The young Swedish brand Nezumi has made a name for itself with a catalog of stylish, affordable watches. Now, with the release of its new Terrain field watch, the Stockholm-based brand has completed its ultimate traveling triumvirate, the Adventure Trio. Alongside the new Terrain, we have the relatively longstanding but revised Baleine dive watch and the brand’s hit release from last year, the Aviera GMT. With each model suited to a different purpose, the Adventure Trio should have you covered on your global travels. I had a chance to go hands-on with all three watches and see how they work together.

I am a Nezumi fan. This is far from a shocking revelation, but it does tell you that I have been keeping track of the Swedish watch brand over the past 3–4 years. At Fratello, we have covered several Nezumi watches in that time. Nezumi Studios, founded by David Campo, made a name for itself with a series of attractive meca-quartz chronographs. The watches stood out immediately thanks to their great retro style and colorful presence. However, the brand didn’t limit itself to meca-quartz watches, and we have also seen self-winding models powered by Japanese three-hand and Swiss chronograph movements. The watches are always stylish and affordable, making them attractive to many watch fans.

The idea behind the Nezumi Adventure Trio

For the Adventure Trio, David Campo, the founder and designer of Nezumi, created a mini-series with three different styles of watches you can take on your travels. The first is the Nezumi Aviera, the brand’s GMT watch. With this Explorer II-style traveler’s watch, you can easily keep track of the time in two different time zones. The second watch is the Nezumi Baleine, a retro-style dive watch for any water adventures you might have planned. The third and last member is the Nezumi Terrain, a classic field watch that is a great daily wearer. It’s also a new introduction from the brand rather than an updated model.

While the watches have different purposes and, therefore, different details, Nezumi made sure to connect the three timepieces visually. The watches form a proper trio thanks to the overall dial design, the style of the hands and numerals, and the colors. All three watches have a black dial with contrasting cream-colored numerals, markers, and hands and one dark yellow hand. Let’s zoom in on each of the different models to learn more about the details.

Nezumi Adventure Trio Terrain field watch

The Nezumi Terrain field watch

Let’s kick things off with the new Nezumi Terrain. This automatic watch has that classic field-watch look executed in the standout Nezumi style I just explained. The Terrain has a 38mm stainless steel case measuring 11.7mm thick and 45.5mm from tip to tip. This modestly sized case also has a 20mm lug spacing, a 200m water resistance rating, and a screw-down crown. Additionally, the matte black dial features large cream-colored luminous numerals and markers for the hours. Encircling them is a 60-minute track that is combined with the classic secondary 13–24-hour scale.

Nezumi Adventure Trio Terrain field watch

The black pencil-style hour and minute hands are also treated with the same off-white lume as the markers on the dial. Livening it all up a bit is a yellow seconds hand that stands out and shares its hue with the “Automatic” text on the dial. I like this colorful touch and the Terrain’s overall style a lot. The black, cream, and yellow combination creates a stylish presence that links to the other two models in the Adventure Trio and makes them look great.

Inside the case, you will find the Japanese Miyota caliber 9039. The automatic movement operates at 28,800vph and has 42 hours of power reserve. It is hidden behind the stainless steel screw-in case back with the signature Nezumi engraving. In my opinion, this is one of the best case back designs in the industry, bringing plenty of retro flair.

Nezumi Adventure Trio Terrain field watch on wrist

Different variations and options

Next to the black-dial version, Nezumi will also offer the watch with a blue dial that transforms the look completely. It’s the same dial color we have seen for the Aviera GMT. It is a vibrant shade of blue that works well on the Aviera and the Terrain. Additionally, the watch will have various strap options that greatly change the overall presence. We had the black-dial version with a black leather strap and some nice white stitching that gives it a proper retro look.

I have also seen the blue-dial version on a brown leather strap, which is a great option. It goes hand in hand with the versatility of a proper field watch and makes for a stylish, modern look. On the wrist, the Nezumi Terrain wears wonderfully and has a nice balance of retro charm and contemporary details. The new Nezumi Terrain automatic field watch is available now, starting at €420 before taxes. It makes this field watch a very tempting offering as a standalone daily wearer and one of three well-designed watches that form the Adventure Trio.

Nezumi Adventure Trio Baleine diver

The Nezumi Baleine dive watch

The second of the three watches is the familiar Nezumi Baleine dive watch. We featured a previous gold-colored version of the watch back in 2021. This new version is in line with the Terrain field watch. The Baleine has a 40mm stainless steel case that is 13.1mm thick and 47mm long. Like the Terrain, it offers a 20mm lug spacing and a 200m depth rating. The case is matched with a screw-down crown and a 120-click unidirectional rotating bezel, the latter featuring a black aluminum insert with a luminous 60-minute diving scale.

Just like the Terrain field watch, the matte black dial features large cream-colored numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock and trapezoidal markers for the remaining hours. On the outside of the hour scale, you will find the minute track in the same color as the integrated 13–24-hour scale. As on the Terrain, the black hands also feature an abundance of cream lume. This ensures you can always check the time in the dark as well.

A good-looking retro diver that is the full package

Once again, like the Terrain, the new version of the Baleine is powered by the Miyota 9039. This automatic movement, with its 42-hour power reserve, is safely hidden behind the same-style case back. The Baleine is also offered in a blue-dial version and with several different strap options. Because we are talking about a dive watch, for the blue Baleine, Nezumi has also changed the bezel color, creating an inherently different-looking watch.

Nezumi Adventure Trio Baleine pocket shot

Once again, the brand offers different strap options, and prices start at €490 before taxes. I had a chance to take the black version for a spin and liked it a lot. Of the three, I think the Baleine has the most unique character. With the other two models, you see the design influences, but with this Baleine, they are less obvious, and I like that a lot.

The Nezumi Aviera GMT watch

Completing the Adventure Trio is the Aviera GMT. It’s one that we have featured before here on Fratello. Thor wrote a hands-on review of the previous version that was powered by the Seiko NH34 GMT movement. However, with the availability of the Miyota 9075 GMT caliber, the brand has been updated from a caller- to a flyer-style movement. It’s a smart move because many watch fans prefer a flyer-style GMT. It’s been remarkable to see how quickly Miyota has taken over the market of affordable GMTs with this movement.

Except for the caliber, not much has changed. The Explorer II-style Aviera GMT features a 40mm stainless steel case with a 13.5mm thickness, 47mm length, 20mm lug spacing, and 200m water resistance. This watch bears a fixed stainless steel bezel with an engraved 24-hour GMT scale in black. The black dial is in line with those of the other models and has the same style of numerals and markings. This watch, however, features syringe-style hour and minute hands and a thin seconds hand. Completing the set is the oversized arrow-shaped yellow GMT hand. All four hands are treated with cream-colored lume so that you can read the time in two time zones during the day and at night.

An updated flyer-style movement

The new Miyota 9075 GMT caliber inside operates at 28,800vph and has 42 hours of power reserve. As it is a flyer-style movement, you can independently adjust the 12-hour hand for local time. This is very practical if you frequently travel through different time zones, and it is an update that will win a lot of fans over. The Aviera GMT is also available with the same blue dial as the other watches, and you can choose between several leather or rubber straps.

We had the Aviera GMT in on the Jubilee-style bracelet that Thor also reviewed it on. It is a well-made bracelet that makes the watch comfortable to wear and gives it plenty of wrist presence. Besides the bracelet, I adore the brand’s off-white rubber strap option. The color of the strap matches the cream lume, making for a versatile and stylish traveler’s watch that is less defined by its influences. The Aviera offers great daily practicality and, like the Baleine diver, starts at €490 before taxes.

Final thoughts on the Nezumi Adventure Trio

I love the concept of creating three aesthetically linked but functionally different watches to cover a variety of situations. If you are a fan of David Campo and Nezumi’s design, I can see the Adventure Trio of watches working for you. While there are quite a few people who love the variety of different brands and models, there are also plenty of people who prefer to have several watches from one brand or even multiples of the same model. Often, they would be collectors.

Nezumi Adventure Trio Aviera GMT on wrist

But this Adventure Trio has a slightly different angle that I like. This could be the perfect answer if you travel a lot and like to take a small selection of different watches. Plus, at a little more than €1,500 for all three after taxes, you get a ton of style and practicality for a very reasonable sum. The Nezumi Adventure Trio is a great, affordable set of watches, even if you don’t travel all that much.

For more information, visit the official Nezumi website. Let us know in the comments section if you would be open to the idea of three different watches from one brand to accompany you on your travels.