Today’s episode of Fratello Talks is all about accessories. And no, we’re not talking about wallets, scarves, and pinkie rings, don’t worry. Listen as your host, Fratello managing editor Nacho, editor Daan, and shop manager Laurits discuss the watch accessories we can’t live without. Despite the somewhat hyperbolic title, these are all accessories that we use almost every day. Most watch enthusiasts face the same challenges — storage, transport, and strap changes. So, rather unsurprisingly, all three guys are aligned in their picks. However, there are some twists in the individually chosen accessories to suit their needs. But before we check them out, it’s time to see what’s on their wrists.

Wrist check

We start with Daan, who is wearing his trusty Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duoface. He considers himself rather lucky, having picked this one up just over a year and a half ago. In that time, the price has jumped to almost twice what he paid for it. Wearing it on the textile Fagliano Collection strap, it’s a perfect watch for cozy fall days in the Fratello Talks studio. For now, he’s keeping it white-dial up, but if you ask Daan nicely, he’s always happy to put this classic watch to action and give the Reverso its signature flip.

Up next is Laurits, who is wearing his Swatch × Peanuts “Hee Hee Hee” (ref. SO29Z106), a watch gifted to him by his wife. Though it doesn’t line up with the style of his usual vintage Longines or Rolex Explorer, it is a nice break from the norm. Plus, it being a gift from his significant other means it’s a watch with special meaning. Everyone needs to have at least one fun watch in their collection, and when it comes to that, Swatch is hard to beat.

Finally, Nacho is wearing his Cartier Tank Solo. This is the predecessor to the current Tank Must. It also features a quartz movement and no running seconds hand. For a classic, understated dress watch, it’s a perfect compromise. It provides years of autonomy and accuracy beyond what any mechanical watch can achieve inside an incredibly slim 5.7mm-thick case. Though not his usual style, Nacho still enjoys wearing it from time to time. This week, he was inspired by Daan’s lovely Cartier Santos Galbée XL, so he decided to give the Tank some love.

watch accessories we can't live without

Watch accessories we can’t live without

As promised in the opening, today’s discussion is all about watch accessories. We joke that these are so essential that we can’t live without them, but realistically, they are just tools and products that we enjoy using regularly. Now, we were a bit cheeky and invited Fratello Shop manager Laurits onto the podcast. Unsurprisingly, his picks will be ones that we have available in the shop, should you be interested in picking any of them up. However, we don’t stop there; we also look at Nacho and Daan’s picks, which include tools, storage solutions, and straps from all over the place. These range from Nacho’s favorite strap-changing tool from Hassler Instruments (the best strap-changing tool that money can buy, lovingly hand-made by Tom in Minnesota) to Daan’s trusty blue leather Bulang & Sons watch box. We wrap up with some wishful thinking about accessories that we hope will exist in the future.

What are your essential watch accessories? Do you have a favorite watch pouch? What’s your go-to instrument for changing out straps? Let us know in the comments below.

And as always, tune in next week for another episode of Fratello Talks!