That’s right, we’re back at it again! And gosh, how we missed it. Brand events where our readers can meet, mingle and learn are finally possible once more. Our first post-pandemic event took place at the Vendome Grand Seiko Boutique in Paris. Frédéric Bondoux (CEO Grand Seiko Europe) and his team treated us on an unforgettable, information-packed day.

Grand Seiko × Fratello Paris Event

Of course, we understand that a report like this is specifically enjoyable to the people who attended the event. So don’t be alarmed; this won’t be a lengthy article. The easy-to-browse pictures will tell the story, and I’ll explain what exactly you are looking at. We hope it will be an inspiration for you to attend one of our future gatherings. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, and you’ll be the first to know when the next one will take place. Let’s start with this one at the entrance where Mr. Bondoux, his staff, and Robert-Jan welcome the guests. After a hearty welcome, we went outside again to have the exterior of the boutique explained.

The shop windows of the Vendome Grand Seiko boutique

Everything draws inspiration from Japanese design and traditions. The only exception is the limestone below the shop windows, which is Swiss-made. Once inside the boutique, there were commercial and technical presentations upstairs. We were able to enjoy a coffee or a refreshing drink while taking in all the information.

Commercial and technical presentations

Our readers followed along with the commercial and technical presentations with great interest and asked many questions. The in-depth and knowledgeable character of the questions showed us the high degree of watch-related know-how of the audience. It was refreshing to see how openly Mr. Bondoux answered all of them. Nothing question remained unanswered. He not only answered technical questions but even happily shared strategic commercial information.

Japanese lunch, what else?

As the major Japanese high-end brand, Grand Seiko invited us to an authentic Japanese lunch. A delicious meal, prepared by and served at restaurant Taokan Saint Honoré. Lunches aren’t just good for the individuals; they’re excellent to show and discuss your watch with tablemates. And the above pictures show that that was what happened here as well. Plenty of interesting discussion amongst passionate fans of the brand.

GS x Fratello event attendees

Attendees of the Grand Seiko × Fratello Paris event at the Vendome boutique

Grand Seiko showtime!

The afternoon was dedicated to touching, feeling, and trying on Grand Seiko watches. The vast collection in the boutique allowed everyone to get their hands on the models they were most interested in. Even a number of rare Credor models showed up. The entire Vendome boutique was used for this part of the event. The ground floor, plus the more private second floor, provided space for everyone. The hands-on experience was elevated by the possibility to ask questions to the highly knowledgeable staff.

Of course, this was the time as well to discuss watches with each other. Be it new watches from the Grand Seiko boutique collection or personal watches from the attendees themselves. I seized the opportunity and took some wrist shots which you’ll find below.

goodie bags

At the end of the day

For many of us, it was hard to leave, so much so that this memorable event ended at around six in the afternoon. I think RJ already said it; we didn’t leave empty-handed at the end of the day. The Grand Seiko boutique prepared a well-filled goodie back. Make sure to visit to have a look at the current Grand Seiko collection.

For now, I’d like to thank the people who attended, and, of course, Frédéric Bondoux and his team at the boutique for having us. Hope to see you all soon at one of the Fratello GTG’s to come. You’ll find me on Instagram @gerardnijenbrinks.