For the second week in a row, Balazs has a guest on the podcast, and it’s another member of the Fratello family. After last week’s discussion with Dave about space watches this week, we have our one and only Lex on Fratello On Air. The man known for his refined taste in clothing and timepieces is also somewhat of a Breguet fan.

His impressive knowledge of the brand is a delight to listen to when it comes up in conversation. As such, it was logical for Balazs to sit down with Lex and chat about the Swatch Group’s crown jewel.

Oris x Momotaro Sixty-Five.011

Wrist check

We do not see Lex without something denim, so it was no surprise that he was sporting a piece that’s the love child of a watch company and a denim brand — the Oris × Momotaro Divers Sixty-Five special edition. The watch is the perfect blend of materials and colors with a steel case, a bronze bezel, a green dial, and an indigo-blue denim strap. Such a fine and eclectic ensemble. Not to mention, the watch is readily available on most secondhand watch sites and for very competitive prices too. Great choice, Lex!

Breguet Classique 5157

Balazs wore a loaner for the show, but boy, what a timepiece it was. He happened to have a Breguet with him that belonged to a friend, so he chose that particular piece, the Breguet Classique 5157, as his wrist companion for the episode. It is an elegant and simple take on a dress watch with a beautifully decorated movement and a display case back. Yet the magic of the 5157 lies in its breathtaking guilloché dial. And don’t forget those lovely Breguet hands, either.

Talking Breguet

Finally, the boys arrive at the topic of this episode — the mighty Maison of Breguet. It’s a brand that started in 1775 and, over the centuries, has had an incredibly intriguing history, just like its eponymous founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet. Lex and Balazs walk through the past and talk about some of Breguet’s inventions that are still used in watchmaking today. Lex visited the atelier a few weeks ago, and we are lucky enough to hear his thought about that trip before we move to the final stage of the episode — the watches.

We won’t give you any more details. You’ll have to listen to the episode. However, if you’d like to check out some of the timepieces these two gentlemen were chatting about, make sure you visit Breguet’s website.