue! So many brands of watches available through these “Auction Sales”. And the same exact brands also available, via this avenue! Rosseau, Romilly, Louis Richard, S.U.G., 32 Degrees, Wohler, Jacot, Tavan, Bernoulli, with an occasional Louis Bolle, Invicta, Croton, Edox, Elini, thrown in! The MSRP shown is definitely a high price bait grabber totally misleading the customer!

    Many of these watch companies I’ve never heard of before? Obviously each company offloaded watches at cost or below cost value, so to at least have a cash flow. This should be telling on their actual manufacturing value! Some watch manufacturers don’t even have a web site anymore? And I can’t find any reason why, like bankruptcy or corporate takeover or a buyout? No info available online too, curious?

    I did fall for a few of these styles! They looked beautiful too, but the MSRP was what swayed my buying decision! Won’t do that again! I don’t believe I got scammed but probably paid a bit over actual cost! At least it wasn’t a huge dollar amount.

    I believe these Auctions still produce a profit too! Especially when several unaware buyers want the same beautiful looking watch, making the bidding price go up! It seems many sell at or around $60-$100+ a watch, with MSRP averaging around $1195. You would think you got a steal of a deal. But you probably paid well over cost!

    Hope this is helpful for the unaware watch buyer! The “Watch Auctions” are mostly unknown no name brands using a high MSRP price rarely applicable to that brand.

  • Dean

    If you want to learn about the Louis Bolle line of watches including where they come from, who distributes them, and why there’s all this hubbub, checkout my LB guide on eBay. Dean


  • C. C.

    I have had Louis Bolle, Jacot, and a few others… I have been happy.. searcging around for the 25 to 55 dollars deals on these watches is fun…. they are not worth the MSRP but are very solidfor the 20 to 200 dollar range… if you look at watches in that price range these watches seem to be a step above. I had LB watch that I wore all the time for years now… i have beat that watch up but it still works great…
    ubid.com has been a good place for these watches ..

    • Scott K

      I must have to agree with you on that one. I have had mine three years and it works perfect. Keeps great time and is still a great looking time piece!

  • duke

    Alex 20 try always at auction .com they have two models up now and they r updated constanjtly. I have even found name brands occasionally. Most r chinese ty movements though. 32 degrees makes a fine watch and Jacot particularly the kigsbridge and the fordham I pd 1-200 at shopnbc when they had them now I have been getting for under 100 consistantly.
    Duke good luck with the Bolle

  • manny

    All the people that are saying the watch is worth more than 20 bucks is full of it and must be working for this piece of garbage company. The watches look nice but are worth crap. Don’t buy! They WILL break!

  • TJ

    I have owned several of these watches for several years and have never had an issue with them. They have worked better than any other watch I have owned. So like a few others have said, if you like it and it keeps time, and you got it for a decent price, what more can you ask for. Besides I don’t have to mortgage my house to get it fixed if it breaks because I accidentally hit it on something while I was wearing it.

    And NO, I do not work for ANY of the companies involved with making these watches!

    I feel that anyone paying full price for the supposedly “real” high-end watches are the ones getting scammed.

  • Well after doing some lengthy research regarding Balmer, Wohler, Louis Richard and Duboule Jarrow Watches I have come to some greater understanding regarding their origination. I placed a bid through Air Force UBid site through AAFES. After receiving the watch I had a watchmaker examine it and found it to be “Made in China”. So I promptly called UBid and requested a return authorization and refund. I explained to the customer service agent, “if I wanted to purchase a watch made in China I would have done so.?¢‚Ǩ¬ù She said nothing to refute the claim. Balmer Watches does not originate in Switzerland. It’s ironic they claim to be Swiss Made and give an elaborate history but come to find, they are not Swiss Made at all. All afore mentioned watches are made in China and imported into the US. The warranty repair location for all these brands is the same;

    Always At Market
    Service Department
    1545 Capital Drive
    Suite 106
    Carrollton, Texas 75006

    This supposed warranty service department is

    After carefully tracing the IP addresses for each supposed manufacture, I found a company “CrystalTech Web Hosting”
    1125 W. Pinnacle Peak Road
    Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85027

    OrgName: CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc.
    OrgID: CRTW
    Address: 1125 W. Pinnacle Peak Road, Suite 103
    City: Phoenix
    StateProv: AZ
    PostalCode: 85027
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    OriginAS: AS14992
    NetHandle: NET-216-119-64-0-1
    Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    RegDate: 2001-04-27
    Updated: 2010-01-25

    RAbuseHandle: ABUSE842-ARIN
    RAbuseName: Abuse
    RAbusePhone: +1-602-263-0300
    RAbuseEmail: abuse@crystaltech.com

    RTechHandle: NOC11316-ARIN
    RTechName: Network Operations Center
    RTechPhone: +1-602-263-0300
    RTechEmail: support@crystaltech.com

    OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE842-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Abuse
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-602-263-0300
    OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@crystaltech.com

    OrgNOCHandle: NOC11316-ARIN
    OrgNOCName: Network Operations Center
    OrgNOCPhone: +1-602-263-0300
    OrgNOCEmail: support@crystaltech.com

    OrgTechHandle: NOC11316-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Network Operations Center
    OrgTechPhone: +1-602-263-0300
    OrgTechEmail: support@crystaltech.com

    Is the host for all mentioned websites along with ?¢‚Ǩ?ìAlways At Market?¢‚Ǩ¬ù;


    which is quite ironic considering their website advertisement. On each site they give elaborate histories and elude to their location of origin but a Balmer they specifically show a map of manufacture origin, which is in Switzerland.

    Don’t be fooled by their unfounded claims and pricing. What you are buying is a Made in China watch. They falsely advertise by not disclosing the country of origin. Balmer further claims the “Balmer Swiss Gents Phoenix II Limited Edition” is a limited addition with a run of

    Black – 125 pieces
    Silver – 100 pieces
    Blue – 125 pieces
    Brown – 125 pieces
    Green – 125 pieces

    I’ve personally counted far more than the 125 pieces from the many dealer and auction sites spread across the internet. They are falsely advertising their location of origin, numbers of limited additions and misleading potential buyers with claims of comparison costs and worth. You’d be lucky to get less than %5 of the suggested retail cost and many time much less. So buyers beware (Caveat Emptor.) Us the old adage “If it looks to good to be true, then it usually is. As of this writing, I’m filing a false advertisement claim against all four importers, which really amounts to one. The most interesting fact is after doing further research I found out all four companies are registered to;

    Always at Market

    John House
    ex 333

    Vice President of Operations
    Frank H. Rusch, Jr.
    ex 313

    John B. Walker, Jr.
    ex 257

    Vice President of Merchandising
    Susan Reding
    ex 229

    Vice President of Sales
    Paul Gardner
    ex 227
    Customer Service (Toll Free)

    Send mail-in repairs to:


    Always at Market
    Attn: Repair Department
    1545 Capital Drive
    Suite 100
    Carrollton, TX 75006 1545 Capital Drive
    Suite 100
    Carrollton, TX 75006
    Phone: 972-242-4045
    Fax: 972-242-7630

    AAM Current Auction Partners Include:

    Shop NBC

    which is how they distribute their Made in China watches among other resources.

    You can view their BBB report at: http://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/internet-shopping/always-at-market-in-carrollton-tx-90033627

    Pay special attention to the customer complaint history!

    I’ll follow up as I find the manufacture in China and their import partners with this in a few days and let you know how it’s going.


  • 007

    Sheesh! You guys amaze me. Suppose you buy a watch that you want to last for many years because you parted with precious money – money that could have been just as easily parted with to procure something useful or necessary (food? powerbill?). Somebody puts up a website that asks in essence ‘do you seriously think quality comes at a fraction of the price? Boy, you stupids deserve to be ripped off. Fortunately for today only for those all who don’t use their brains here’s some cheap crap that comes all the way from the other side of the world by people who neither know nor care anything about you and get paid seven bucks a week behold! a shiny trinket!
    Most Excellent! This shiny trinket has appeared before me as in a dream, beckoning for my purchase. It must have been ordained. a veritable prophecy for I seem to possess just sufficient funds to obtain it. How I hope it will never break like the ones before the quartz ‘revolution’ didn’t break (they did of course, all the time and watch repairs were a thriving industry).
    You actually do want to be ripped off because you want to focus blame on someone or something for all the mistakes you’ve made, for all the previous times you’ve made a bad decision, for all the little things contributing to you imperfect life not working out anything like the way you imagined it would when you were in highschool, for all the broken promises and smashed hopes and dreams that have ground you down into a nowhere dead end job,
    a horrible treeless neighbourhood…
    How can you not see it? Perhaps you’re in denial? The reason that a quality brand watch can command a quality price is not just that persons unknown who may be bank managers, rockstars, lawyers or managing directors can afford – it’s that these people say I am valuable I am vital I always have been I always shall be I deserve something that expresses my self love to myself which I can take on the long journey through the rest of my worthwhile life!
    Buy an El Cheapo watch and declare to the world (who is not really listening) I am an El Cheapo person! (and if the world is not listening then who are you declaring it to besides the reflection in the mirror?

    • bob

      Dude get a grip ur spending too much time on this you in fact have become one of these stupids

    • motorx

       Definitely NOT from a dude calling himself “007” :p  Sheesh yourself Mr. El Cheapo 007 wanna be Omega made in “Ebay” Sheesh Out!!!

  • Jpre9

    I’ve had great results with a pair of Balmer watches (bought 2 of the Little Dipper model shown in the picture with 7 little diamonds and a larger diamond at 12 oclock, at balmerwatches.com) back in 2004. Gained some weight since 04 and decided to just swap watches instead of messing with adding a link back to the bracelet on watch #1.

    The watch(s) are beautiful, keep great time, they’re auto’s so no battery to deal with, sturdy (handle the vibration of long motorcycle rides) and were less than $200.00 each when I bought them through U-Bid.

    Did I get ripped off? No… the watches are every bit as nice as anything from Citizen or Seiko and hundreds less than their top of the line watches.

    After reading down 2/3 years worth of comments I walk away with the impression that the “professional’s” in the business are the ones with the most to lose when someone/anyone discovers what I discovered… why pay 2500.00 at a jewelry store for a nice watch when you don’t have to?

  • abu sayaf

    I bought 2 Louis Bolle watches. I have been wearing them for the last 5 years, never have any problem, but get a lot of compliment. No doubt the MSRP is too high, but for the couple of hundred that I pay, I am satisfied.

  • Chris

    I found this article in searching Louis Bolle after examining my random watch collection and noticing how smooth the ticker movement was and how much better quality it was over my fake rolex and fake omega. (I paid $180 for the fake rolex and $600 for the Omega which was so nice I faked out another Omega owner wearing it who was wearing his similar model and handed it to him.) Just saying it could be chalked up as a marketing scam as I bought mine on Ubid but the watch is wrist powered, smooth motion, and might actually have a “brand name” like Rolex one day. 🙂 Better investment than baseball cards to grab one or two if they become expensive.

  • Rgrg

    I have a couple of these watches as well. The MSRP on the website is misleading but the price you get them for on Ebay is reasonable. Good watches, keep perfect time. And they are very fashionable.

  • Thedford Shanklin

    I have had a Louis Bolle Iceberg power reserve watch for a over seven years.  The watch is very sturdy but there is no way the retail value was what was advertised on UBid where I got the watch.  The watch runs about 10 seconds fast every 24 hours.  I know this is true because I tested it more than once and in my opinion the watch has always ran a little fast.  Better to run fast than slow but 10 seconds per day is jut too much in my opinion. 

    The power reserve has always worked well and the watch is very attractive if you like big thick watches.  The crystal is pretty and the face looks expensive. the bracelet is sturdy but i think the stainless steel coating is a little soft because of the scratching but the watch is very solid.  My stainless steel Seiko automatic does not scratch nearly as much but the color of the Iceberg hides the scratching so it still looks very nice.    I think I paid $150 for the Iceberg so after 7 years of on and off wear it was a decent buy.

  • Chris , If you were wearing a fake omega , Rolex , or any other fake I would be able to tell in a split seconded . don’t believe me come over to my neck of the woods and put your fake beside the real one and I will prove it to you . As for these Bolle Watches being worth what the website claims , I don’t own one but , I can say this , A Watch is only worth what people will pay , I can make a great watch that is as good as any Gevene ,( its the same plant that Movada and Rolex are made in ) As good as the watch is It will only be worth what someone is willing to pay for it . If people stopped paying 25K or more for the Gevene watches , then you would see the prices go down , or they would go out of business.

    For example Any GP or Gold rolled watch is worthless in my eyes , I want solid Gold , so no matter who makes the watch or at what price I wouldn’t buy it . I would sooner spend 3 to 100K and buy a solid gold watch , And I have .

    What watch Cos such as Jacot Oniss and Bolle are doing is putting what they value the watch at considering the movement parts and what the casing and band is made out of , but putting their watches on FleaBay and many other auction sites , and putting the starting Price , at the lowest possible price while still making a profit , And seeing what they sell for ,, when they start to sell they keep slowly raising the price till they reach MCRV ( Maximum Customer Retail Vaule ) . Then the keep at at that price , but advertise what they feel the watch is worth .

    I think this is a smart idea , as the people are the ones who set the price not the maker .

  • Dean

    I WAS THE OWNER OF THE LOUIS BOLLE WATCH USER GROUP ON YAHOO. This was several years ago when I was nuts about these watches. I since then have stopped following and collectiing them but still wear my trusty Bolles to this day, They still look and run like brand new. The LB group on YahooGroups had almost 1000 members at its highest membership. Most members reported good reliability from all the watches put out by Always At Market. Occasionally we’d hear from someone that got a bad one and rightly so, felt ripped off. However, most owners loved them and owned more than one.

    At the peak of this last automatic watch craze, like around 2008, all the brands of automatic watches distrubuted by Always At Market (Louis Bolle, Balmer, Rousseau, Duboule, etc.) had mostly Sea-Gull automatic movements. Sea-Gull is a Chinese watch manufacturer who, like most of the Swiss watch manufacturers, sells movements and any other major watch parts to any watchmaker that wants them (most Swiss companies have ALWAYS done business like this). Sea-gull says all their movements are made on Swiss machinery, however, the build process is very much Asian, and is what keeps the prices down in the American market.

    A few things to note are, that Always At Market was VERY careful to not say anywhere that these watches were Swiss made. They did pay homage to real Swiss watchmakers from the past (Bolle and Rouseau were actually real Swiss watchmakers… I have proof). The watches DO say “China” in and on them. Also, Always At Market once said to me that their high MSRPs (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) are derived from other watch manufacturers whose watches bare the same complications. That’s hard to argue with. SInce MSRPs are used in SOOOO many industries SOOOO many different ways, and since there are NO laws dictating how MSRPs are to be derived at or what they can be used for, then I say anyone who whines about MSRPs should contact their state rep. to get some laws put in place (I’ll be right behind you as I feel the same way, but…).

    It is also important to note that Always At Market is NOT a watch company. They are a marketing company, whose CEO happend to like watches. John House and I have spoken a few times and I can say he was very enthusiastic about the different lines he had brought to market. He also mentioned that he was having great trouble finding watchmakers to fix the returns. There just wasn’t any watchmakers with enough experience to fix the complex complications in these watches. This led to a very slow turnaround for repairs.

    Anyway, the craze is over. Our kids don’t even know what a watch is anymore. The AppleWatch is about the closest the next generation will get to an automatic watch, but unfortunately, most kids don’t know how to read an analog watch. Oh well…. it’s over.

  • Charles Ray

    Over the years, I’ve bought a number of these watches – from Balmer, Rosseau, Louis Bolle, etc. – fully knowing that, although the parts may have been Swiss, the assembly was somewhere in the far east – and every one of them has been well made, attractive, fashionable and without exception, every one of them continues to tick away with no problem all these years later. So those who are saying that they are cheap looking are WRONG (I constantly get complements about them) and those who say “they will break” are WRONG (as I said, every one of them is working perfectly 5 and 10 years after purchase, which is more than I can say for my Seiko and my Citizen). Although the people assembling the watches in China may be severely underpaid, it doesn’t mean they are incapable of making a quality product. It strikes me as almost racist to read someone espousing an opinion that, since the watch was assembled in China (or other far eastern country), it HAS to be crap. But you know what? Go ahead and keep your nose firmly up in the air and continue to put big dents into your accounts purchasing “real” luxury watches and I’ll just continue to purchase truly beautiful watches that work wonderfully at super reasonable prices, and when your $2500 Omega fails and needs to be repaired, I’ll be happy to lend you one of my $200 Balmer’s to hold you over in the meantime.