I’m only kidding, of course. No need to commit a cyberpunk sci-fi fashion faux pas this early in the week. The latest Hamilton Pulsar dons the black mantle for you, also featuring the iconic green digital text of the 1999 cinematic masterpiece The Matrix. This limited edition release provides fans of both the Hamilton PSR and Wachowskis’s iconic film with a perfect wrist-dwelling companion, just in time for the latest sequel in the franchise coming out later in December. Are you ready to acrobatically dodge some bullets in slow motion? You’d better be because this one is taking us straight into the gritty digital sci-fi universe. Is it “the One” to have though?

I hope you’ve had enough Matrix puns and references. I know I’ve had enough. So from now on, I’ll refrain and speak only of the watch. So, most of you are probably familiar with the quirky/cool Hamilton PSR. If not, and you want to know more about the original model and fascinating history of the world’s first digital watches, you can check out this article from Balazs. In essence, Hamilton teamed up with Electro-Date in 1970 to create the first prototype. The watch required the press of a button to display the time in glowing red digital numbers on a black “dial”.

Bringing back the Pulsar

Fast-forward to 2020, the 50-year anniversary of the Pulsar came around, and Hamilton decided to bring it back. The brand released the PSR, in both brushed stainless steel and in a brushed gold finish. These were fairly true to the original 1972 model (early prototypes were slightly different) and became quite popular over the past year and a half. Even RJ owns one (in the golden finish, of course) which he rocks from time to time! I must admit, that other than having seen the golden PSR on RJ’s wrist, I had not previously had any experience with these watches. When a surprise parcel from Hamilton showed up at Fratello HQ, I tore right into it not quite knowing what to expect. I certainly couldn’t have predicted that inside, an all-black PSR was waiting for me.

Instantly recognizable due to its unique shape and awesome, tapering, President-like bracelet, I couldn’t help myself and proceeded to quickly press the button. Bright, glowing green numerals replaced the dimer digital ones on the shiny black display. It wasn’t until I flipped it over that this made more sense. On the case back, I found the unmistakable wall of vertically flowing text from The Matrix movies. The black-and-green color combination was no coincidence. Also not a coincidence, the launch date of this watch. It’s just in time for the latest installment in The Matrix movie franchise.

The Hamilton PSR MTX Limited Edition

So what’s unique about the latest iteration on last year’s PSR line? Well, as you know, the original models come in both a silver and gold finish with a black display and red numerals. Pressing down on the button, located where a crown would usually be, the digital display lights up and the time glows for a few seconds. This latest model, inspired by the signature wall of vertically scrolling text from The Matrix movies, goes black and green for its color scheme. When not displaying the time, the sleek and stealthy all-black appearance of the watch makes for quite a unique look. Upon pressing the button, green digits glow brightly on the hybrid LCD/OLED screen.

I previously mentioned the extreme taper of the bracelet, which measures a beefy 24mm at the lugs and a slim 19mm at the clasp. Made up of many small links, it’s very easy to size accurately for a comfortable fit. The 40.88 × 34.7mm case sits nicely on the wrist, thanks to its lug-less design. The black display is covered by a flat sapphire crystal. Next to it, on the brushed top of the case, you will find the engraved Hamilton signature. In the original, it was the model name “Pulsar” that was featured here. Overall, the cool ’70s look and modern murdered-out aesthetic work quite well together. After all, this watch was designed to look like a thing of the future. So the given the dystopian sci-fi Matrix treatment, it really looks incredibly cool.

Final thoughts

Will the Hamilton PSR MTX appear in the latest film of the beloved Matrix franchise? Well, it wouldn’t be surprising, as Hamilton watches have made their way into over 500 movies since 1932. For now, you’ll just have to wait a few weeks to find out. In the meantime, what better way to mark the return of a Wachowski masterpiece than with an equally masterful and aptly-themed timepiece? Well, for just €975, this piece of cinematic/horological history can be yours.

Plus, should you simply like the watch for its awesome looks, nothing on the front signals the association to the movie franchise. Only a beautifully engraved case back and the packaging, both of which feature the signature Matrix “digital rain” pattern, indicate the association. Only 1999 pieces will be made available, as a nod to the original movie’s year of release. For more information, check the Hamilton website here.