Watch brands can be interesting for a wide array of reasons. When it comes to CODE41, you can expect futuristic technological solutions combined with cutting-edge designs. On top of that, the brand sets itself apart by creating watches with a very loyal community of fans that are included in every step of the process. In the brand’s latest quest for excellence, CODE41 set out to develop a tourbillon and keep the price at around 10,000 Swiss francs. This is a task that is not that simple considering the technical challenges that the tourbillon watch brings. But CODE41 likes a good challenge and doesn’t stop until it is completed successfully. In that spirit, the brand now introduces the all-new CODE41 T360 Tourbillon.

The goal for this unique CODE41 project was quite simple, actually. It was to create what many consider the “holy grail” in watchmaking — a tourbillon watch. But a project following CODE41’s guidelines is never just as simple as the horological end goal. It’s why the brand defined six key elements that were crucial in making this new T360 Tourbillon into a unique watch that is a lot more than a sum of its parts. All the different versions of the T360 that will be available tell a unique story. It is a story written by a community of watch fans, the suppliers that helped the brand create these watches, and a dedicated team of CODE41 team members who ensured the different goals set for Project Tourbillon would be successfully reached.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

The unique CODE41 Tourbillon Project

With the opening of the pre-orders, the fifth and final stage of this impressive project has begun. The new CODE41 T360 Tourbillon is available for pre-order starting at €10,998 / £9,590 / US$9,598 / CHF 9,989. But rather than answering how the brand created a tourbillon watch for roughly 10K, it’s the story that is a lot more interesting than the price. If you know CODE41, you also know that the brand likes to involve its passionate community of fans and watch owners every step of the way. In doing so, CODE41 ensures that the results are in sync with the people that love its watches.

This project started with the community having a say in the next watch that CODE41 would develop. After an initial inquiry, a tourbillon was voted as the brand’s next horological challenge. From that very first step onward, CODE41 included its community in making decisions about the type of tourbillon, the design of the case, and the colors for the final collection. As you can see, the community members have a lot of say in the process. Because of that, the resulting T360 is not just one watch but a series of watches.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

Going from a wish to reality

And as with every CODE41 project, the goal was to make the watches available to as many people as possible. Therefore, the price of the new T360 Tourbillon needed to stay around CHF 10,000 so that a greater number of watch fans could enjoy a Swiss-made tourbillon. Often considered the ultimate in technological refinement, a tourbillon is one of the most exclusive and expensive watch styles in the collections of many luxury brands. This is why not many people will ever get to enjoy the magic and brilliance of witnessing a tourbillon on their wrist. Lausanne-based CODE41 wanted to change that, upholding the ethos behind every one of its projects.

Therefore, the new CODE41 T360 Tourbillon is 100% developed, designed, and assembled in Switzerland. And to crank up the list of specs even more, the new manual-winding movement comes with a 105-hour power reserve and an accuracy of ±5 seconds per day. Additionally, CODE41 tested this new movement rigorously to ensure that its reliability is above industry standards. If that does not sound impressive, once again, I remind you that this watch sells for around the 10K mark.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

A new movement that redefines a classic complication

But that is not where it ends. The community and the brand set more goals. As CODE41 is not afraid of a new challenge, the goal was to redefine the tourbillon. The tourbillon would be integrated at 6 o’clock in a fully skeletonized design. This would ensure that the tourbillon takes center stage and is not hindered by other design elements. Obviously, the new design needed to meet the brand’s distinct design codes. And lastly, a very important goal was to create a tourbillon watch for daily use that is reliable, robust, and customizable.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

In realizing this challenging task, CODE41 needed to find a wide array of Swiss partners. These partners would not only guarantee a Swiss-made watch but would also need to be able to help create the different parts for the tourbillon. The search resulted in nine different suppliers that helped bring the new T360 Tourbillon to life. And CODE41 is completely open about the partners it works with. The brand makes sure that the different parties involved get full credit for their craftsmanship and dedication to making this project a success.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

A new case and a familiar case

For the design of the new watch, the brand decided to use two different cases. The first is the brand’s NativeDNA case, which has been in use since 2016. For the second one, the brand designed a completely new case called “The Stratum.” This new case is a follow-up to the NativeDNA and features a multilayered construction. Thus, it allows for the use of various materials to end up with different looks for the new watch.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

The last project goal was to offer a wide array of customization options. Obviously, the case is the first element that allows for the integration of personal choices. The second is the also-obvious choice of a leather strap, a rubber strap, or a stainless steel bracelet. A third element is the customization of the dial and hands with the choice of five different color combinations. As a result, you can choose from 200 possible variations to come up with your favorite. And as the straps are easily interchangeable, owners can change the look of their watch quickly.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

A unique result

Usually, this construct of elements would lead to a design full of concessions. But if you know the design language of CODE41, you know that “concession” is not a word in the brand’s design vocabulary. In the past, we have covered the NB24 Chronograph and the Day 41 Edition 2. They are perfect examples of the modernist approach that characterizes CODE41’s design aesthetics. The first case is the Grade 5 titanium NativeDNA case that was also used for the brand’s Anomaly model. It measures 42mm in diameter and 11.7mm in thickness with a water resistance rating of 100 meters. It also has a 24mm lug spacing, and thanks to a quick-change system, you will be able to switch straps quickly.

The second case is the new Stratum case, which is also executed in Grade 5 titanium. This fresh design features four large screws in the corners of the bezel. The Stratum case also measures 42mm in diameter, but it is slightly thicker at 12mm. This case is also water resistant to 100 meters and features the same 24mm lug spacing. Both cases use sapphire crystals on the front and the display case back for a clear view of the movement. The manual-winding caliber features central hands for the hours and minutes, while the seconds are indicated by a triangular pointer on the tourbillon cage. And of course, the modern hands and indices are treated with Super-LumiNova for readability in the dark.

A tour de force that has resulted in a modern, affordable tourbillon

The movement consists of 141 parts, operates at 21,600vph, has 19 jewels, and boasts a 105-hour power reserve. As mentioned earlier, it also has an impressive accuracy of ±5 seconds per day. The movement is fine-tuned in five positions and comes equipped with an Incabloc shock absorber for everyday use.

The result is the all-new CODE41 T360 Tourbillon, which is nothing short of a horological tour de force. And that is not just in terms of creating a new take on the tourbillon. The project as a whole is a great achievement. When a fan community says it wants a tourbillon, most brands would take a step back and think about that challenge long and hard. But CODE41 shows that its unique approach to watchmaking makes great things possible. The brand will create a total of 150 pieces of the T360 Tourbillon. With almost 200 different customization options, the brand will probably end up creating a wide array of colorful variants that allow their new owners to enjoy one of the most prestigious watch complications for an affordable price. And that is a unique achievement indeed.

Once again, pricing for the T360 Tourbillon starts at €10,998 / £9,590 / US$9,598 / CHF 9,989. To learn more about this watch, visit the project website here.

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