Part of being a Paneristi is to collect nice and special watch straps. I have written about straps made from vintage ammo pouches and one – not for Panerai in this case – made from the leather interior of a Mercedes SLR 300 (1956) formerly owned by Jean Todt.

Last week, I received an e-mail about DaLuca’s Panerai Straps. The owner, Daniel Luczak, creates one-off straps for Panerai watches made out of ammo pouches and other vintage leather used for (mostly) military purposes. Each strap is individually named and will never be duplicated.

On, you’ll find a well written and documented review of DaLuca straps. As I wrote some time ago, these kind of straps and intiatives makes me want to own a Panerai again. Just a basic Luminor model, or the new 1950 with in-house caliber, PAM312.

One of the vintage Panerai straps from DaLuca is called ‘Bunker Hill Revolt’! Although violent scenes from WWII movies come to mind,the strap at least looks impressive and indeed made from leather that has been in or around bunkers during that time..

Below you’ll see a vintage Panerai strap called ‘flame thrower’. One can only imagine what this leather must have been going through..?Ǭ? The leather goes back to the 1940s and is super soft. Dan’s straps come with a sewn-in buckle (Pre-Vendome style), includes the tubes for attaching them safely to your Panerai and free shipping within the USA (outside, add 10 USD).

Prices for the pictured straps are 290 USD (Bunker Hill Revolt) and 210 USD (Flamethrower). Payments can be made through PayPal or by Credit Card.

Click for their entire collection of interesting Panerai straps. They also now create gorgeous croc handmade panerai watch straps.

  • Another interesting post! Thanks.

    I went to visit the site and, I must say, it has rejuvenated my interest in Panerai. I think this is the only brand I can think of where the strap is almost as much fun as the watch itself. It’s no coincidence that every Panerai is sold with a watchmakers screwdriver enabling you to quickly and easily change the strap yourself.

    It may be time to get my PAM111 out of the drawer and start wearing it more often again…

  • Sho Nuff

    This guy does make some interesting straps. I like his work. I’m also a big fan of Bas and Lokes over at I have purchased a few fun straps from them as well and I think they are quite underated. Thanks for the post.

  • Love the strap, not sure about the buckle though. Is it just me, or does it just look too new and gareish such a well aged and well made vintage strap? For me it takes something away from the strap. A matt buckle or an aged new one would really set this strap off.