Welcome to this week’s episode of Fratello Talks. Today, we offer you, our dear Fratelli, a public service announcement: get your watches tested for water resistance before jumping into the pool/sea/ocean this summer!

Inspired by one of Lex’s recent experiences, which serves as a cautionary tale, the guys keep it brief with summertime PSA. The moral of the story? Please don’t risk the repair; get your watch tested before you get it wet! Morgan, Lex, and Nacho offer tips and advice on where and how to get this done. They also exchange some anecdotes about their experience with water-adjacent use of watches, but not before we do our…

Wrist check

So, what are the guys wearing on their wrists today? We kick things off with Lex, who’s wearing an eye-blistering transparent G-Shock with a dial that remains an enigma to us all. It’s not practical, but it sure is bold. If you want to check out his article on the G-Shock “CasiOak” GA-2100SRS-7A, you can find it here.

In a somewhat more classical approach to his wrist accouterment, Morgan is rocking the classic Speedmaster Professional. However, he’s decided to wear it on a black NATO strap. This is nothing unusual per se, but for him, it’s a departure from his usual styling of the watch and one he’s testing out with a reasonable degree of success thus far. What do you think of this combination? Is it classic or cliché?

Finally, Nacho is wearing a new acquisition that he still hasn’t wrapped his head around owning. It’s a big, bold, beautiful Panerai PAM00055 — a titanium Goliath with a tobacco-brown dial and enough Super-LumiNova to light up a small town. He’s wearing it on a PAM strap from the lovely folks from Artem Straps for the first time today. But don’t fret; he’s not going anywhere near the water with this one — not until he gets it tested and is sure he’s safe to do so.

Summertime PSA

Summertime PSA: if you’re going swimming with your watches, get them tested!

That’s it, folks! We felt that this announcement was too important to fuss around with too much. It’s certainly something to remember this summer to avoid the heartbreak that Lex was subjected to with his watch.

Don’t feel like getting your watch tested for water resistance? No problem; buy a new one instead!

While it’s an unorthodox alternative, it’s perhaps not one to discard completely. And if you’re looking for a proper summer watch, there’s no better option out there today than the lovely new Fratello × Aquastar Deepstar II. Check it out here.

Catch you next week!