Brands go through many phases in their development. Rarely, a stark change in direction can reap dividends. But history tells a story. The most successful and enduring brands are those that are built around a core identity and stay true to it through thick and thin. For many years, Fortis has maintained its passion for flight. Now, with the launch of the Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Team Limited Editions, that history has a new chapter.

Certainly, not many people get the chance to operate a flying machine. And yet, man’s mastery of the heavens inspires millions of people to turn their eyes skyward in awe. It is this sense of wonder that compels watch collectors to own and wear Pilot watches. They are physical embodiments of a pursuit that, just over a century ago, seemed as wild to mankind as the notion of colonizing other worlds seems to us now. And what better way to celebrate the achievements of the aviation industry than with a special edition built for professionals? The Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Team Limited Edition is just that. And it is the latest in a long line of industry-leading aviation timepieces designed by the brand.


The Swiss Air Force

Known as the first watch company to bring the automatic movement into serial production, Grenchen-based Fortis has an experience of the industry like few others. The brand has never been afraid to experiment (even launching a series of brightly colored plastic watches in 1969, 14 years before Swatch revived a then-ailing market), but Pilot’s watches have always been close to its heart. The Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Team Limited Edition has been tested, worn, and co-developed by some of the world’s finest pilots. Building on its experience supplying the Swiss Air Force with timepieces, Fortis has produced two chronometer-certified editions limited to 300 pieces each. These Aeromaster models honor the exceptional aviators of the PC-7 Team.


Strikingly individual

Brushed stainless steel cases, topped by fixed bezels and sapphire crystals coated with AR 027 anti-reflective material on both sides, house the movements. The UW-50C automatic chronograph caliber boasts a dial-side day-date function and a power reserve of 48 hours. It is the UW-31C that powers the day-date model, however. That movement has a 42-hour power reserve. Both cases measure 42mm in diameter. They are water-resistant to 200 meters ensuring these watches’ suitability for extreme activities as well as everyday way. An embossed PC-7 Team emblem decorates the case backs, with the flying squad further referenced on the dials.

The formation graphics at 9 o’clock, set against a royal blue background make these timepieces strikingly individual. Essential time-telling indicators have been coated with Super-LumiNova to facilitate use in low light conditions. Thanks to the included strap-change tool, customers can easily switch between the bracelet or Cordura strap. The price for the Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 Team Limited Edition chronograph is €4,480, while the day-date model is available for €2,460. Learn more about Fortis here.