Here at Fratello, we love Casio. Some would say we love the brand too much. Those people would be wrong. Very wrong indeed… Today, I’m talking to three of my teammates, and avid Casio collectors, to the smooth booth to discuss their shared love and long-held obsessions with the Japanese Juggernaut that blessed the world with the G-Shock watch family.

First up is G2. As the elder statesman of the team, “the G-Father” was actually an adult when G-Shock first appeared in the early eighties. This gives him a unique perspective within the team as the rest of the gang were either in their teens, nappies, or fathers’ eyes when Casio first unveiled the model that would go on the redefine the quartz watch industry.

Design classics come along rarely. The Casio G-Shock square series has remained largely unchanged for almost 40 years now. That kind of permanence speaks volumes. But for Balazs, our second guest on the show, his Casio journey started with a much more demure (although no less interesting timepiece) that has since been stolen by his mother.

That’s right, Balazs has a mother — a human mother. I know… I was surprised too…

Lastly, I’m welcoming Mike to the show. Our in-house Floridian shares a tale of global proportions and explains how his collection of Casio watches grew to four pieces and is showing no signs of stopping there.

If you love Casio and G-Shock like we do, or are a Casio collector yourself, this is a must-listen show. Let us know what you make of it in the comments below!