Depending on where I go, I almost always take an extra watch, and watch pouches come in rather handy. As a Speedmaster collector, I tend to take along one of my Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday editions. I don’t like hauling too many watches at a time, so I only take a watch roll if I’m sure I can safely store my watches at my destination.

Storage for your extra watch isn’t a big deal, but it’s a plus if it’s something nice, right? Instead of the famous red Omega service cases, we thought of something more suitable for the Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday editions. Meet the Speedy Tuesday watch pouches.

Speedy Tuesday watch pouches

Fairly recently, I got in touch with Wesley Pijnenburg from a company by the name of — wait for it — Watchpouch. Wesley runs this Belgium-based company, and he has been a watch enthusiast for many years. He creates watch rolls, wallets, desk stands, and pouches for tools and watches. And when we finally met, the idea arose to create something nice for the two Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday watches. We reckoned the “Tribute to Alaska III” from 2017 and the “Ultraman” from 2018 each deserved a special watch pouch.

Speedy Tuesday watch pouches

Two Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday watches

These Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday watches were introduced by Omega and Fratello in 2017 and 2018. Both were limited editions of 2012 pieces to commemorate the founding year of the Speedy Tuesday (Speedmaster) community. The 2017 model was the model that celebrated the fifth anniversary of Speedy Tuesday. It takes inspiration from a very special watch that landed on our desks once (in 2012), one of the 56 radial-dial Speedmasters that Omega sent to NASA in 1978.

Singapore Speedy Tuesday Event

Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman”

One year later, with Omega, we developed the idea to have Ultraman return to the Speedmaster. In 1971, the Omega Speedmaster Professional appeared in the Japanese TV series Return of Ultraman. However, the watch was not a regular model but one with an orange chronograph seconds hand. To pay tribute to it, our Speedy Tuesday edition also features an orange seconds hand and other orange elements. The sub-seconds register also hides the head of Ultraman, which is only visible with a UV light.

Hong Kong Speedy Tuesday Event

Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday “Tribute to Alaska III”

Both Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday watches were incredibly fun to design. It was a great pleasure and honor to participate in the entire process with Omega, from design to deliveries and, on some rare occasions and special projects, after-sales service.

Watch pouch for the ST1

For the 2017 Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday “Tribute To Alaska III” — or “ST1” — we came up with a classic light brown pouch made of Italian Minerva Box leather. This milled leather comes from the Badalassi Carlo tannery in Tuscany. The milling process allows each hide to display its unique characteristics and grain depending on its dermal fibers and thickness. This leather is vegetable tanned and will develop a beautiful patina over time.

The colors will only become deeper as it ages, and the grain will slowly become more pronounced. The color is in line with the original strap that came with this watch (and its original pouch) back in 2017, and the off-white stitching matches nicely with the sub-dials of the Speedy Tuesday “Tribute To Alaska III.”

The front has the #SpeedyTuesday logo in gold (well, simply because I love gold), and on the back of the watch pouch, you’ll find the subtle “ST1” writing. Inside, there’s a protector with the Fratello logo to prevent the case back from being scratched by a bracelet, for example.

Speedy Tuesday watch pouches

Watch pouch for the ST2

We decided to go with a black watch pouch for the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman” or “ST2.” The leather is made of the same Italian cowhide as the ST1 watch pouch, but this time in black with black stitching. The front has the “#SpeedyTuesday” writing, and the back shows “ST2,” both in orange. This matches perfectly with the black and orange theme of the Speedmaster “Ultraman” watch from 2018, which originally came with a black and orange NATO strap and a black leather strap with orange stitching.

Speedy Tuesday watch pouches

Both watch pouches are available now

Whereas Wesley’s standard watch pouches have a tuck-in flap, these Speedy Tuesday pouches each feature a button closure for safety. Of course, there’s no bare iron or metal (from the button) inside the watch pouch, so your watch is safe. Everything is handcrafted by Wesley and of high quality.

The Speedy Tuesday ST1 and ST2 pouches are now available in our shop for €109 (including 21% VAT, applicable VAT calculated during ordering). To order yours, click here.