Yo, yo, yo, we’ve gone decimal! I knew there was a reason we had those funny old episode numbers. Now we finally know why. The long-planned episode 10 has been delayed because for the first time this year both Balazs (Fridge) and Rob (Freezer) are in different countries (whaaat?).

That’s right, episode 9.1 (the second installment of our mailbag series) sees the Podcast come to you from Dresden (Germany) and Pécs (Hungary). Our intrepid international impresarios have watches from Omega, Artya, Armin Strom, and more for your listening pleasure.


This week, we touch on Murderball (correcting an error in last week’s episode), Ice Hockey (the Olympics), the Isle of Man TT, Stamford Bridge, and Baseball. It’s a fun show with plenty of mustard, spiders, and chewing gum to keep you all entertained on your daily commute.

Don’t miss it!

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