The watch that made the biggest impression on me this year is the Tissot PRX that I bought just before the summer. The amount of sheer joy I get from wearing the watch has been priceless. It’s the perfect affordable daily wearer for under €1,000. A big part of the joy of wearing it comes from the great bracelet. It is the perfect proof that a bracelet of an affordable watch is an asset rather than a liability. But recently, I have been wearing the watch on several Delugs rubber straps specifically made for the Tissot PRX. They are the perfect alternative to the bracelet, making the PRX an even more versatile watch.

I must confess that I have never been much of a strap guy. Usually, I prefer a bracelet over a leather or rubber strap. It’s as much of a style thing as it is a practical thing. But over the last year or two, I have been switching up straps for quite a few of my watches. When I first bought my Tissot PRX, I never thought about wearing it on a strap. Granted, if there were ever a strap style that would fit the PRX, it would be a rubber strap. Tissot however, only offers the PRX on a bracelet or leather. Enter the Delugs PRX Rubber Straps. I had a chance to try out three different colors and find out whether they would be a great match.

Delugs PRX Rubber straps

The Delugs brand

If you buy beautiful leather straps for your timepieces, chances are that you might have heard of the Singapore-based brand Delugs. The brand was launched in 2018 and quickly made a name for itself by offering a small collection of great-quality leather straps that were made to order. After the demand grew quickly, the brand changed to offering ready-made handcrafted straps. The combination of specific leather styles and the beautiful craftsmanship quickly stood out in the busy world of aftermarket strap options.

Delugs PRX Rubber straps

On top of that, the brand cleverly used different social media platforms to get its name out there. This is how I got to know Delugs. Some of the more strap-focused people on the team quickly introduced me to the brand’s social media pages. But the funny thing is that until I found the rubber straps for the Tissot PRX on my desk, I hadn’t experienced any of the company’s offerings up close. But I have to say, after wearing my PRX on the Delugs rubber straps, I’m sure this is just the beginning!

Delugs PRX Rubber straps

The Delugs PRX Rubber Straps

The Delugs PRX Rubber Straps are a series of integrated designs specifically made for the Tissot PRX. They come in seven different colors — navy, black, green, orange, white, grey, and baby blue. Some of the colors are great obvious choices because they match the dial colors of the PRX. But if you want something a bit more exciting, choosing a color that contrasts with the dial will also lead to some amazing results. There is no going wrong here.

I had a chance to try the black version that matches the black dial of my PRX. The second option was the white version, and the third was the bright orange version. All of the straps are made with FKM (Fluoroelastomers) rubber and come with quick-release spring bars, making it easy to swap them out. But straight out of the packaging, the first thing that stands out is the incredible quality and level of detail of the straps.

Delugs PRX Rubber straps

The level of quality and detail

The first thing that caught my eye was the great Tropic-style texture chosen for the straps. It is a fantastic complement to the tapisserie dial pattern of the PRX Powermatic 80. I love the contrasting textures as they add depth to the overall look. Additionally, every detail is executed perfectly. There are zero visible production flaws, giving off a great first impression. If you turn the strap around, you are greeted by the big Delugs logo on the underside. Additionally, there is a pattern of grooves that add texture. Overall, the level of detail and execution of these rubber straps are among the best I have ever seen.

Another thing that stands out immediately is that the straps are incredibly flexible. Obviously, this results in great comfort, but the straps also perfectly balance the stainless steel watch on the wrist. But we’ll get to that in a bit. The integrated straps fit flush with the case, leaving zero space between the steel and the rubber. And I can say that the straps all fit perfectly, looked amazing, and were easy to change.

Changing the straps

Speaking of changing the straps, they come with quick-release spring bars similar to the original bracelet of the PRX. The biggest difference is that the two small pins (or “knobs,” as the brand called them) on the Delugs straps are significantly longer than the pins on the original bracelet. As these are integrated straps, finding the right way to quickly change them takes some practice. Daan, Nacho, and yours truly changed the straps multiple times, and we found out that after a bit of practice, you’ll soon be able to swap them out in a flash.

As with many integrated straps, the key to fitting them is getting the right angle.It also does help if you have fingernails to slide both pins into position before fitting the strap to the case. But as they say, “practice makes perfect,” and that’s also the case with these straps. It can be a bit of a challenge at first to squeeze both pins together and fit the strap by finding the strap holes. But all three of us soon got the hang of it and were able to change the straps in a matter of seconds.

Delugs PRX Rubber straps

Wearing the PRX with the Delugs PRX Rubber Straps

Once fitted to the PRX, the straps accentuate the great case shape. I love seeing the PRX on these straps because they change the look of the watch in such a good way. The straps even come in two different sizes. The Small size option has a long end of 105mm and a short end of 65mm. The Medium size option that I tried has a 110mm long end and a 70mm short end. The straps come equipped with a stainless steel buckle with a mix of polished and brushed surfaces and beveled edges. It fits the finish of the PRX perfectly.

The Medium size turned out to be perfect for my 18.5cm (7.3″) wrist. What I love is that the straps are not too long. Each one has two keepers, and the end of the strap fit perfectly under the second keeper, leaving no “excess baggage.” Another detail that I loved is that the holes are pretty close together, offering the option of a tighter or looser fit. Depending on the weather conditions, this allows for greater comfort without being to tight or too loose.

Delugs PRX Rubber straps

It’s all about balance

As I mentioned, the flexible straps are a joy to wear. They really hug the wrist and feel sturdy at the same time. The integrated construction combined with the high-quality rubber ensures that the watch is perfectly balanced on the wrist. While I started off wearing the watch on the “safe” black strap, I quickly changed to the white strap. Finally, I wore it on the orange strap, and I have to say, that one is probably the perfect summer option for me. The black dial and orange rubber remind me of the professional Omega dive watches from the 1970s, and I love the color combination a lot. Additionally, the best choice for the darker winter days is the black option.

Final thoughts on the Delugs PRX Rubber Straps

The biggest question is whether I would prefer the rubber straps over the bracelet that the watch comes on. Obviously, the answer to that question is “no,” but these Delugs PRX Rubber Straps are the perfect complement to the bracelet for a multitude of different situations. Besides being the perfect summer option for the PRX, a rubber strap like these is also great to help change up the look. This begs the question, is there nothing bad about these Delugs straps? Surely, there must be something…

Honestly, I could not find a single thing that I did not like about the straps. The materials are top-notch, and the execution is phenomenal. Additionally, the design has plenty of intricate details that show that Delugs takes great pride in creating some amazing straps. Currently, the PRX Rubber Straps are available for a pre-order price of $165. The final price of the straps will be $180, which, admittedly, is a substantial amount of money. But what you get in return are straps that are amongst the best I have experienced, both from watch brands and aftermarket suppliers. This makes any of the Delugs PRX Rubber Straps the perfect sidekick to the bracelet of your Tissot PRX.

Find out more on the official Delugs website.