Today, I am joined in the studio by Monica Porracin, the founder and director of The Blue Company. Based in London, the Blue Company manages the interests of seven popular brands in the UK, working as a distributor for some and an agent for others.

Monica represents Doxa, Junghans, Meistersinger, Maurice Lacroix, Mühle Glashütte, Scatola del Tempo, and SwissKubik in the UK and at events all around the world. Her tireless championing of brands that she sees as united by a mutually strong design DNA has earned her the respect of her peers.


The Blue Company was founded in 2008, giving Porracin over ten years of specific experience in this sector of the industry. As such, she has amassed a broad knowledge of not just her own brands but also those competing with them. Jump into the conversation to hear exactly what we talked about.

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