I might not be 100 percent objective at all times, but here, my personal taste is an advantage. I do own more shoes, belts, and straps in various shades of brown than black. The monochrome architect’s look is not for me, but beiges and browns with a dash of color? Yes, please.

What I do miss, though, is a tasty #CHOCOLATE dial in my watch box. This past year saw a few delicious options being released. The first one that came to mind is the new Omega Seamaster 300 in Bronze Gold.


Except for the Canopus Gold Speedmaster, I would easily name it as my favorite Omega of 2021, hands down. Match it up with some #CHOCOLATE-flavored accessories, and you’re set for success. If two of the dive watches in this story are rather dressy, blame it on my own taste for suiting up with a diver. Here I have found two more tasty alternatives from Longines and Patek Philippe, together with what makes for a cool winter look.

How Watches Work – It’s Alloys Galore Ranging From The Obvious To The Obscure

Omega Seamaster 300 Bronze Gold

I have always harbored a desire for the vintage flavor of the Seamaster 300 but felt it slightly big. A few years before the rush of skin divers, we had this 41mm modern take on a classic with a glitzy bracelet to go along with it. And I ignored it, being just as guilty as any other watch journalist in my hunt for bigger news. The year 2021, however, saw a refined tweak of the original, as well as the surprise of a new alloy.

I’ll be honest — the rich warmth of this blend of bronze and 37.5% 18K gold had me hooked. Without the ever-changing patina of pure bronze, the aged, warm look is simply intriguing. With its sandwich dial in a deep chocolate brown matching oh-so-well with the gold-infused bronze, it’s one hell of a dressy diver. At a tad over $11,000, let’s not fool ourselves: this is not going underwater anytime soon. But it ties in rather well with my suited-up diver story here. Yes, Omega, please bring on the #CHOCOLATE.

Vallon Howlin’ dark tortoiseshell sunglasses

Yes, I wore them this summer and can testify to the power of a good Instagram ad. From its HQ in Amsterdam, Vallon plays a strong game with quality shades at affordable prices. The slightly rounded aviator silhouette is light and well crafted with genuine quality touches for €99. The feeling is one of resolutely premium materials, with high-performance polarized nylon lenses that give you a golden outlook on the dullest day.

Should you be the exploratory type, there’s an optional head strap for those days filled with active pursuits. The lenses are rated Cat. 3 and provide UV400 protection. Whether you’re trail running, kayaking, sailing, or climbing, the head strap guarantees your sunglasses stay on at all times. Vallon’s goal was to create functionality at its best — a pair of sunglasses for every occasion. The brand’s bestselling Howlin’ model is simply very good value for those of us who don’t need a big-brand logo. It’s available directly through the Vallon website.

Longines Legend Diver with #CHOCOLATE brown dial

Like the Seamaster 300, the Legend Diver predated the recent peak of vintage-inspired design. A solid sub-range within the Longines Heritage range, it is one of my own favorite Compressor-style dive watches. While I’d love it in the sweet 36mm case, this 42mm version is tastily tempting. At $2300, this 300m diver at a svelte 12.7mm in height represents solid value. From its deep black cocoa inner dive bezel and a rich chocolate brown dial with a discreet dégradé finish, it exudes a mid-century elegance few others can match.

The polished, stepped case design makes it rather scratch-prone, but the suave leather strap tells us this is a dressy diver. Though the dial is busy, it’s still very legible, so put on a tropic or NATO strap, and it’s ready for the deep. The beige lume paired with the #CHOCOLATE aesthetic gives a calm demeanor to what is, in fact, a tough tool.

Pollini #CHOCOLATE brown suede boots

Pollini is synonymous with soft comfort and a sharp Italian cut, perhaps best matched with a Zegna or Armani suit. These chocolate brown boots with a raffish strap closing would look as good with a pair of slim jeans as with some tailored wool trousers. At €243 from Yoox, these are not cheap by any means, but throw a custom chocolate suede strap on the Seamaster 300, and you’ll have quite the perfect pair. I know, I’m in Norway where smooth leather soles are a bit useless in the winter, but then again, I have lived my entire life in denial. In fact, my new day job involves plenty of trips to Milan, and I’ll obviously make sure they are during the winter. The snow? You can keep it!


A #CHOCOLATE grail — Patek Philippe 5711 in rose gold

I know, the 5711 hype is never-ending. I have chosen to ignore the barrage of Tiffany-turquoise images and mad auction results. Getting back to basics, the 5711 is a seriously accomplished piece of horological design. The ravishing sight of a chocolate brown-dialed 5711 in full rose gold might seem far removed from horological basics. Nevertheless, it is simply superb. This particular Patek might never be within my reach, but attainable grail watches defeat the raison d’etre of the term. A grail should be something you strive for, perhaps even an end-game watch.

From each applied index to the lustrous striations of a dial that has spawned a thousand homages, the design of this watch can do nothing wrong. Instagram might show it dropped disrespectfully into a glass of Cristal or layered upon a rapper’s wrist with bangles and gold, but never mind that. Left alone in a room with this on a dealer’s watch tray, mark my words, you will succumb to its charms. The price? Well, if you have to ask… Check these pre-owned ones on Chrono24, as at retail you’ll be waiting until the end of mankind. From around €203,000, it might just be worth it.


Valstar Valstarino slim-fit suede bomber jacket

What better to sharpen your taste for #CHOCOLATE than a soft Italian suede jacket from storied brand Valstar? At €1,200 from Mr. Porter, this is not for everyone’s wallet. But then again, neither is a rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus. So consider this the top choice of many smooth suede bombers. No matter which bomber you pick, spend your money wisely, and you will have a classic wardrobe staple for many years to come. Yes, spending a thousand Euros on a jacket can be an act of sustainability, rather than buying a new one from H&M every year only to discard it. If you think about it, this might be one of the reasons you love mechanical watches, so keep that in mind. “Quality over quantity” wins every time.

What do you think of picks this time around? Do they channel the #CHOCOLATE vibes? If you have any ideas for some other sweet picks, be sure to drop them down in the comments below.