Jorge Merino at TimeZone wrote a message in the Girrard-Perregaux forum about their latest watch, exclusively for the BMW crew. I wonder when the first crew member puts his/her watch on eBay.

Although I love BMW cars and have respect for Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), I rather don’t see their logos on a watch like this.

According to Jorge, the watch has the following specifications:

The case, in stainless steel, measures 40mm x 13mm. It has a sapphire crystal with AR coating and the back is secured by 6 screws. It is water resistant to 300 meters. Movement is the automatic GP caliber 033RO with 26 jewels and a power reserve of 46 hours.

  • Ivan

    And how much this “promotional” watch is?

  • Ferrari went to Panerai if I understood it right, so let’s look for another car make.

    BMW (design department) should have been able to design a nice watch themselves rather than picking a model from an existing watch brand. The Audi design department just did a nice example.

    However I have my doubts anyhow about the design department of BMW, looking at their latest car models.

    It IS different, that’s right. A design is ready when you can’t take anything off anymore, not if you can’t add anything to it anymore. I’ve never seen so many useless lines, stripes and design forms on a car before than the current BMW models. Probably out of inspiration for the moment.

  • Robert-Jan Broer


    Since it is not for sale (only for the BMW crew), we can only guess the price it will eventually catch on eBay or Antiquorum. 🙂


    The new BMW’s will grow on you 🙂 Anyway, kudos to Audi for their watches (by Sinn). BMW and Ferrari (First GP and now Panerai….) should have gone in that direction as well. I guess they have quite some financial resources to design their own stuff.

  • While I love GP, that design is hideous.