A few months ago, I traveled to Fortis in Grenchen, Switzerland, and sat down with CEO Jupp Philipp to talk about watches. Jupp bought the Fortis company back in 2018, and during our talk, he explained how his journey with watches began. In the watch industry, a person like Jupp Philipp is quite a rare breed since he doesn’t like the old-fashioned way of working that many brands follow. Despite running a watch company that is over 100 years old, he treats Fortis as if it were a startup.

Fortis Talks Jupp Philipp

Fratello × Fortis

On a very late evening in Grenchen, I sat down with Jupp Philipp and Marketing Manager Andreas Bentele, who moderated the talk. As you probably know, it’s great to talk watches with like-minded or, at least, passionate people. And that’s exactly the type of conversation this was. We spent well over an hour talking about Fratello, Fortis, and watches. If the video above doesn’t play, click here to watch it.

By now, Fortis has published 20 Fortis Talks videos, which can be found here.