Welcome to this week’s episode of Fratello Talks. Today, Nacho, RJ, and Daan ask themselves the question: where did all the watches go? Whether consciously or otherwise, watch spotting is something every watch-minded person partakes in. It may be when walking down the street, at your office, in a restaurant, or even on holiday — essentially, anywhere where there are people wearing watches. But sometimes, a lack of watches can be as noticeable as the watches themselves. And recently, RJ has felt that he’s seeing fewer watches on people’s wrists. Is this about the specific location? Or does it have to do with awareness of watches and increasing thefts? Certainly, you’ll never find yourself asking that question here at Fratello HQ. Before we jump into it, let’s see which ones the guys are wearing today.

Wrist check

RJ is the first of our wrist-checkees today, and he happens to be wearing the Oris × Fratello Diver’s Sixty-Five Limited Edition from 2023. Though originally delivered on a Tropic-style rubber strap (with an additional leather strap included), RJ has chosen the full-metal option with the OEM Oris bracelet. With its glossy black dial and vintage-inspired looks, this watch is a future classic that you can still pick up from the Fratello Shop. If you missed this one, you’d better be quick; only a handful are still up for grabs.

Speaking of Fratello limited editions, Daan is wearing our latest, the Jacques Bianchi × Fratello JB200 PoulPro Night Diver. This black PVD-coated, full-lume-dial dive watch is perfect for lighting up late summer nights. Whether you’re spending them by the campfire, on the dive boat, or out on the town at your favorite bar or club, it’s a timepiece for any occasion. We’re very proud of this one, and it seems you were fans as it sold out quickly after its release a few weeks ago.

Breaking the trend of Fratello LE models (though he’ll have an RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro Contour to call his own soon enough), Nacho is wearing his trusty Arken Alterum. This titanium dual-time watch is the second offering from the British microbrand. Alongside his Tudor Pelagos FXD and Omega Seamaster 2254, it’s one of three watches that have been reliably on his wrist for the last few months.

where did all the watches go

Fratello Talks: Where Did All The Watches Go?

It’s a valid question when all you see around you are smartwatches, Fitbits, WHOOPs, festival bracelets, or (even worse) bare wrists. It’s also a question that RJ asked himself during two recent trips to London and Disneyland in Paris. But why have certain cities become horological ghost towns? Could it be that, despite the local authorities’ best efforts, people are simply wary of the concerted efforts of watch thieves? The watches are likely out there, but perhaps they are just not being worn other than on special occasions.

The context also matters. Perhaps in a city as diverse as London and a place as packed as Disneyland, the watch-wearing public is reduced to a minority. On the other hand, Nacho recently spotted plenty of interesting watches at the Dutch Pen Show in Utrecht and his hometown of Madrid. Daan also reports a multitude of watches in the streets of Amsterdam. Ultimately, it’s always great to see people wear the watches without worry. As always, we pass the question on to you: have you noticed a trend towards fewer watches being worn? And as watch wearers, are there places where you would not wear a nice watch or even no watch at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

As always, tune in next week for a new episode of Fratello Talks!