Hello, and welcome to a rather unruly episode of Fratello Talks. It’s a Friday afternoon at Fratello HQ, and Nacho, Lex, and Thomas gather around the mics to list some of the best watches of 2024 so far. The guys have all picked three of their favorite releases from this first quarter and three additional honorable mentions. However, despite their best efforts, it doesn’t take long until the structure crumbles and their chat diverges into a discussion on some of their favorite (and not-so-favorite) new releases of the year so far. But before that, they share the watches currently on their wrists.

Wrist check

Lex kicks things off with his well-matched Oris Divers Sixty-Five Momotaro limited edition. Its faded teal dial contrasts nicely with the bronze accents and rich blue tones of the denim strap (complete with the signature Momotaro battle stripes). It’s not a watch you see every day, but it’s a good-looking limited edition with plenty of charm.

It may not be Tuesday, but Thomas is wearing his Speedy. And this one is not just any old Speedmaster. This 1970s reference 145.022-69 not only features a lovely stepped dial and creamy tritium lume, but it also has a very special “misprint” bezel. If you want to read all about it, you can check out Thomas’s article on his Speedy here.

Finally, Nacho has commandeered Thomas’s VPC Type 37HW and put it on a NATO strap for the day. Having bought the watch himself, he was excited to test it out in his go-to manner of wearing a watch. Despite the refined looks of the Type 37HW, he was happy to see that dressing it down with a nylon strap actually works rather well. In the process, he tested it on several straps, from leather to some of the Artem options available in the Fratello Shop. As it happens, this VPC turns out to be quite a strap monster. It also receives a well-earned shout-out as one of the notable new releases of 2024.

Fratello Talks: The Best Watches Of 2024 So Far

So far, this year has seen the introduction of around 300 new watches. Instead of running through all of them, which would be impossible in an episode of a podcast that we try to keep fairly short, we decided to have our three podcasters each pick three watches they wanted to highlight, followed by three additional rapid-fire honorable mentions. You can rest assured that we mention many more than just nine watches. However, here’s an overview of the guys’ main picks:

best watches of 2024 so far Fleming Series 1 Tantalum


best watches of 2024 so far Seiko SPB453


Girard-Perregaux Laureato Chronograph Ti49 best watches of 2024 so far


You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out about all the honorable mentions as well as every other watch that the guys touch upon. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, tune in next week for a slightly less rambunctious yet no less entertaining episode of Fratello Talks!