I got this in my mailbox last evening:

“I was looking for a nice and inexpensive watch and I come upon a watch company
called Louis Bolle. I look at their web site https://www.louisbolle.com and they
have many nice watches. I looked for more infomation but I couldn’t find any. I
search on Ebay and “My God they were every where. The watch was being auction of
for as low as $175. The retail price(according to the web site) was over $3000.
What is going on? Do you know why this watch company are letting people selling
their watches for so cheap? If you have any information or answer please let me
know. My e-mail address is [email protected]


The website of Louis Bolle is nice indeed, but when you give it a closer look…. what brand uses pricing on the company website? Next, the watches have very familair looks. Omega DeVille Co-Axial casing and the brickstone bracelet are copied for some models, I also saw a model which looked familair with the Seiko Kinetic models (with the integrated bracelet). Next, like the sender of the e-mail did, I visit eBay and was amazed by the number of Louis Bolle auctions. Several different sellers, but all with names like ‘watchdiscounters’ and ‘uniquejeweler’ etc. Probably a good scam to make some money out of poor people who don’t know at all about watches…. it is nice to buy a 200 USD watch and see on the company’s website that the retail price is 4495 USD. However, for 4495 USD you can probably order 100 of these watches in China. Including your name printed on the dial.