What makes a tool watch great? The answer may vary depending on who you ask, but to the folks at RZE and us here at Fratello, a great tool watch is one that inspires you to get out there and make the most of the time you spend with it on your wrist, whether it’s a dive watch that gets you in the water, a chronograph that you can hit the track with, or even a field watch that you can rely on when trekking into the woods. Usually, this will be due to it having the right blend of functionality, specs, and quality. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the new RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro “Contour,” a watch inspired by the spirit of adventure and the trusty analog tools that get you there (and back).

From the beginning, RZE watches have been “assembled for adventure,” with the brand aiming to create watches for the everyday adventurer. Whether it’s a big or small outing, the key is taking the first steps to get you there. But before taking those steps, it’s worth ensuring you have the right kit. Though we live in a digital age, analog tools can still serve an important role. The modern explorer might rely on a GPS unit, but an analog backup in the form of a paper map and compass provides peace of mind. And the same goes for a mechanical watch.

Putting the analog spirit of adventure into practice

As the project came together, we decided that the only logical thing to do would be to put the RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro “Contour” through its paces with a proper adventure. We would reunite the watch with the wilderness and the environment that inspired its very existence. The watch was still a top-secret pre-production prototype at that point. The way to go was clear — an adventure through the woods with just a small insider team. During this day outing, we’d put both the watch and other analog tools to the test. We had our gear, and we knew the way to our destination. But we’d have to rely on a slightly different beast to get there.

That’s why we enlisted the help of the most suitable of vehicles, a 2003 Land Rover Defender 110. When treading the path less taken, you’ll eventually run into obstacles. But those aren’t an issue when you know you can just splash or crawl right through them. We got in, turned our phones off, and hit the road to the sound of the Landie’s diesel engine. Its raised suspension and chunky tires made short work of it all. Like the Resolute Pro “Contour,” we were running right on time. It was the first sunny day of an otherwise monotonously rainy and cold February. Windows rolled down as we powered through flooded paths, the watch remained unfazed by the mud splashing up from the Land Rover’s tires.

The journey of the Resolute Pro “Contour” continues

Having arrived at our destination, we checked our bearings. It was a long trek through a wooded area, starting down a path but leaving it behind to cut through the forest. Keeping an eye on the time and our heading, the peaceful sound of water dropping from high branches onto the forest floor, a soft bed of pine needles, was all we could hear. We’d catch the odd glimmer on the trees as the sunlight beaming down through the branches bounced off the watch’s sapphire crystal. Of course, thanks to the internal AR coating, it remained as legible as ever.

Aside from that, only the occasional shutter release disturbed the peace. Our cameras were the only digital devices that we brought along. Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry about them pinging notifications at us and could just let them capture the scenes of a day’s adventure. These, alongside the good memories of a day out, were the only souvenirs we brought back. When out and about in nature, as Scouts and scuba divers can concur, “leave everything just as you found it.”

Reaching our destination

After several kilometers and an occasional break to take a picture or two, we arrived at our destination. The map’s contours showed that we had reached the clearing on top of a hill that we thought would make for a perfect spot for a coffee break. Everything tastes better outdoors, and coffee is no exception. Using a gas cooker and the pour-over method (timing courtesy of our trusty RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro “Contour”), a fresh, steaming cup of coffee was the perfect way to end this first half of our journey.

Once the stove was off and the coffee was brewed, we took a moment to take in the sights and sounds around us. Other than the gentle rustling of the trees and the odd birdsong, it was perfectly still. This is what we had come here for. As I drew the cup closer to take a sip, I could hear the gentle ticking of the movement inside the watch. It reminded me that we still had a long way to go back to where we started. We broke camp, packed our things, and got ready. After one last check of the map and the time, we disappeared back into the treeline, retracing our steps on the journey home.

The new RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro “Contour”

Now let’s take a closer look at the new RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro “Contour.” The watch takes the Resolute Pro as a solid point of departure but adds distinct changes. The most significant is the dial. Crafted from sheets of forged carbon infused with steel powder, it creates a pattern reminiscent of topographical maps. Alongside a sharp knife, a sturdy bag, and a compass, such maps are crucial for explorers and adventurers alike. You’ll notice that the brushed and applied logo, hands, and markers share their dark gray tone. A specially engraved case back with the Fratello logo surrounded by a topographical pattern completes the look.

The Contour comes on RZE’s titanium H-link bracelet, which tapers from 20mm at the quick-release end links to 16mm at its slimmest point. It is equipped with a solid foldover clasp (which protrudes slightly at 18mm wide) and on-the-fly micro-adjustment at the press of a button. Links are removable with a small flat-head screwdriver, making it easy to size it correctly.

Aside from the bracelet, you’ll recognize the all-brushed finish and angular lines of the Resolute’s 40mm titanium case. The watch is just 46mm from lug to lug and 10.5mm thick, including the flat, AR-coated sapphire crystal. It’s a lightweight and slim yet rugged tool. Complete with drilled lugs (for easy strap swaps) and a subtly curved profile that hugs the wrist, it also features RZE’s unique UltraHex coating, making it highly resistant to scratches. Even after our day-long adventure of driving and hiking through the woods, it looks completely new. Inside the watch — and adjustable via the deeply knurled and signed crown — is a premium Miyota 90S5 movement. This Japanese caliber offers automatic and manual winding, hacking seconds, and a 42-hour power reserve.

A companion for all your adventures

Now, you don’t have to go climb a mountain or go on a month-long expedition. As you saw today, the RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro “Contour” is a worthy companion for even the smallest of adventures. Whether you wear it to work, to the gym, to walk your dog, or on your holidays abroad, it’s never out of place. And should you ever find yourself making plans and plotting a course for paths less traveled, it certainly won’t shy away either. Imbued with the spirit of adventure, the Resolute Pro “Contour” is a capable tool for all occasions.

The watch is modest and lightweight, and its unique design is imbued with the spirit of adventure. The special carbon dial will remind you of your adventure through peaks and valleys and the contours of your journey. It’s sure to become a key part of your everyday carry, alongside other trusty tools that help you be prepared to take on anything life throws your way. Even in the darkest of settings, its bright lume-filled markers will make the time perfectly legible.

Pricing and availability

The new RZE × Fratello Resolute Pro “Contour” will be available for pre-order from 16:00 CET on Thursday, March 14th until 16:00 CET on Thursday, March 21st. Priced at €679 (ex. VAT), you won’t want to miss out, so keep an eye on the Fratello Shop!

The RZE Resolute Pro “Contour” will be delivered in the brand’s signature zippered Blackcomb pouch. Made of resilient materials and with room for plenty of accessories, it’s a handy storage solution for watches and everyday-carry gear alike. The Velcro side allows its owner to enjoy customizing it with patches, including the RZE Resolute patch, which is also delivered alongside the watch. We aim to deliver all watches within four months of the pre-order window closing, so that means you’ll have your watch on your wrist in time for your summer adventures.

Be sure not to sleep on this one! It’s our most affordable limited edition to date, and reading the spec sheet, you might not be able to tell. Let us know in the comments if you’re planning to pick one of these up! Finally, to learn more about RZE, visit the brand’s official website.

Watch specifications

Resolute Pro "Contour"
Carbon fiber composite with steel powder detailing and applied indices with Super-LumiNova
Case Material
Brushed Grade 2 titanium with UltraHex coating (up to ~1200Hv hardness)
Case Dimensions
40mm (diameter) × 46mm (lug-to-lug) × 10.5mm (thickness, including crystal)
Sapphire with inner-side Super-AR coating
Case Back
Solid titanium, screw-in with Viton gasket and custom Fratello engraving
Miyota 90S5: automatic with manual winding, 28,800vph frequency, 42-hour power reserve, 24 jewels, hacking seconds
Water Resistance
10 ATM (100 meters)
Brushed Grade 2 Titanium bracelet with UltraHex coating and stainless steel toolless micro-adjustable clasp
Time only (hours, minutes, seconds)
€679 ex. VAT (taxes automatically adjusted at checkout)
Two-year manufacturer warranty
Special Note(s)
Available for pre-order for exactly one week (Thursday, March 14th, 16:00 CET to Thursday, March 21st, 16:00 CET), delivery expected within four months