Have you seen our GMT-Master History article last week? Besides a lot of Rolex GMT-Master watches, an airplane and a pilot there were also a leather pilot jacket (by PME) and a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses included in some of the pictures.

We are GIVING THEM AWAY for FREE! Thanks to  PME Legend (Bataviastad) and Bon Art opticians (Houten).

The Ray-Ban Aviator pair of sunglasses are considered to be the classic pilot one’s that will (nowadays) suit both him and her. With its green Bausch & Lomb G-15 glasses and gold frame it will perfectly match with every thing in your wardrobe and will protect you from the sun of course.

As you can see above, Dennis of the Fratello team is wearing a PME Pilot jacket and the matching pair of Ray-Ban RB3025 glasses. You are able to win a similar jacket in size L and the same pair of Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal sunglasses, together worth an impressive amount of money that you probably have (or had to) spent during the Holidays last month. Please note that Dennis is not included in the Give Away.

To win the PME jacket and the Ray-Ban Aviator, you actually need to do three simple things. We want to keep stuff simple here and give everyone the opportunity to win (without having specific watch knowledge or whatever). Just perform the following three activities, that probably won’t taken even a minute of your time (so you can even do this during working hours):

  1. Leave a comment below this post with your name
  2. Include your favorite Pilot’s watch in this comment
  3. Like us on our Facebook page (make sure we can recognize your FB name from your name in the comments below).

We will draw the winner on Friday the 20th of January, so one of you will have a great start of the weekend! It is also the last day of the SIHH 2012 exhibition, which will give you some time to include one of the latest Pilot watches in your comment. Please comment only one time 🙂

  • Ryan

    I’ll take the 1675/8 with the brown inlay!

  • Jake Price

    Jake Price – Breitling Navitimer World.

  • Maarten Coelingh

    My favourite pilot’s watch is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Mark 11.

    Maarten Coelingh

  • Harmenaggie

    The new Sinn 358.flieger is stunning!

    Harm Hoekstra.

  • Michaelmail

    For me, the Rolex 116713 any day of the week. Flashy yet functional!


  • Rob Lupkes

    Rob Lupkes
    My favorite watch would be the Breguet XX type

  • Altairy7

    A.Breguet – and my choice is the Glashütte Original Senator Navigator chronograph

  • GEO

    My favorite Pilot watch is the Santos Dumont by Cartier since it’s the first wrist watch made for a pilot.

  • Roel Staadegaard

    IWC Mark XV, my absolute favorite. The last of the real IWC pilots 😉

  • Mark Biehl

    Cool! I love the Breitling Navitimer 01

  • MailRonald

    Kuch… Navitimer! 🙂

  • Peter

    The all-time classic Omega Speedmaster… Also qualified for altitudes above 40.000 ft… 😉
    Peter Groen

  • Its a very groovy post indeed. Especially the nostalgic pilot look with the cool glasses (that would actually look cooler on me). So hard to choose 1 watch. I have a GMT master and a Navitimer but I’d most of all like an IWC Flieger for its simple lines. And I have a big Zeno thing the size of a frying pan. But even thoug I couldn’t fly a kite let alone a plane, its OK to still look the part….

  • Jordan Rome

    My fav is the iwc big pilot…soo cool

  • Anonymous

    Grande Reverso GMT or a Saxonia Dual Time (if i can afford one)

  • Harry Bishop

    I would pick the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch (although theirPilot’s Watch Hand-Wound homage that came out the other year is also very nice!)

    Cheers from Canada
    Harry Bishop

  • Ruijgh

    My favourite is actually the Steinhart rip-off of the classic Big Pilot of the well-known brand. Same looks, price 95% lower…
    Best, Hessel

  • Anonymous

    I’m kind of disappointed that Dennis isn’t included. As for pilot watches, there are many I like however lately I’m searching for a Rolex GMT-Master 1675 from 1971

  • Lassi Pappinen

    I gotta say that my favourite is the Longines Lindbergh watch. But also the Rolex GMT-master II has stolen my heart…

    From (not very) snowy Finland,
    Lassi Pappinen

  • Tudor-Christian Ulmamei

    Great giveaway! My favorite pilot watch is Recon 5 from Prometheus.

     (Walter Wamberto on Facebook)

  • Bellicm

    Love the Jacket but the glasses… Meh!

    Can I have the IWC Big Pilot or Breitling Navitimer instead of the glasses? 😉

  • MailRonald

    Kuch… Navitimer!
    😉 Grt. Ronald

  • There is only one true pilots watch, Heuer 1550sg Bund… or maybe Zenith A.Cairelli Roma.

    Nice giveaway.

  • Victor

    I love my GMT 16710 (pepsi), for me the ultimate pilot watch.

    Victor P a w l o t

  • Tomas Mohr

    I have very much enjoyed your articles guys, I have all of them RSS’d in my google reader and go through them every morning during breakfast! 🙂 keep up the good work!

  • Tomas Mohr

    Oh and besides my previous comment on congratulating you on your work, my personal favorite pilot watch is the one i own = Archimede Pilot!

  • For me it Revue thommen Airspeed great watches.

  • Zachary Krochtengel

    Z. Krochtengel

    I prefer the IWC Big Pilot. Love the ray-bans.

  • Gjkossen

    Great deal!! My favorite pilot’s watch IWC Big Pilot.

  • Wow, I would LOVE to win this! (I’m Chris Meisenzahl on FB)

    My fav. Pilot’s watch is either the Omega Speedmaster or on of the Tutima models, like the Military NATO Chrono. Thanks for the chance!

  • A great giveaway! I’m a big fan of IWC Fliegers (ref. 431) or newer IWC, though Sinn Fliegers are also quite nice!

    Thanks for the contest! I’m JB Ricard on FB

  • Zachary Krochtengel

    I like the IWC Big Pilot.  I like the raybans too….

  • Richard Klep

    Great article on the GMT’s and even greater pictures!
    For this contest I do like the Ray Ban Aviator which originates from 1937 which also links to the best pilot watch IMHO: the IWC 3717. And again these two number 3 & 7 correponds to a great year 1973 😉

    Richard Klep

  • Bill

    I’ve always been fond of the citizen skyhawks – ever since I was a little boy

  • Jared

    Thanks for a great history of the GMT Master line! I always enjoy reading the details of the evolution of historical watches. I would say that my favorite (also historical) pilot watch would have to be the Omega Speedmaster (first watch on the moon).

    Thanks again, and keep the articles coming!!

    Jared Whittenberg

  • Kunisman

    I´m aiming towards an Stowa Flieger original, but what i really wantend was an IWC Pilot Chronograph

  • Clinicaveterinariadeprado

    I´m aiming for a Stowa flieger, but what i really wanted was a Iwc pilot  chrono  

  • Joseph Aquino

    Love the aviators. Favourite pilot watch is easy – the IWC Big Pilot without question.

  • Laurens

    I love the photos on this site. As a watch fanatic with little money it’s always nice drool over watches I could never afford ;-). Keep it up!
    The Navitimer is my favorite pilot’s watch. For me it breathes aviation and is equal to aviation history. If my budget allows it in the coming years I will definitely buy one.

    Best, Laurens Witter

  • Randy Nopasri

    My name is Randy Nopasri and my favorite pilots watch is the ROLEX GMT MASTER ll Pepsi.

  • Zvonimir Svalina

    I love your Rolex GMT History post. Very good read and phenomenal photos. My favorite Pilot’s watch is IWC Pilot’s Chronograph. 

  • Sinan Ilkdemirci

    IWC Topgun Miramar and Big Pilot’s Watch

  • Gerard Nijenbrinks

    My favorite Pilot’s watch is a Patek Philippe Nautilus; what else does a pilot need?

  • Ira Dee

    Great post! My favorite pilot’s watch is still the Rolex GMT-Master II Coke dial, but I wouldn’t turn away my father’s vintage GMT-Master II rootbeer. 

  • Joe Villapando

    Absolutely love reading about watch history and the stories that make them unique. My favorite pilot (at the moment) is a Breitling B-1 🙂

  • Vferrava

    My favorite aviator watch? IWC spitfire

  • Vincent Ferravanti

    Another Favorite IWC pilot

    Vincent Ferravanti

  • Kent Piotrkowski

    IWC 3717

  • Drew McDaniel

    My favorite pilot’s watch is the Omega Flightmaster cal. 910.

  • My favorite pilot watch, at the moment, would have to be the Aero II from Archer Watches, out of Canada.

  • John Augustsson

    The IWC Big Pilot is my fav.Classic and easy to ready in any situation.

  • Bill

    I wore my Benarus Worldiver on a recent trip up! Would’ve completed the shot with a leather jacket & ray-ban’s though

  • RikW

    Of course I’m in! But, what is a favorite pilots watch? Must be the IWC Spitfire Double Chronograph.


  • Robert Kuster

    IWC Mark XVI

  • Gema Donaire

    My favourite pilot watch is the Stowa Flieger Original.

  • Carlos

    Iwc big pilot here.

  • Michael Walters

    Very nice giveaway. I’m partial to HEUER 1550 SG, as was issued to German military pilots.

  • Keith Christian

    Wow my favorite pilots watch has to be the IWC 3717

  • Rust Hawk

    Breitling Avenger

  • Ali Pervez

    Great giveaway. You have mentioned Dennis is not part of the giveaway. How about the Rolex he is wearing. 

    Oh and pilot watch, nothing gets bigger than the IWC Big Pilot. That will be my favorite. Ali Pervez

  • Order0069

    The 5 original 55mm and the Glashutte Senator Navigator!

  • Randy_Torres

    Great giveaway! I think if I were an actual pilot and I really needed a good pilot watch I would have to go with a Citizen Skyhawk, yup quartz with all kinds of digital doodabs. You ractically have to be a flight engineer to actually use one. If I actually just want to be cool, and want to blow my all my savings, I would go with one of those new IWC Top Guns. Since I’m a sensible working stiff and I’m NOT a pilot , I’m going to go with a Christopher Ward MK1.

  • While I do like the IWC Big Pilot, I have recently been swayed by the Glashutte Original Senator Navigator WorldView that it should be the pilot watch I get if I do get one.

  • Diederik van Golen

    A. Lange & Sohne Orignial WWII Pilot watch

  • Mark Kuller

    Nice stuff fun shoot too! I want to win the goodies !

  • Anonymous

    It seems that I’m not alone in liking the IWC Big Pilot.

  • gassy

    The new Top Gun is pretty cool too.

  • Eric W.

    I would love to win! My favorite pilot’s watch is the original Gallet Flying Officer like Harry Truman wore.

  • Chris Shepley

    Too bad, the gmt-master isn’t part of the give-away.

  • Chris Shepley

    My favorite Pilot’s watch is the one I am wearing, a custom Guilloce Aviator by PyroLume (an anesthesiologist and part time watchmaker in Jersey) – Chris Shepley

  • Cristiano Oliveira

    My favourite pilot`s watch is The Philippe Patek,
    classic style

  • Mon Yadao

    My favourite pilot’s watch is the Bell & Ross 03-92 I’m wearing. -Mon Yadao

  • Frankelfert

    For sure the authentic Laco B-Uhr type 2 pilot watch from 55mm

  • Simon Boyd

    My favorite pilot watches are either Omega Speedmaster, or the Jaeger LeCoultre Mark11. Unfortunately I do not own either!

  • The IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph for sure – Wirasatria Md Husni

  • Casper

    Super artikel, Mijn favoriete horloge blijft de IWC big pilot!!

  • Bart Thans

    Very nice review (Rolex GMT Master), thank you!

    My favourite pilot is the IWC XV.

  • Emmybear411

    My name is Emmy
    My favorite Pilot’s watch is the Omega Speedmaster<3!!!
    I like your facebook page Emmy Sla

  • Charlie

    Great article! Didn’t know this watch had such an history.
    The Rolex GMT is now on my whistlist.


  • amankh

    One stop shop for everything related to fine timepieces! My fav Pilot’s watch happens to be the Breitling Chronomat Blackbird…Aman Khajanchi (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=620080176)

  • James Semaj

    My favorite pilot’s watch is the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Top Gun – James

    Liked on facebook @James Semaj

  • Mnube

    There’s only one watch: The Breitling Emergency. Full Stop. Only diadvantage: it doesn’t come with a PME jacket.