Rikki and David from Scottish Watches sit down with Rob for the first of two crossover episodes a la Murder, She Wrote and Magnum P.I. (but with fewer murders and Rolex GMT-Masters).

To hear the second part of this friendly conjuncture, make sure to tune in to the Scottish Watches podcast this Thursday evening (June 30th). In the meantime, follow Dave (@floatlite) and Rikki (@rikkiwatches) on Instagram, and feel free to message the guys for a deeper dive into their support for brands I certainly wasn’t expecting to be mentioned as their top ones to watch.

Montblanc Scottish Watches

Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date (@floatlite)

That’s right, if you too are shocked to hear these two world-renowned watch lovers rank the futures of Montblanc and Horage as rosier than all others, you cannot miss this or the next chat between Fratello and Scottish Watches.

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