In 2017, Favre-Leuba will celebrate its 280th anniversary. This is a remarkable milestone in the illustrious history of Switzerland’s second-oldest watch brand, and something the company is going to celebrate with a truly unique watch that really pushes the boundaries – a watch that quite literally goes above and beyond what other watches are capable of and makes a very clear statement.

For years the watchmaker has not been visible and almost disappeared from the market until the Tata Group, a world group to which the automobile brands Land Rover and Jaguar belong, bought the brand in 2011.

Today Favre-Leuba is back with new timepieces and would like to surprise the world of functional watches with their technical innovations. “Now we are ready to show the brand,” says CEO Thomas Morf.

The following video interview with the CEO of the brand conducted by German editor Melanie Feist reveals the appearance of Favre-Leuba’s new timepieces, their properties, and explains what makes them distinctive.

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