It’s always nice to see good humor and open minds in our comments section. Of all the major blogs in the world, our readers — the Fratelli — are clearly the best. Here we are, a bunch of crazy, luxury watch obsessed Speedy-fiends, and yet, as intimidating an audience as that may appear from afar, up close we’re as snuggly as a fuzzy cuddly bear. Don’t believe me? Go back to the original Lima Meca02 article and see what was said about this affordable fun watch. It’ll warm your heart…

So with such a fun assortment of comments to trawl through, I found myself spoilt for choice. There were the usual offenders, of course, coming up with wonderful ideas and wild stories to back them up, but there was one comment from a reader whose Instagram account I follow (the name caught my, of course) that really hit the spot.


It’s my kind of humor. It was fizzing with intent and ingenuity. That comment — the winning comment from Speedyfett (styled — I assume accidentally — as Speefyfett on Fratello) had me chuckling for minutes. If you missed it the first time around, here it is in all its glory:

I’m a simple man so here’s my simple answer to what I’m looking for in a “dream watch box”

1. It would be 5 feet tall but look like a single box sitting on a shelf. This way it would have a false floor inside to hold all 590 straps for this strap monster of a watch.

2. Inside would be a magic mirror that would use augmented reality to show you what you would look like wearing the watch with a scuba suit, a tuxedo, a space suit, banana suit (whatever your preference really).

3. A small screen with the current resale value of my watch in line chart format and a small speaker that whispers “best investment ever”.

4. Built in DSLR camera and light box to take immediate wristie with auto post to IG and auto tag @fratellowatches

Pretty simple if you ask me…I’m a minimalist as you can see. My name is SpeedyFett and I sling a ploprof hehehe.


Yes, he sounds deranged. I like him. What’s not to love about a name that evokes thoughts of both Speedmasters and Star Wars? And this guy rocks a Ploprof! As you may know, it is one of my all-time grails, which I’m fast running out of reasons for not owning… Perhaps next year…

But SpeedyFett need not wait so long for his new watch! The fun-loving Lima Meca02 is on its way to its new home, where I am sure it will be loved and cared for by its new owner. Congratulations!

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