It’s no secret that I like my watches colorful. Well, let me rephrase that: I like my G-Shocks colorful. And the brand never lets me down with its releases that come in various bright colors. But the new eye-catching Casio G-Shock GWF-A1000APF-1AER Frogman “Poison Dart Frog” takes “colorful” to the next level, even for a G-Shock. This commemorative model immediately stands out with a design inspired by the poison dart frog that lives in the Amazon rainforest. Experiencing the watch up close brought a big smile to my face. But underneath the fun look hides one of the most capable and serious G-Shocks available.

The Frogman is one of the most well-known watches from G-Shock’s “Master of G” series. This line is known as the professional, most hardcore series of G-Shock watches with functions for specific circumstances. Famous models are the Mudman, Frogman, Rangeman, Mudmaster, and Gravitymaster. The G-Shock Frogman was first released in 1993 and was the first ISO-certified 200m-rated G-Shock diving watch. As such, it was a very capable diver, and over the decades, G-Shock has released a plethora of different Frogman models.

The new G-Shock GWF-A1000APF-1AER Frogman “Poison Dart Frog”

The newest Frogman model is not just any Frogman, though. The “Poison Dart Frog” takes the design of the regular GWF-A1000 as a base model. But instead of keeping it a stealthy version, the 30th-anniversary model is injected with some vivid colors. As mentioned, the design gets its inspiration from the South American poison dart frog that lives in the Amazon rainforest. Fittingly, then, the watch features a multi-color carbon and fiberglass bezel executed in bright blue and red.

The colors obviously refer to the small frog’s skin. G-Shock has used polarized ink to recreate the unique color pattern, and I have to say, it really pops with the black stripes, making it wild and fun. Translucent urethane guards finish off the case, covering the left side of it and protecting the lugs. Overall, it’s safe to say that this case makes for one of the most extravagant G-Shocks out there.

This is a true G-Shock Frogman in all its details

Adding to the look is a black resin strap treated with polarized purple spray paint to create an intricate pattern of speckles. The strap features a dark blue buckle to complete the bonkers look. Just looking at the strap, it seems more purple than black. Additionally, all the different colors and details will keep you looking at the watch from multiple angles. Whether you like the colorful presence or not, the level of detail is nothing short of impressive.

And the details continue on the case back. As on all Frogman watches, the image of the amphibian character here indicates that this watch is part of the Frogman series. But for this special 30th-anniversary model, G-Shock used the spotted pattern of the poison dart frog to hint at the watch’s unique conceptual design. Looking at the watch from the back also makes the bright blue pushers stand out immediately. The combination of black and bright colors can be seen from any angle, which is nice.

The dial and functions of the Frogman “Poison Dart Frog”

The same colorful presence continues on the dial. Gracing the black background are big and bold red indices, a red central chronograph seconds hand, and plenty of smaller red highlights. They contrast the lume-filled light blue hour and minute hands, the multifunction pointer, and the small 12, 3, 6, and 9 numerals. The fun thing is that despite the bold colors, the dial is pretty simple to read. Sure, a lot of information is available via the registers and indicators, but it’s definitely not cluttered, merely colorful.

The Frogman models come with a wide array of different functions that the wearer can access by using the pushers on the left and right sides of the case. The dial features analog displays of the home time, dual time, and dive timer. The oversized hands ensure that reading the time is never an issue. In the dark, the lume will light up, and there is also a backlight to illuminate the dial.

The wide array of functions that we love on a G-Shock

Other functions include a daily alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch, full calendar, and a power-saving option. This is all made possible by the radio-controlled Tough Solar movement, which also features Bluetooth connectivity. The movement receives a time calibration signal six times daily to ensure it always runs accurately. Without the auto-calibration and mobile link-up, the movement will run at an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month.

Bluetooth allows the wearer to connect to a dedicated app that makes it possible to set tide data for roughly 3,000 locations around the world. Lastly, the watch allows the wearer to check their diving logs on their smartphone and analyze them in great detail.

Wearing the G-Shock GWF-A1000APF-1AER Frogman “Poison Dart Frog”

Most of you will know that the Frogman is a big watch with a unique case construction. This beast measures a massive 51.7mm wide, 56.7mm long, and 19.7mm thick. The watch features a carbon monocoque case that integrates the case and back cover. The carbon-fiber-reinforced resin is incredibly shock resistant, and the case is also water resistant to 200 meters, per ISO standards. Overall, there is no escaping the presence of the watch, both in size and color. But once you put the watch on your wrist, you will quickly find it very easy to wear.

First, the materials are lightweight, so the watch only weighs 110 grams. While this doesn’t necessarily take care of the size, it does increase the comfort of the watch on the wrist. Secondly, the case design is slightly asymmetrical. The left side of the watch sticks out further than the right side, ensuring you won’t have trouble wearing it, at least on your left wrist. I have worn multiple Frogman models over the years, but I was reminded once more of the ingenious design when I put this watch on. Playing around with the pushers quickly reminded me of how to access the different functions. I might add, however, that reading the manual that it comes with is always a great way to skip the guesswork.

Final thoughts on the G-Shock GWF-A1000APF-1AER Frogman “Poison Dart Frog”

It goes without saying that this new Frogman “Poison Dart Frog” is nothing new in terms of the watch itself. But the colors make this a standout release that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Frogman in great style. For the short period that we had the watch in the office, I enjoyed wearing the watch from time to time.

I don’t think this bold G-Shock will be your only timepiece, but it is a brilliant watch to match with some eye-catching sneakers or a colorful hoodie. And that illustrates exactly why G-Shock watches have become such a cultural phenomenon over the years. While the brand offers ultra-functional, hard-wearing tools that can perform their tasks perfectly, the conceptual design approach has led the watches to resonate with a vast array of different subcultures. I believe this colorful new Frogman is the perfect proof of that.

The G-Shock GWF-A1000APF-1AER Frogman “Poison Dart Frog” has a retail price of €1,100. For more information, visit the official G-Shock website, and let us know what you think of this watch in the comments.