About seven years ago, in 2001, I had this Bulova Accutron Spaceview wrist watch. I wrote a review on that watch and posted it here.

I bought it off eBay and wore it for about a year or so before I traded it again. I remember that I was too afraid of damaging the movement, which would result in having a useless watch in my drawer. Repairing an Bulova Accutron is expensive and time consuming. Good spare parts are hard to find. However, there is hope. The Watch and Clock Forum created an Accutron forum. Perhaps I should have kept it and wait until there was this Accutron community 🙂 The nicest Accutron Spaceview I’ve ever seen is a triangular cased 14ct white gold version on a leather strap. Beautiful.

Have fun!

  • Wayne Wilson

    Are the completely gold hands or the ones with dark heavy yellow on the outer edges of the dials true Spaceviews? Thank you.

  • Dave

    It doesn’t look like a real Spaceview because it doesn’t have the chapter ring on the inside. Unfortunately, there are many many unscrupulous sellers who simply remove the dial from an Accutron 214 and call it a “spaceview.” It is very difficult to find an original–as issued from Bulova–spaceview. Most spaceviews are just pretenders. Don’t be fooled.

  • bob baird

    i have a bulova accutron gold watch that i received in 1972, in very good original condition would you have any idea of its value. cheers bob

  • Dianne Stump

    I also have a man’s Bulova
    accutron 14 kt. gold watch with a gold band that
    was made in 1970…so if you have a photo and any value assessments that
    you have received please let me know because I cannot find anything like
    it on the internet. The face is a hazy blue….beautiful watch.

  • jason pragacz

    I was wondering were the best place to have a watch looked at for cleaning and possibel repair

  • jason pragacz

    I bought my bulova at a st. vinsent de pual store for $0.25 and I was wondering were to get it claened and prehaps repaired thankyou

  • jason pragacz

    were ca i get my bulova cleaned and repaired