Yeehaa! The 13th episode of Fratello on Air, talking about some of the 60th anniversary Grand Seiko releases.

The main topic of this podcast is a preview on some of Grand Seiko’s novelties for 2020. It is a BIG year for them, due to the 60th anniversary of Grand Seiko. Corona or Covid-19 ruined it a little bit, as Grand Seiko was about to host their first Grand Seiko Summit in Japan, but decided to introduce their new watches nevertheless. Mainly digital, but we see that some of the new releases are traveling around the world to be introduced to journalists and collectors. Since this week, we have a few of them (see our Instagram feed), but that was after we recorded this podcast.

After the mandatory wrist check (see below), Michael and RJ discuss these topics in this 60-minute podcast. Our Fratello on Air podcast can be played via AppleSoundcloudSpotifyGoogle Podcast, and Buzzsprout.

The SBGW258 is one of the 1960 re-creations from Grand Seiko to celebrate this important anniversary. We only received it after recording this podcast, but here’s a picture of this stunning dress watch nevertheless.

Handgelenk Kontrolle

There’s, of course, also room for other topics. As the current state of the world, watch industry and what’s on our wrists, for example. Mike is rocking his Rolex GMT-Master and shows off his latest build and RJ is wearing a watch he has for review, the Grand Seiko SBGH279.

The SBGH279 is also a 2020 release, but is not a 60th anniversary special. It is a regular collection model, with a 44GS hommage case and a beautiful Hi-beat automatic movement. We will soon publish a hands-on review of this SBGH279 and its silvery dial counter part, the SBGH277.

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