Whenever a new watch is released, we mostly focus on the watch head itself. But the interest in personalization is growing. Finding the very best after-market straps for your luxury watch has never been a more important (and exciting) adventure. Learn more about Genteel Handmade and the Himalaya Watch Straps here.

The company’s goal is simple. Genteel Handmade wants to produce some of the rarest and most exclusive straps in the world. To reach the summit of its craft, the brand has sourced the finest materials available. The workshop is staffed by skilled craftspeople. Together, the team produces some of the finest watchbands in the industry. The results speak for themselves.


A very special leather

The quality of a product relies upon the quality of the materials used to make it. As such, Genteel Handmade uses a very special leather to make its Himalaya series of straps. The leather used in this project comes from Niloticus crocodile, an African, rather than Himalayan crocodile. Interestingly, these watch straps are not named after the origin of the leather itself. Rather, they are named after the very unusual gradation of the color. 

We’ve reviewed Genteel Handmade before. We’ve always been impressed by the quality. But perhaps the best thing about the straps is the new life they can breathe into an old watch. Most of us at Fratello wear Omega Speedmasters. One of the nicest things about most classic Speedmasters is the neutral color palette. That means they look at home on a variety of watch straps. With a wide array of leather and stitching colors, Genteel Handmade throws open the doors of possibility. The brand’s latest addition? A sharp and bright array of colors that will certainly freshen-up any watch box. 


A rare color

White is the hardest color to achieve with crocodile skins as dying a crocodile skin is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. It becomes harder and harder the lighter the target shade becomes. This new range of straps from the artisanal workshop includes Himalaya, Pearl Himalaya, White Himalaya, and White Pearl Himalaya. When paired with the dark-dialed Speedmaster in these photos, the colors look fantastic. But aside from color, what is it that makes these straps so good?

The Genteel Handmade team uses many traditional techniques. The brand believes that an object crafted, sewn, and finished by hand has an irreplaceable character. Passion is poured into every product the brand produces. And it shows. A detail-oriented approach results in excellent straps. Pleasingly, the website candidly explains the processes involved in strap production. You can check out each of the steps involved. These include leather cutting, hole punching, hand stitching, edge creasing, and personalization.


Expert finishing

To see examples of this strap and others made by Genteel Handmade, check out the brand’s Instagram. You can also see more straps by following the IG hashtag, #genteelhandmade. If you need a Himalaya strap that is perfectly designed for your Omega Deployant, click here. For any inquiry, contact George at [email protected]. Learn more about Genteel Handmade and the Himalaya Watch Straps by visiting the official site.