Welcome to this week’s episode of Fratello Talks. Today, you join Nacho, Morgan, and Thomas, who join forces to discuss a number of their watch pet peeves. The guys are feeling particularly grumpy today, so they decided to go on an extensive rant, listing some of the things watch brands do that rub them the wrong way. There are plenty of groan-inducing factors to consider, whether it’s a lack of micro-adjustment, gratuitous exhibition case backs, deployant clasps, lack of AR coating, or sub-par timekeeping. We start slow but finish feeling like we just scratched the surface. All grievances aside, it turned out to be a fun episode. But before the rant begins, it’s time for a wrist check.

Wrist check

We kick things off with Morgan, who is back from a trip to Omega HQ in Biel. Very fittingly, then, he’s wearing his Speedmaster Moonwatch. Today, he has opted for a black NATO for a classic sporty look. However, like some of you out there, Morgan chops off the tail end of his NATO straps for a slimmer, more comfortable fit. Will the Speedmaster be subject to any pet peeves pointed out today? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Nacho is wearing a watch that’s new to his wrist. The Arken Alterum is the UK-based microbrand’s second watch and offers a unique take on the GMT complication. The watch was announced in June of last year, and from the minute he laid eyes on the press release and rendered images, Nacho was struck by both the looks and the value proposition and didn’t hesitate to place his order. Combined with its rugged hard-coated titanium case, 200m water resistance rating, and GMT capability, so far, it has not failed to impress.

Finally, Thomas breaks with the wrist-check tradition as what lies under his sleeve cannot be revealed until later today. He is, of course, wearing the VPC Type 37HW. But as the embargo is set for 14:00 CET today, you’ll have to wait a few more hours until you see it. For more details and pictures of the real deal, keep an eye on Fratello and the VPC website.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Left Hand Drive Pro Diver GMT

A cool watch but a bit heavy-handed on the fonts

Watch pet peeves

The floodgates are open, and out pour the peeves! It didn’t take long for the guys to list a good number of details that they’re not too keen on, from Morgan’s aversion to watches that don’t match a high standard of timekeeping accuracy to Nacho’s distaste for power reserve indicators on dials. Additionally, Thomas provides some insightful takes on certain design elements — think bracelet end links and dial text — which he has addressed when creating his brand. Speaking after the recording session, we identified countless more of these bugbears, so it will likely be a topic to revisit someday. As you’d expect, this is a highly subjective matter. But many of the watch pet peeves struck a chord with all three of them.

For now, though, we’d love to hear what some of yours are. Let us know your horological vexations in the comments section below, and tune in next week for another episode of Fratello Talks!