Hi there, and welcome to a new episode of Fratello Talks. Excuses, excuses, excuses… Letting them get in the way of a good thing is a shame. So it’s time to cut them out and enjoy watches. This is this week’s topic of discussion, which Nacho, Lex, and RJ explore in detail. It’s an interesting phenomenon that we’ve observed lately. A new watch is announced, and out pour the single-phrase comments providing personal justification for the lack of intention to purchase. It all results in a rather dull, nasty, and repetitive rabbit hole of cynicism. But why does this happen? Is it a FOMO-induced face-saving reaction? Does it have more to do with how information is shared online? Or is it just the nature of online comments? And can’t we just cut it out and enjoy watches regardless?

Well, we’ve got some thoughts on the matter, and we’re sharing them today. But not before we share with you the watches on our wrists.

enjoy watches Maurice Lacroix Aikon #Tide Benzilla

Wrist check

We start with Lex, who is wearing a perfect example of the point we want to make here today. It’s the Maurice Lacroix Aikon #tide Benzilla special edition. Did Lex ask himself a lot of questions before buying this one? Clearly not! It must have been love at first sight. All jokes aside, it does prove part of the point. Not every purchase (especially at this price point) needs to be overly justified, and though critique is necessary, sometimes it’s okay to have fun.

Today, RJ has gone with his Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600. Let’s call this one the exception that proves the rule. This particular Sea-Dweller is not RJ’s first; he sold that one. But absence did what it does and made his heart grow fonder of the watch. After a hiatus and a bit of a search for the right one, the man and his watch were reunited and will not likely be separated any time soon.

And finally, Nacho, who is wearing his Breitling Aerospace ref. F65362. Is it a perfect watch? Far from it, but it’s one that he enjoys well beyond initial expectations. It was curiosity that got him hunting for one of these watches. After tracking this one down for the right price, he was seriously impressed by it in person and decided to buy it. Is the AR coating scratched? You bet. Is the bracelet loose and as rattly as can be? For sure. And should the rider tabs be gold? That too. But none of these small details bother him, and he can enjoy and appreciate the watch every time he wears it.

enjoy watches

Speedmaster collection — Image: Juko

Fratello Talks: Cut The Excuses And Enjoy Watches

“Nice watch, but it’s way too expensive.”

“If only they had made it 38mm, I’d buy one.”

“Only 50m water resistance? Is that a joke?”

Excuses and single-phrase dismissals of a watch are something we see all the time in the comments here or on forums and all over social media. But are they spoiling the fun of admiring watches that don’t fully align with a widely held definition of “perfection”? We think so. Keeping a critical eye on these products is all well and good. In fact, it’s necessary to ensure that brands are kept accountable for what they do. But there’s a point where keyboard warriors get riled up beyond logic, and that’s no fun for anyone involved.

enjoy watches

Image: Tim Vaux

In today’s episode, we discuss the topic and come to several conclusions, wrapping things up at the end with a piece (or two) of advice. Ultimately, we should all be able to enjoy the hobby and not let it become a source of cynicism and negativity. Instead, we should all just be able to enjoy watches regardless. To quote Fratello contributing author Tim Vaux, “Don’t let the quest for finding the perfect watch get in the way of owning a great one.”

What are your thoughts on this nuanced topic? Let us know in the comments section below.