This week, Fratello On Air returns with an episode about collecting watches and whether we’ll ever stop. It’s a good question that we lightly debate because we feel similarly. The watch world is almost endless, providing us with nearly infinite opportunities to learn and enjoy.

Our watch content starts 15 minutes into the show. Both of your co-hosts enjoy collecting, but will we ever call it quits? We discuss the subject and explore what we might keep amassing. We imagine that many of our listeners face this question, so please feel free to add your comments at the end of the article. For now, enjoy the show!


Before we move to our main topic of collecting, we begin our podcast with some discussion about the European Championship. Balazs is heading to the Hungary-versus-Scotland match, and Mike is cheering on England and Slovakia. Troubles with Germany’s transportation system take center stage as Balazs is not looking forward to getting home late this coming Sunday. Balazs leads off the Handgelenkskontrolle with a fantastic new addition, a 1972 Rolex Submariner 5513 from Wind Vintage. Mike is wearing a ’30s Movado Curviplan with a chronometer dial.

Will we ever stop collecting?

Our main topic is a discussion about whether we will stop collecting watches. The bottom line is that neither of us plans on stopping any time soon. We’ve realized there is so much more to experience with watches and all the related paraphernalia. There are always new rabbit holes to explore, and historical information is being unearthed constantly. Most of all, though, we enjoy watches and can imagine continuing the adventure.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode, and thank you for listening. If you have any ideas for future shows, please feel free to let us know.