Haven’t you heard? The Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak is something of a status symbol. With iconic lines and a legendary strength in steel, it is perhaps the “it-watch” for the “it-crowd”. And yet, until now, the slighter-wristed members of said crowd were left on the outside of this clique looking in. Well, no longer. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 34mm answers the prayers of the petite.

The Royal Oak is one of the most popular timepieces on social media. It is adored by men and women alike. In a world where so much is regressing, the popularity of the Royal Oak DNA seems to be on an unstoppable march forward.


Tell me more…

These are risky times. Sales executives have good reason to be worried about releases that rock the boat or challenge the established order. And yet, for the watch world to keep on spinning, we need new pieces to propel it on its way.

Thank the stars, then, that AP waited…

A 34mm Royal Oak would have seemed like madness 20 years ago. It would have seemed bonkers ten years ago. Five years back? You might have got the odd raised eyebrow and the occasional, “tell me more…”. But until now it has never seemed a plausible reality. Thank the stars, then, that AP waited until it was able to outfit this no-doubt divisive piece with a very nice automatic movement.



Audemars Piguet is a master of detailing. While the iconic silhouette and essential integrated bracelet remain, the angular 34mm case comes with a mixture of different decorations. We have “Grande Tapisserie” dials in silver or blue/gray, diamond bezels and plain bezels, simple steel or bicolor housings.

…40 brilliant-cut diamonds…

Perhaps the most divisive model is the stainless steel version with the bezel adorned with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding the blue/gray dial. Blue watches seem to be (almost) as popular as ever, and this darker, even subtler shade (a touch closer to the currently soaring black dial) keeps the diamond sparkle in check.


Three-dimensional impression

The 34 mm case with screw-down crown and 50m of water resistance is just 8.8 mm thick. The design of the case is very well-executed especially if we take into account that this thin profile carries a self-winding mechanical movement.

…an object of pure elegance.

Consequently, this is a much more refined take on a sports timepiece than one might expect. Furthermore, the brushed and polished surfaces break-up an otherwise stark design to create an object of pure elegance. In these proportions, it is never more obvious that the Royal Oak’s popularity is well-justified.


More Than Style

With more women being drawn to mechanical watches, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 34mm with the self-winding caliber 5800 is a serious option. The time and date movement measures 23.3mm wide and has a 50-hour power reserve. Considering the watch’s dimensions and the fact that it still ticks at 4Hz (28,800vph) the power reserve is rather impressive. And the 5800 goes beyond being a purely functional beast also. Its bridges, plates, and engraved gold rotor are all exquisitely finished.

The best thing about this release?

The Royal Oak family just got bigger. Although there was never anything stopping a woman from strapping-on a classic Royal Oak, the 34mm size will no doubt widen the net. And with the increasing interest in smaller men’s watches, it may wind up on a few male wrists as well.

The serious movement within…

The best thing about this release? The serious movement within. It is so refreshing to see a major brand release a women’s timepiece with straightforward, sporty options, a sapphire display back, and something worth displaying under the hood. The retail price for the steel version is $18,300. The two-tone model comes in at $21,500. And, at the top of the tree, we find diamond-encrusted models: $23,100 for the all-steel option and $44,500 for the bicolor beauty. Learn more by visiting the Audemars Piguet website.