Another week, another episode of Fratello Talks! This is our 47th episode so far, and it’s one in which we’re feeling a bit philosophical. You join Lex, Daan, and Nacho, who get into some eye-opening moments in their watch-enthusiast experience and the watches responsible. That’s right; today’s discussion is all about watches that changed the way we look at watches. They could be timepieces that taught us a lesson, firsts when it comes to ownership, or those that opened our eyes to a different horological taste. Each of the guys is bound to have a story (or two) to share. But before we get to it, let’s see what’s on their wrists.

Wrist check

We kick things off with Lex, who is wearing a watch that he’ll be covering in an upcoming article, the Bell & Ross BR 03-A. It’s certainly a bold watch and one that has positively surprised him in the short time he’s spent with it so far.

Oris Art Blakey look at watches

Next, we have Daan, who is wearing his first luxury watch, one that certainly changed his perspective on timepieces, the Oris Art Blakey. He has opted to put it on a steel Bonklip-style bracelet made by Joseph Bonnie, a great alternative for watches that don’t have an OEM bracelet.

Last but not least, your host Nacho is wearing his Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic on a green leather strap. Slim, legible, and easy to wear, it’s a watch that he always ends up coming back to. With classic military field-watch appeal, it’s best worn on a simple leather strap or even a NATO. His is an older version, featuring a larger crown and a lesser power reserve than the newer model.

Watches that changed the way we look at watches

Nacho kicks off the topic with the Citizen Promaster NY0040. It’s a watch he’s written about before as it was his top pick for scuba diving. But way back when he got it, it was a stand-in for the dive watch he truly wanted, the Seiko SKX007. However, after a few weeks on the wrist, he quickly realized that the NY0040 was just as good as the SKX, if not better, both in terms of size (1.25mm slimmer) and the movement, which hand-winds and, in later models, also hacks. The lesson learned? Just because a watch is popular doesn’t mean a better, underrated alternative isn’t out there.

Lex’s first pick altered his perspective in a totally different way. Rather than the discovery of an underrated value proposition, it’s a matter of masterful horological craft. The watch in question? It’s the IWC Il Destriero Scafusia Grand Complication. An awe-inspiring work of watchmaking, this is a watch that captured Lex’s imagination. And it’s no wonder why! Just have a look at the images above. If you want to know more about this Schaffhausen special, you can read about it here.

Finally, for Daan, a watch that changed how he looks at watches is the one on his wrist today. He started with a Seiko Kinetic but eventually bit the bullet and went Swiss for the first time by way of this Oris Art Blakey. It is a great choice for a first luxury watch. Slim, versatile, and subtle in its approach, it’s one that he still enjoys wearing today.

For these and more stories, tune in to the episode’s discussion. We’d also love for you to join in. What’s a watch that changed the way you look at watches? Leave your stories in the comments below.

As always, tune in next week for a new (and very special) episode of Fratello Talks!